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End of the Month Sale! Get these products up to 30% off

Jul 27, 2022

Did someone just say sale? Before this month ends, FlexiMounts has a special treat for its loyal and new customers. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your garage for quite a while now, you may start by decluttering it and installing smart storage solutions. You came into the right place at the right time because FlexiMounts is offering selected products on a discount from July 27 to July 31. You can enjoy sale offers up to 30% if you shop within these days. So why would you want overhead storage racks, workbenches, and bike racks for your garage? All these can maximize the storing capacity of your garage by organizing everything that is stored inside of the space. By installing storage units on the ceiling or on the floor, you are able to free up your floor which is intended to be your parking area or a spot where you do repairs or make things in your garage. We have a list of all the products on sale these next few days.


Original Price: $449.99-$549.99 Sale Price: 359.99 Get a 20% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM702 Be it repairs or wood or metal work projects, you will be needing a trusty heavy duty workbench you can rely on in your garage. This work bench has a desktop size of 47.2 X 23.6 inches with an adjustable height range of 29.5 inches up to 43.3 inches. Its maximum lifting sped is 15 mm per second and it can lift up to 500 pounds of weight. You would need an input voltage of 100-240 Volts. Since the height is adjustable, you can sit or stand, whichever your prefer when you’re working on a project. You can conveniently adjust the height with the product’s smart memory electric lift system. It has an extra thick solid wood tip that is made of 100$ rubberwood. It’s easy to assemble and you can use it for multiple purposes. You can opt to buy this product with a pegboard and a drawer.


Original Price: $219.99-$429.98 Get a 20% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM702 Your garage is your storage space for heavy duty equipment. This means you also need a shelving that’s heavy duty. This FlexiMunts offer has a total weight capacity of 4650 pounds. You can choose from a 1-pack or a 2-pack package. Each shelf of this product is height adjustable. The crossbeams are locked by pins to make sure it’s secure. Add to that the four support straps and the sturdy vertical beam on the sides. It is made of heavy duty steel with a powder-coated finish. At the bottom of the rack, there are rugged plastic foot pads that prevent the bottom from rusting and protects the floors of the garage from abrasion. It might look overwhelming but it’s actually very easy to assemble because the parts are already pre-installed and every purchase comes with a clear instruction. This product can also be used in a warehouse for inventory and even in the kitchen as your grocery counter.


Original Price: $229.99 Get a 15% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM718 Made of high-quality construction, this overhead storage unit can safely load 600 pounds of weight. It’s waterproof and has that signature FlexiMounts integrated grid design. It has a height adjustment of 22 to 40 inches with a 4 x 8 in total size. Like other FlexiMounts products, it uses thicker screws than comparable products in the market.

BHR4 Flexible and Foldable Bike Hitch Rack

Original Price: $129.99 Sale Price: $90.99 Get a 30% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM703, from July 27 to July 31. This accessory is made of cold-roll steel and has a weight capacity of 165 pounds. Its arms can be folded when not in use and won’t get in the way even if you install them in your vehicle. It has adjustable and flexible straps that could hold up to four bikes of different frame sizes. Its tiltable mainmast can lift bikes easily, swinging it up, down, forward, and backward. These movements make it easier to lift the bikes. Then, the rack can just return to its original position, thanks to the anti-wobble knob. Its maximum weight capacity is 165 pounds and its steel structure is durable, of high quality, and protected with a powder paint finish. With this accessory, there’s no need to worry if the rack is firmly secured in its position.


Original Price: $129.99 Sale Price: $110.49 Get a 15% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM718 The weight capacity of this ceiling-mounted storage solution is 600 pounds and it is 4’ x 8’ in size. The height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches. It is made of cold-roll steel and is guaranteed to be strong and sturdy where you could load 3/8” plywood or even thicker. You may customize the color of your wooden desks or even use old wooden boards. This product has multiple dedicated embedded mounting points that will ensure the security of your products. It makes use of ceiling space which is a perfect storage solution for seasonal and unused items that are kept in your garage.


Original Price: $129.99 Sale Price: $110.49 Get a 15% discount on this product when you use the Coupon Code FM718 This wall-mounted storage type of unit is a classic from FlexiMounts. It’s made of powder-coated steel with a heavy gauge steel construction that can safely carry up to 400 pounds. Its size is 2’x4’ and comes in two levels. It has a buckle design with velcros that will prevent the brackets from bending or falling. You may opt to use thicker or thinner screws. It is suitable to be secured to either a wall stud or solid concrete wall. You can install these in various combinations, using different stud spacing.

Final Word

Don’t dare miss this sale if you really want to finally upgrade your garage. You’ll get the same great quality at an affordable cost. And you’ll be much happier once you’ve finally decluttered your garage and would be able to use these amazing products on it. Happy shopping!