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Garage Sale No-No's: 10 Items to Avoid

Jul 28, 2023

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted stuff and make some extra money. They like treasure hunts, and the thrill of finding hidden gems among the chaos is half the fun. But not everything glitters like gold, my savvy sellers! In fact, there are some items that you're better off just donating or throwing away.

Here is a list of 10 things you should not sell in garage sales:

1. Broken or Damaged Items - Your customers aren't in the market for puzzles, nor are they wizards capable of magically fixing broken items. So, save them the frustration and yourself the embarrassment by keeping these "fixer-uppers" out of the limelight. Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and thank these items for their service, then send them off to a better place—like the trash can!

2. Outdated or Obsolete Items - No, your 1980s VCR player won't become a Hollywood celebrity anytime soon. Let nostalgia live in your heart, but don't try to sell it in your garage sale. Let's face it, folks aren't queuing up for a "retro" VCR. People want functional gadgets, not history lessons.

3. Personal Belongings - As much as your cherished old sweater or worn-out shoes hold sentimental value for you, they won't have the same effect on buyers. Unless you've got some vintage haute couture from the Met Gala, leave the personal stuff out of sight.

4. Expired Food or Drinks - Come on, you wouldn't want a front-row seat to the apocalypse in your pantry. So, be a food hero and bin those expired goodies before they hatch Godzilla-like surprises at your garage sale. And let's make one thing clear—your garage sale isn't a food truck festival. The only thing these expired goodies attract is flies and a potential lawsuit from someone who trusted your judgment. Avoid the legal drama and pitch those stale snacks.

5. Hazardous Materials - Garage sales are risky enough with deal-crazed shoppers; we don't need chemical chaos added to the mix. We're all about explosive deals, but not the literal kind! Your garage isn't a hazardous waste disposal unit, so save those paint cans for proper recycling.

6. Live Animals - Sorry, but unless you've got a magical talking parrot or an actual dragon, animals aren't on the garage sale menu. And no, your garage sale is not Noah's Ark, and you aren't Noah himself. Selling live animals is just plain wrong and will land you in a sea of legal trouble. Not only is it illegal, but it's also an episode of "Animal Cruelty Chronicles."

7. Stolen Goods - Ladies and gentlemen, let's all give a standing ovation to the Nobel Prize-winning category of "Things You Absolutely Shouldn't Sell!" Listen, we're all for boosting the economy, but let's do it the legal way, shall we? Selling stolen goods is a fast track to a meeting with Officer Friendly. Not only does selling stolen goods make you a big-time lawbreaker, but it also earns you a one-way ticket to Karma's Hall of Shame.

8.Overpriced Items - A buyer approaches your garage sale, spots an old toaster with a ridiculous price tag at the price of a top-of-the-line MacBook, and chuckles so hard they spit out their coffee. Don't be that person. Check online prices, or better yet, ask your granny for some pricing wisdom.

9. Items That Aren't Clean or in Good Condition - Garages are breeding grounds for dust bunnies, but that's no excuse to sell your treasures under a layer of grime. Remember, cleanliness is next to garage sale godliness.

10. Items That Aren't Properly Labeled - We're not playing charades here; customers shouldn't have to guess the price or purpose of your items. Avoid turning your garage into a guessing game by slapping clear and witty labels on your wares. Be clear and concise, and your sales will skyrocket.

Now that we've separated the trash from the treasure, let's sprinkle some extra wisdom on how to host the most epic garage sale of the century!

Offer Free Refreshments - Who said garage sales can't be fancy? Dazzle your buyers with a little hospitality and some iced tea. Remember, hydrated buyers are happy buyers.

Have a Donation Drop-off Area - One person's trash is another's treasure, right? Invite people to donate their unwanted items for charity and make your garage sale a community-driven success!

End Early If It's a Dull Day - If your garage sale feels like a ghost town, there's no shame in packing up early and calling it a day. The sun will rise tomorrow, and so will your chances of a better sale next time.

Have a Backup Plan for Rainy Days - Even the weather app can't be trusted sometimes. Rain can turn your sale into a soggy mess. Be prepared for a sudden downpour by having an indoor plan or rescheduling your sale.

Utilize Your Garage Shelving to Display Your Items - One thing that a savvy garage sale master knows all too well is the importance of shelves that are sturdy and functional. Be practical and use what you already own.

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With these tips in hand, you're now armed with all the wisdom you need to embark on your epic garage sale adventure. Remember, decluttering can be a fun and profitable journey, so embrace the excitement, and let the sales begin!