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Converting Your Garage Into a Guest Room

Dec 20, 2021
It’s Christmas time! It’s the season to be merry when friends celebrate and families reunite. This year has got you worried because it’s your turn this year to host your parents in your own house. You’ve been busy with lots of work but now that you’re off work, it’s time to prepare where they’ll sleep once they arrive. You told them already that you don’t have extra space aside from the garage that you’re about to convert now into a bedroom, for the meantime, while they stay at your crib. Is it even possible? How do you temporarily convert a dark, damp storage space into an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable bedroom they would be sleeping in for the next two weeks? It’s actually not new to convert the garage area into an extra sleeping space for visiting family and friends. Many people have already done it before you so a simple search on Google would help you make the room transformation as beautiful and quick as possible. Count this article that tells you to plan carefully in order to transform the garage into sleeping quarters perfect for your guests—from budget to design, comfort and cleanliness and transferring storage to and fro. Here are everything you need to prepare, just in time for your visitors:
1. First up is to clean and declutter your garage.
Thoroughly mop the floor after sweeping it. Get rid of spider webs in the corners. Install storage solutions that will put your belongings off the floor so wall shelves and ceiling mounted storage units are advisable. If you have a shed, move some items there such as those used for car maintenance. Where to find wall and ceiling storage units: FlexiMounts is a brand that offers overhead storage racks and wall shelves. These are heavy duty storage solutions that are made of steel and boast an integrated grid design. You may even use hooks (also available at FlexiMounts) for extra storage capacity. Some units are also waterproof to prevent water damage. Their loading capacity ranges from 200 to 600 pounds.
2. If you have finished walls in your garage, paint them for maximum effect.
If you are short on time or want a temporary fix, you may hang fabric or curtains around the garage. Using small hooks mounted on the walls, attach a fishing wire or any thick string where you can hang the fabric. In this way, you could just remove the fabric and the wire after the guests leave. Not only will it look better, but it will also make the room more private. Another quick fix is to stick wallpapers. Once done, you may now install insulation to control the temperature of the room.
3. Cover the windows to give your guests even just a hint of privacy.
Simply pick up curtain panels, blinds, shades, or folding screens. Any of these could be used to block the view and separate the bedroom area from the garage door.
4. Whether your floor is tiled or not, spread a rug carpet.
This creates a more homey feel and could make your guests feel that they are staying in a hostel at least, instead of your house’s garage. Other flooring options you may purchase include engineered wood, vinyl flooring rolls, acid-staining kits, or concrete painting kits. If you are adding flooring material, you have to raise the height of the floor by sealing it before adding anything.
5. Insulate the walls of your garage.
For a garage makeover, you have to insulate the walls to control the coldness or hotness of the space. Since this is just a temporary makeover. opt for less expensive insulating materials including spray foam or even recycled foam board. When choosing a material for insulation, you have to consider the climate in your area and how it affects the temperature in the garage. Don't worry, insulating the walls can be a do-it-yourself job as well. You may fit weather stripping in your garage door so as to avoid pests, moisture, and dirt from entering your garage aka the guest room. But if you want an expert to do it, then don't hesitate to book a professional.
6. The next step is to furnish the garage with the essentials.
Lightweight and versatile pieces are advisable so that you could make use of them once your guests live. You may also pick up existing furniture that you have such as a futon or an air mattress. Then bring your favorite side table to have a nightstand for your guests. Don't forget to add chairs and folded towels to make their stay even cozier.
7. Accessorize with small items to provide premium comfort to your guests.
When it's warm outside, place a fan; when it's cold, use a space heater. Another item you could add is a lamp to be placed on the nightstand beside the bed. You may add a vase with dried flowers and picture frames of yourself with the visitor/s. If flowers don't suit your fancy, you may also use scented candles or you may even plug a room deodorizer for a freshly-scented place.
Final Words
Give it a day and you could convert your garage space into a temporary guest room in no time. If you do it right, your guests might not even notice that they are sleeping in the garage instead of a room inside the house. Another option is you could invite your guest to your room and then stay in your garage in the meantime. For your storage units that are installed on the walls and ceilings, you may use them as decor, much like how Brooklyn houses look like. Raw and unfinished have always drawn people’s attention, if and only if done correctly. Make sure that everything you’ll add in your garage is easily removed so that it won’t be a hassle for you to convert it back into a storage space once your guests leave. Then, your car could be temporarily parked in your driveway.