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Homeschooling: Still the Norm for 2021

Aug 16, 2021
The US, and the world in general, has seen a surging number of cases of COVID-19 positive patients as the Delta variant is known to be more than twice as contagious as other variants. To top it off, children, 12 years old and below who are not yet allowed to get a vaccination against the virus, are becoming sick. This is an unfortunate development of the new variant compared to the previous ones that let the children run free from the virus. Nearly 94,000 children contracted COVID-19 virus in a single week, according to reports by the American Pediatrics Academy. At the start of the week, students began to see action by attending school face-to-face. This is to somehow bring normalcy back to students after spending a year of online schooling. However, across the nation, nearly 10,000 students have already been subjected to self-quarantine after exposure to COVID-19 virus. In response, schools have suspended classes. In Georgia county alone, 11 public schools have been closed until further notice. Due to the soaring high cases, we may still be seeing online schooling as the norm. It is understandable that parents are not keen on sending their kids back to the traditional school setting. Not until the pandemic is over, we suppose. Remote schooling has been the key to continuing their education. And as parents, we only want the best for our kids. And that is to provide a good environment for learning, while keeping them safe from the virus. Our homes will be that place for them. Parents and teachers are finding a workable balance to help the kids adjust to at-home learning. And the first thing that needs to be secured is to locate an area at home where the child can focus that is free of distractions, and comfortable enough to make him feel safe and secure. The living room, dining room and kitchen area are not ideal due to high traffic in these spaces. As most of the family members are now spending much time at home, these areas can be too distracting and overcrowded due to background noise from the activities done in these living spaces. Possibly off the list, too, is the bedroom. The presence of the bed is a welcome invitation to sleep and wander off from the tasks at hand. Professionals also do not recommend doing work or study in the same room where one sleeps as it disrupts the body system and develops poor sleeping habits and lower productivity. And that leaves us with the garage. It is the space in the house that sees no to little traffic, and separated from the living spaces where noises that can distract a child’s focus are made.

Garage as Learning Space

To start off, the garage as a learning pod for the kids should be clean and organized. A clean study space can help declutter a child’s mind and help focus on the lessons for the day. To free up the floor space, install Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks and wall shelvings. Placing things above the ground will create an illusion of a larger space. Keep the things that they do not need for studying away from the learning space. And the learning materials within the dedicated space. However, take note of the reachable height that your kid can handle. So that whenever he needs something, but a guardian is out of sight, he can still easily get for himself. Place the study table near the electrical outlets since the online schooling relies heavily on use of laptops or tablets. There may be instances that these gadgets will be in low battery while in the middle of the class, so it is advisable to have the charging outlet nearby. Just make sure to child-proof these sockets to avoid mishaps. You can also install Fleximounts garage hooks for hanging the whiteboard, or a calendar where he can write down the assignments given for the day and important dates to remember. You can also add motivational sayings or educational posters to inspire your child. Make sure to have large windows to let the natural light freely roam in the garage. Outdoor brightness levels help protect kids from developing near-sightedness. Sunlight is also a source of Vitamin D that helps protect the child from poor bone health, cardiovascular disease and reduced muscle function. If natural light is not possible in the garage, install task lamps, bright ceiling lights to illuminate the room. Bright light enhances the mood and concentration of a child. According to studies, bright light enhances a child’s ability to learn and boost the brain. Choose colors for the garage wall, study desk and chair, and other classroom accents that will stimulate active learning and maximize information retention. Bright colors in general help in making the child absorb the lessons faster and boost memory. You can also dedicate a space for resting and make it blue or green-accented. Blue and green are the colors that calm the nerves. Never underestimate relaxation as this will encourage long-term concentration. And whenever school load becomes heavier, the child will still be productive and calm despite the challenging tasks at hand. Yellow instantly attracts the kid’s attention. It is the color that drives positive energy and creativity, and alertness. Likewise, orange is also good for the memory and critical thinking. Consider putting a wall clock or a timer in front of the study space. This will keep him alert of the time schedule. Also, set up a hand sanitizing station or handwashing station. This will help him make hand sanitizing an everyday habit. And that when your child is outside or already permitted to school, he will not forget to keep his hands clean, which is the first combat against the virus.

Sum Up

Overall, give your child moral support in this endeavor. It is not easy to adjust to this new normal set-up. A child needs to develop his interpersonal communication skills, which is now obviously lacking in the remote school learning set-up. As parents, you need to fulfill the needs for that. Always open your communication lines to your child.