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Why People Love to Play Golf

Mar 28, 2022
So you love golf, huh? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning and getting your clubs ready for a day at the golf course. You either arrange to meet your best pals at the golf course or make a day out of teaching your children how to do the perfect swing. The vibe is relaxed and as you wait for your turn, you chat about the current political climate, the leading racer in the current F1 tournament, the breakfast you just had, and the sunny weather outside. You enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, the massive golf course where you feel like a tiny speck of dust until you hit the golf ball and feel like you’re the master of the world once it flies up into the air perfectly. It’s not a loud sport, obviously. There is no stadium filled with people watching you swing your club. There are no banging of the drums, no cheerleading chants, no cheers, and jeers; just you, the people you love, and the sound of nature. People who haven’t tried golf can’t quite understand the fascination for the sport but you as an enthusiast, or as a professional player if you are, know the physical and mental exercise golf gives you, unlike any other sport. You can even use it to widen your network or build professional relationships. Since the mood is calm, you get to talk to your client or colleague while playing and at the same time have a friendly demeanor during your match. You get to know your professional contact on how he or she strategizes, how he or she is outside of work, etc. You also get to bond with family. No matter what your age is or your children’s ages are, you could take them to the golf course and bond over good stories and friendly competition. You could teach one another basic moves or tips and tricks of the sport. You are able to clear your mind and talk openly to each other, be it casual or a conversation of serious nature. You are able to enjoy the great outdoors. Everyone needs a healthy dose of Vitamin D and if you haven’t been getting it lately out of binge-watching a Netflix series, then a day at the golf course is perfect for your mental and physical health. You get to breathe fresh air if you need to recharge from a busy week of work. There are times that the match might be competitive but you are still able to relax and at the same time get the feeling of pride when you send out a perfect swing. People think that they don’t get to exercise when they play golf but it involves a lot of walking as well as body coordination wherein you could check off your daily step goals. You are also able to exercise your brain cells and think about a strategy to win one round after another. There are times though that golf can be quite frustrating. You might have goals in mind that you are not hitting—you keep missing a putt or landing in the sand trap. It can understandably upset you, especially if you’re wanting to level up your skills but golf will teach you to build character. Take a deep breath, be calm and let go. That’s the only way you could enjoy the sport again on the day, whether you like the outcome or not. Note also that, unlike other sports, in golf, you mostly play against yourself. You play a lot and you’ve been seeing your numbers. That’s when you think about having a goal to beat your previous record. You challenge yourself every time you get to the golf course to do better than the last time you were there. You set new goals the more you get better in the sport. And of course, you could make new friends while playing golf. You can freely go to the golf course on your own, go to the clubhouse, and ask your soon-to-be buddy to play. You could even alert the clubhouse that you are very much willing to play against others or join groups. They’ll arrange it for you. So if you’re just beginning to realize why golf is fun and want to make it your hobby, we listed down the equipment you will need to play the sport and sharpen your skills at it.
1. Golf balls
Like other sports, you make use of a ball in golf and your goal is for them to land on the holes of the golf course. There are of course rules in place to determine what your score will be depending on where your golf ball will land. The balls have a dimpled surface for better aerodynamics. According to, it helps to facilitate a ball’s spin and elevation when you hit it.
2. Golf clubs
You’re not going to handle the ball with your bare hands. You would need a club that consists of a shaft, a grip, and a clubhead. When you buy a set at a golf store, it would come in a bag of 14 included with woods, irons, putters, and wedges. There are different types of golf clubs that are designed for a trajectory or distance.
3. Ball markers
Ball markers are circular metal or plastic objects. There are instances when you could lift a golf ball from the position it landed on the grass. You must mark this spot accurately to stay fair in the game.
4. Gloves
For better grip and control of clubs, golfers use gloves. They also use it to lessen the chances of skin abrasion. Most players just wear it on their dominant hand while others like to wear them on two hands.
5. Shoes
You should choose shoes that have spikes on the bottom. These spikes will help you stay balanced even if it’s a rainy day on the golf course. These are made of metal or plastic but there are golf courses that don’t allow metal ones because they sometimes damage the turf.
6. Ball mark repair tool
If your ball makes a minor damage or mark, this repair tool will be used to fix it. This tool is often used to push parts of the turf that surround the mark the ball made so that grass could grow more quickly in that area. After that, the surface is smoothened with the putter’s flat bottom.
7. Hooks
If you want to prolong the life of your equipment, you must take good care of it and make sure it’s stored properly. Have a bag for your balls and clubs and hang it properly in your garage by installing wall hooks. You may choose from FlexiMounts’ offers here that can be hooked onto the brand’s overhead storage racks and wall shelves.