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Home Shopping 101: What Potential Buyers Seek For in a Home

Mar 07, 2023

Buying a home is a major investment and a big decision for anyone. But with so many options on the market, what should you be looking for in a home? As a prospective buyer, you want to make sure that the house you choose will meet your needs, preferences, and budget. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key features and factors that prospective buyers tend to consider when searching for a new home. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, understanding these priorities can help you make an informed and confident decision when it comes to your next home.

What did you first seek for when you first entered your then-potential home? A large kitchen, a bedroom count, a porch, a flowering landscape, or even a neat and orderly garage can be some possibilities. While picking our homes, we have certain criteria that we will not compromise on. Because when the situation calls for you to sell your house and move out, potential purchasers will also look for specific features in your home that will appeal to them.

Regardless of how lengthy or brief your stay was, bidding farewell to your home is always challenging. Yet certain factors forced us to do it, such as work relocation, a desire for a fresh environment and area, and the like. Whatever your motivation, it is necessary to part with the house that provided you with solace all day long and at night.

To avoid being undervalued while your home is on the market, you should first educate yourself on current housing trends. It's crucial to understand what amenities the majority of homebuyers include on their wish lists. Even if this is subjective, it is nevertheless a worthwhile viewpoint.

You should not be concerned because the following house characteristics are supported by research. We did not create the list out of pure nothingness. One of the biggest trade associations in America, the National Association of Home Builders, which includes over 800 state and local organizations, conducted a few studies—taking significant notes from the Canadian Home Builders Association's 2018 Homebuyer Preference Study as well. The company polled more than 3,000 people who had just purchased a property.

Home Feature 1: Garage

Compared to the basement or attic, purchasers prefer the garage as a storage option. If your storage area is well-organized, there may be less clutter in your living area. Two-car garages are very desirable to homeowners. Parking, storage, and other activities may all be done in that amount of room.

Everyone's dream garage is clean and well-organized. And adding overhead storage is the most incredible method to make this happen. By making the most of the ceiling space, you can free up more floor space for the essential tasks carried out in the garage and for storing larger goods like your cars or workbenches. We must stress enough how valuable overhead garage storage racks are for putting seasonal goods, workshop supplies, and other items that belong somewhere else in the house in your garage.

Due to its high-quality construction, the Fleximounts GR Series Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack employs a ceiling-type installation with safe and high loading capacity. The sturdy and stable design is made possible as the grid design and frame are welded together, and the material used is heavy-cold rolled steel. It can carry a weight of up to 400-600 lbs. Moreover, Fleximounts provides thicker screws than other brands offering overhead garage storage. Furthermore, the Fleximounts screws go through strict tests.

This garage storage's height may be adjusted from a drop-down ceiling of 22" to 40". It is ideal for adjusting the height so that it is the right fit for you and your garage space. It can also be used to secure strong concrete ceilings or ceiling studs.

Using the integrated grid design makes assembly simpler. By putting your belongings off the garage floor and securing them, you may benefit from overhead garage storage and prevent water damage. Also, it will keep pests and rats out of your garage while maintaining its appearance.

Everything you need to use, including all the required hardware and instructions, is conveniently packaged in a single box. An installation template is also provided to assist you in creating a strategy for organizing your belongings in the most effective way possible. This will provide you with the advice and knowledge you need to manage your garage without breaking a sweat.

The shelves, a manual for installing the rack, and three bags of screws—wood screws, installation screws and bolts, and cement installation—are all contained inside one package.

The tools you will be using to assemble and install the Fleximounts GR Series Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack are simple, and they are all the first tools you will need to buy when you are first building your toolbox. 

Home Feature 2: Master Bathroom

A master bathroom with a shower, tub, and basin is a highly sought-after house fixture. It is preferable if it features vanities, freestanding tubs, and a separate shower enclosure. One would want to have all the amenities a bathroom has to offer because bathrooms are very intimate spaces.

Home Feature 3: Walk-in Closet

According to the NAHB's essential home features study, a walk-in closet is one of the most highly prized amenities, ranking fifth for first-time buyers and third for those who have purchased a house twice or more. A walk-in closet comes in first place on even the CHBA's list.

Hence, it is reasonable to state that buyers will not consider a property without a large closet storage area and fashionable décor.

Home Feature 4: Energy-Efficient Home

One of the main justifications for seeking energy-efficient homes is reducing electricity expenses. And it also means helping protect the environment.

What attributes would a buyer of a property particularly be interested in? A house with a high-efficiency HVAC system, energy-efficient windows and doors, smart appliances, energy-efficient fixtures, and low-flow toilets. Home energy produced by solar panels is advantageous but has yet to be deemed necessary.

Home Feature 5: Open Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the first room that instantly springs to mind when considering a home's gathering spot. In order to accommodate activities like dining, preparing food, and storing cooking utensils and food supplies, the kitchen area would appear to be a sizable room when it is designed with an open layout. Nowadays, stainless steel appliances, a walk-in pantry, double kitchen sinks, and quartz, marble, or granite worktops are popular.

Home Feature 6: Laundry Room

It should not be surprising that a laundry room is a necessary house component, whether located on the main level, on an upper floor, or integrated with a mudroom. What is unexpected, though, is that the desire for a laundry room spans decades. The laundry room was mentioned as the most desired amenity in a home by elders, millennials, and members of Generation X. In contrast, Baby Boomers identified it as the second-most crucial house feature.