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Garage-ology 101: The Evolution of American Garages

May 04, 2023

Oh, the garage – that glorious space where we hoard everything from our ride to our rusty wrenches to our sentimental yearbooks. But did you know that garages haven't always been a staple of American homes? It's true! In fact, they're a fairly recent addition to our architectural landscape. So let's hop in our time machines and journey through the brief history of US home garages.

Back in the early 1900s, cars were a fancy new invention, and only the lucky few owned them. But as the automobile became more affordable and accessible, people needed a place to keep them safe and protected. Initially, folks parked their cars on the street or in a barn. However, as car thefts became more frequent, people started seeking out a more secure option.

Behold the carport - a simple roofed structure that offers some shelter for your ride. It was a budget-friendly option that didn't require any walls or fancy doors. But let's face it, it wasn't exactly the height of style. Essentially, it was a giant tent for your car.

However, as the 1920s came around, folks began to get more imaginative. They wanted a space that would not only keep their car safe but also enhance the value of their home. And thus, the garage was born!

At first, garages were separate structures that were often constructed behind the house. They came in all sorts of materials, from wood to brick to concrete. And they weren't just for parking cars. People used them as workshops, storage spaces, and even as guest houses. Imagine telling your in-laws, "Sure, we have a spare room, it's just in the garage."

As the car industry sped up, so did garages. In the roaring '20s and '30s, cars became longer and wider, and garages had to expand accordingly. And by the swinging '50s and '60s, garages became the talk of the town - a status symbol to flaunt to your neighbors.

But it wasn't until the funky '70s that garages got a groovy upgrade. They became attached to the house, and the door to the kitchen or laundry room meant no more lugging groceries through the rain. However, this also meant garages weren't just for cars anymore. They became part of the living space, transformed into multipurpose rooms.

Fast-forward to today and garages are a must-have feature in most American homes. They're not only a place to stash your ride or your dusty high school yearbooks but also a space to work up a sweat, chill with friends, or watch the game. Some folks even transformed their garages into a full-blown man cave, decked out with pool tables, kegerators, and massive flat-screen TVs. Can you imagine telling your significant other, "Babe, I'm just headed to the garage to hang out with the dudes."

The humble garage has its share of troubles, such as being a magnet for clutter and a hotspot for burglars. And don't even get me started on the ordeal of finding something in a messy garage – it's like trying to navigate a labyrinth!

However, despite their flaws, garages are a cherished part of American culture. They represent our love for cars, our can-do attitude, and our desire for a little corner of personal space. So, when you drive your car into your garage, take a moment to appreciate its history and all the memories it has helped create over the years. And why not throw a garage party while you're at it? Invite your pals over, pop open a few cold ones, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of your own personal hangout spot.

As we peer into the future, it's uncertain what will become of garages. With the advent of electric and self-driving cars, will garages become redundant? Will they become ancient relics like phone booths and payphones? Or will they evolve and adapt to meet the changing demands of homeowners, becoming even more incorporated into our daily lives?

Only time will tell. But for now, let's cherish garages for all that they are: a little piece of American culture that has touched our hearts and captivated our imaginations for over a hundred years. So, go ahead and park your car, crank up the tunes, and bask in the simple joy of having your own private oasis.

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