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Fun Halloween Garage Party

Oct 15, 2021
Halloween is right around the spooky corner and while it can be fun to go and trick or treat, you would not like it if you got infected with the virus. So what can you do now if going out is off the table? Why not bring the creepiness and fun of Halloween indoors? While it may be a different way to celebrate this spooktacular holiday, bringing it indoors guarantees safety for everybody else around the neighborhood. And the most important of all? You can do it inside the garage with a few of FlexiMounts tried and tested tips for a banging Halloween party.
Garage of Horrors
While the horror theme is on point this season, there is a difference between fun horror and a horrifying garage. But what makes this area horrifying in a not-so-good way? For starters, cobwebs are a cute decor to maximize the creep factor. However, if real cobwebs abound inside the garage, it is time to clean it up! While most spiders are harmless, some folks would rather not see them as they are partying the night away. You can get rid of these for a night to guarantee that both the guest as well as the spiders are safe. The next one would be the cracked garage grounds. Sure, it may look like a zombie came out of the cracks and left it at that. But it poses a tripping risk for those who may be intoxicated and out of their minds as they have fun. You can avoid this by making sure that the ground is nice and flat for all the guests to dance and mingle with each other. Now that we got rid of the garage horrors we encounter every day, it is time for the decorations!
Paint The Garage in Screams of Red
To make a convincing Halloween decor, you need to envision what type of horrors you want to see inside the garage. If you want an 80s slasher film vibe, having the famous serial killers of such movies as props and fake (aka safe) replicas of their chosen weapons of fright. Perhaps you want a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic for the garage party. This can be easily achieved by looking for decors that scream the Victorian-era gothic style that his acclaimed movies exude. For those who love traveling all over the world but cannot due to restrictions, why not feature the horrifying creatures that other cultures have? For example, the Philippines has the aswang and manananggal which are both bloodthirsty creatures that are absolutely chilling to the bone. Featuring other monsters from different countries is also a fun way to educate the guests and even yourself about how each monster differs depending on the culture. With the theme out of the way, colors play a vital role in assuring that the creep factor is elevated. The bloody red, stark black, haunting gray, ghoulish green, and pumpkin orange are all popular colors to adorn the garage during this spooky season. You can also adorn the area with fake blood splatters and splashes to amp up the creep factor. Faux bats and other creepy crawlies can also be hung above the guests using the LIFT 4′ X 4′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK GL44B from FlexiMounts. With a grid design for its base, it would be easy to hang terrifying adornments to the delight of the onlookers. Potions, skulls, and bones may also be placed on the FREE 2′ × 4′ GARAGE SHELVING HEAVY DUTY GS24. With a weight-bearing capacity of more than 4000 pounds, each of the FREE 2′ × 4′ GARAGE SHELVING HEAVY DUTY GS24 shelves can be adorned with all the fancy Halloween baubles for the party.
Let The Haunting Begin
A party is never complete without fun activities for the guests to enjoy. And with Halloween, traditional parlor games get a haunted twist to match the event. All the guests can play a haunted version of Hide and Seek. Everybody hides within the property and the “ghost” needs to creep out everyone. To make things a bit more interesting, the ghost will have a base or their “haunted house” that other guests must enter without the ghost-catching them. If one of the guests successfully enters the base, then the ghost loses the game. Another game to play this Halloween is Poison Making where adult guests can mix cocktails, alcohols, and other secret ingredients without a recipe. There would be three judges (preferably those who would not drive people back to their homes) to decide if the presented drinks are worthy of being called poison. This means that the drink is so horrid that no one would be able to stomach taking it. This can be played in turns wherein the person with the most poison or kills wins the game. And the bloody cherry on the haunted cake, a costume party! The overall accordance with the theme will be the defining factor for selecting the best costume. How the guests present their garb will also have a major impact since it shows true dedication to their chosen characters.
Permission to Spook
With all of that in mind, everyone is entitled to enjoy your party. However, strict safety measures must be followed to make sure that each individual would be healthy even after the event. That means that everyone in attendance must be fully vaccinated and must incorporate a mask into their Halloween ensembles. This might seem like paranoia to others but the threat and risk of contracting the disease are still unfortunately alive and well.
Haunting Last Words
Everybody deserves to have some fun, especially with what the world is experiencing right now. It is our little glimpse of what the world was like before the tragedy struck and affected us all. Nevertheless, we deserve to celebrate even the most macabre holiday that exists. So put on your creepy mask and let the spooky garage party begin!