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Heres What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Very First Bicycle

Dec 02, 2022

The wind whipping over a biker's face as they ride increases the rush of excitement they are craving. And once they have found their cycling group, they will soon be clocking up the miles on two wheels.

In the wake of COVID-19's global standstill, cycling has seen a spike in users and equipment purchases. Due to the social separation that has been implemented in public transportation, commuters may find it challenging and time-consuming to go where they need to go. If you want to cycle, it might be difficult to pull the brakes for a time once you've started moving forward on two wheels, regardless of what activity you may find yourself engaging in. The best alternatives for staying active and in shape outside are outdoor activities because several gyms are still closed or shut down business permanently.

Biking is enjoyable. Anyone who believes otherwise is plainly not capable of having fun. However, having fun doesn't always necessarily involve being reckless. The journey will be more fun if you select a bike that suits you properly. And always prioritize your safety.

What model of bicycle is the best for your needs?

Mountain Bikes

If you're looking for off-road courses that are difficult, the mountain bike is the ideal choice. The construction is on the heavier side and the tires are knobby to accommodate the uneven topography of the biking paths. The bike also features upright handlebars and low gears. Whether they are rigid, hardtails, or full suspension, shock absorbers or suspension are a common feature of mountain bikes. Because of their heavy build, they are not recommended for long rides or commuting.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are the best bikes for long, quick, thrilling, leisurely rides on smooth roads. Road bikes are perfect for riding on smooth roads since they are lightweight and have narrow tires. On road bikes, drop handlebars with a downward bend are typical. A cyclist is in an aerodynamic position while pedaling. Using this sort of bike for commuting or up hills is not suggested.

Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

A hybrid bike is your best bet if you only want to utilize it for commuting or recreational riding. With it, you may mix the versatility of a road bike with a mountain bike. The hybrid bike is more focused on comfort than one specialty and is significantly easier to maintain than other bike types. The high handlebars and padded saddles assist the cyclist's upright position. Most bikes come with built-in baskets for transporting goods or small animals, making them suitable for errands as well.

There are more styles and options for bikes on the market that are tailored for certain riding activities. However, the three types mentioned above are the most usual and often used types.

Accessories and Kits that are Considered Necessary

Cycle clothing

Opt for soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking apparel at all times. Cycling is a strenuous physical sport, so investing in quick-drying clothing helps keep you comfortable while you're out on the road.

Padded cycling shorts or bib-shorts promote comfort when pedaling a bicycle for a long distance. Additionally, the inside padding lessens friction on your thighs.

Lack of cushioning is not a problem if the ride lasts for a short while. But you should also look for flexible fabrics so your legs can move freely.

When making your choice, look for a base layer that fits comfortably and is next to the skin. The base layer regulates body temperature while also removing moisture from the additional layers to keep them from getting soaked from perspiration. It is more comfortable in that position since it is less likely to move. A short neckline is more acceptable when it's warm outdoors; nevertheless, a turtleneck or zip-up neckline is more appropriate when it's chilly outside.

The ability of the fabric to let air through and dry rapidly is the most crucial component of a good cycling jersey. Fabric absorbs perspiration from the body and draws it away from the clothes, where it quickly dries off. Look for a jersey with pockets so you can keep your phone, snacks, and money safe.

In the event it begins to rain as you are riding, don't overlook bringing along a lightweight, waterproof jacket. The qualities you want in a jacket are somewhat identical to those you want in a base layer and jersey. Clothing must be dry and breathable inside to help regulate body temperature.


Different bike models use different types of helmets, which come in many different designs. But in order to work, the helmet has to be a good fit for your head. A poorly fitting helmet increases the risk of brain damage in the case of an accident. The key is to put it on and get to feel it. An appropriately sized helmet sits slightly over your brows to protect your forehead. If you jiggle the helmet while it's on, it shouldn't move very much. The distance between your chin and the helmet straps shouldn't be wider than two fingers.

Choosing a helmet with LED lights, bright colors, or reflective stickers is crucial, especially for commuter riders. It raises the level of safety on the road for both vehicles and bikers.

Bike lights

As more people have started to depend on and resort to riding, especially those who travel to work sites and offices, buying bike lights is an essential addition. Some individuals leave their homes at dawn, while others leave their jobs around twilight, at these times of the day when it is still fairly dark. For visibility purposes, a powerful headlight or taillight is also required for the biker's protection on the road.

Mini pump

It's important to have a bicycle pump. Without it, the tires will not operate properly. You require air to pump the tires and enjoy a comfortable ride. Keep it firmly secured beneath your water bottle cage so you won't forget it at home.

Bike rack

Bike racks are fantastic automotive accessories that allow you to handle your bikes safely whether traveling long distances or off-road. Going by automobile might be more sensible when you simply wish to ride your bike in a particular spot. Bike racks can save you time and effort by allowing you to move your bicycle without disassembling it.

One bike rack you can depend on is the Fleximounts BRH4 Flexible And Foldable Bike Hitch Rack.

The BHR4 may be as durable as you choose. It is made of cold-rolled steel and has a finish of protective powder paint. To reinforce the connection between the mainmast and folding arms, it incorporates anti-wobble knobs. It gives you the reassurance that the bike rack will be fixed in place securely throughout installation, which would be our first concern when driving. With this rack, you won't need to look at the rear of your car as much because you'll be comfortable with how it works.

The foldable bike hitch rack features a tiltable mainmast. The rack's body can swing up, down, forward, and backward, allowing more accessible bike lifting. The rack pops back to its original position with the anti-wobble knob.

Moreover, its foldable arms are easy to move. So, when the rack is not in use, you can easily fold it back for safekeeping. Even if installed in your vehicle, the foldable arms would not get in the way.

The Fleximounts BRH4 Flexible And Foldable Bike Hitch Rack are compatible with different sizes of bikes, which is perfect for group outings and if you own multiple types of bicycles. The rack has adjustable straps that can hold up to four bikes and carry a weight of up to 165 lbs.