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Garage Maintenance during Winter is Different from Other Seasons

Dec 13, 2022

The padded coats and jackets, heatwear, thermal underwear, wool sweaters, stockings, and earmuffs are unboxed and placed in the very first row of your wardrobe racks. Putting on thick, warm clothing is necessary to prepare for the low temperature. It serves as your primary line of protection against the bitterly cold climate. Like upgrading your wardrobe, the garage has to be outfitted for the winter. 

As fall gives way to winter, the garage requires different maintenance. Spend some time organizing and getting your garage prepped for the season. You'll need to add these valuable recommendations to your winter planning and preparation checklist, so keep reading for more information.

Arrange Your Stuff According to Seasonal Use

It will take a few more months until you can use garden equipment, hoses, and lawnmowers in the summer or even the fall. Pack up the goods you won't need for the winter in order to properly organize your garage and save yourself a lot of time and work. It's appropriate to relocate sporting equipment like basketballs, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, swimsuits, and other goods in addition to the gardening tools and other objects in the garage.

Then, position the winter accessories in front of your other stored stuff. You won't have to sift through several boxes of stuff since you can view the items you need straight away with this method. Shovels, snowblowers, even winter sports equipment like skis and sleds, and other items required for the season are all readily visible.

Fleximounts GR48H Hooks 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

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Fleximounts provide a wide range of choices for overhead garage storage racks. One of the most well-liked models is the GR48H Hooks 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack. Because of the strong and effective overhead storage system, you may keep your items in a secure area. Safeguarding your valuable items and keeping your belongings off the garage floor reduces the likelihood of water damage. The overhead storage rack keeps rodents and insects out of your garage by providing cover.

The rack's sturdy gauge cold-rolled steel structure, which carries a safety loading of up to 600 lbs, is to account for this. It was designed with ease of installation in mind. The frame and integrated wire grid design strengthen and stabilize the unit, which is joined together by welding. The wire grid underwent a triple test for load-breaking strength.

Thanks to the height adjustment, you can keep your belongings in a handy and secure location, which ranges from 22" to 40". The ceiling drop-down may be adjusted to your preferred height thanks to its height-adjustable feature.

The rack may be fastened to either ceiling studs or solid concrete ceilings. The ceiling brackets may be fastened to two joists for further security and flexibility. The provided screws are thicker than those found in comparable items on the market and have undergone rigorous testing to confirm this. The hardware is constructed of high-quality materials.

Everything you need, including the instructions and hardware, is packaged together. A plan for organizing your stuff as effectively as possible can be made using an installation template. Three sets of screws are also included: one each for installing cement, installing wood screws, and installing screws and bolts.

The package comes with four Flat Hooks (GRH1) and two Utility Hooks (GHR3) for the racks.

Keep a Shovel Handy

Every winter, it's so annoying to have snow piling up against the garage door. And similar to each winter that has passed, we make sure to keep up with the shoveling. Only when fresh snow on the ground is less than 8 to 10 inches deep, it is simpler to remove with a shovel. Additionally, if you have a snowblower, the work is much simpler and quicker to do.

Make a Boot Tray for the Entrance

It is not acceptable to bring your boots inside your house, garage, or even your living area. You're going to drag muck, ice, and snow over your floor. You are aware of how laborious cleaning up the mess is, of course. In order to store your boots and other winter accessories, such as damp scarves, jackets, hats, and mittens, create a space.

Be Conscious of the Liquids Stored in the Garage

There used to be wood stains, weed killer, paint, and other liquids in the garage, but are there still any? Ensure that the fluids are placed in an area that is out of reach for children and animals when you transfer them. If your garage isn't heated, it's time to relocate them to the basement, attic, or somewhere safer.

Install Insulation

Make sure to install a heating unit or add insulation to the space if you anticipate spending pretty long periods in the garage, such as working on mechanical tasks or workshop projects. Adding weather stripping to the windows and doors would be a different solution that would help keep the space warm while keeping the cold air out.

Examine the Garage Windows and Doors

Always make it a habit to check all the entry points in your garage thoroughly. When there are already indications of ice buildup, be cautious. You should take them out right now. Similarly, lubricate the working metal components so you can close them effectively and the chilly winds and winter snow cannot enter the room.

Maintain the Garage Floor's Dryness

Puddles frequently appear on the garage floor as a result of melting ice from boots and tires. You can keep the floor dry by following two simple techniques.

Non-slip floor mats are a good place to start. They will not only prevent you from being hurt since wet flooring may become dangerously slick, but they will also soak up the moisture that your vehicles and other equipment create when the ice melts.

A second option is to use an expanding foam. In essence, it acts as a flood stopper and directs water away from your equipment and other garage locations. It won't be harmed even if you walk or drive over it because it is durable and waterproof. It can be readily scraped off if you're considering how to get rid of it in the summer.