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Choosing A New Hobby? Why Not Take On Urban Gardening

Feb 01, 2023

We have gotten to the point where we can no longer tell what our meals actually contain. Only when we grow our own food can we be sure that what we're consuming is healthy and natural. Particularly if you have more than one job and live in a small apartment in a bustling city, that undoubtedly arouses some questions. You probably don't have much gardening knowledge, and you might lack the persistence required to keep up an urban garden on your own. But before you dismiss the idea, give it some serious thought and evaluate how it can make your life better.

Many skeptics of urban gardening were mistaken. Many people have taken up food gardening as a practical, even sustainable way of life after learning about its benefits for their health. It has long been shown false that crops only grow in rural areas while there is little farming done in urban areas. We want to sow the seed that you can cultivate your own garden even in a fast-paced metropolis with a full-time 9 to 5 job and a little area.

Here are a few arguments and advantages that should persuade you to start urban gardening.

Spend less to make more money.

Either you recognize it or not, you spend a sizable chunk of your income on food. If you want a win-win situation, urban gardening is the route to go because junk food is less expensive than nutritious food. It would ensure that you ate well while reducing your food expenses.

The good news is that you can even sell the extra food you produce if you have more than you require for your family. What started off as a hobby for you can turn into a side hustle or a source of money. Additionally, it might lead to the creation of jobs for locals.

You may be sure that the produce on your plate is the healthiest and most recent available.

Growing your own food ensures that you will constantly have healthful options available, even if you don't entirely give up instant meals. If you begin urban gardening as soon as possible, you can start producing healthy food and an endless supply of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Additionally, a home urban garden will provide your family with healthy living conditions.

Expand your skill set

You can instruct your children in the art of growing your own food. In today's largely processed food-fed human population, being able to grow your own food from the garden to the table can help you have better health, save and make extra money, and never go hungry.

Learn how to make the most of your available space.

Urban gardening can help you get the most out of your urban space. The room will instantly come to life thanks to the greenery. In addition, you can make a garden in a tiny area by using modern techniques like hydroponic farming, container gardening, and vertical planting. 

Minimize your carbon footprint.

Even though some people may doubt the effects of what you're doing, by lowering your carbon footprint, you may help prevent climate change. When you buy mass-produced food, you are supporting a sector of the economy that relies heavily on fuel to power its moving parts. According to Agritecture, food travels 1,500 to 2,500 miles on average in the United States before it is consumed by the consumer. You can reduce the volume of fossil fuels our food system consumes by starting your own urban garden.

You can be certain that the food you are producing is of the highest caliber.

If you have your personal urban garden, you have total control over what goes into the plant's growing phase. The pesticides and chemicals which stores use to increase productivity and shelf life won't infect your vegetables from the garden. You can also decide to grow vegetables that are difficult to simply mass manufacture and hence aren't sold by large supermarkets and food shops.

Never will you go without food.

Food insecurity is a major issue in the US, especially in places of extreme poverty. If you owned your own urban garden, you could always put food on the table. Compared to buying it at the grocery store, your costs won't be nearly as high. It is a life survival ability that you can always carry with you anywhere you go, ensuring that you not only won't go hungry but also that you continue to fuel yourself with wholesome food.

The changing of the seasons won't be the only factor affecting your nutrition.

We all experience cravings for foods that are not in season and hence not obtainable in markets or grocery shops every year. In your own urban garden, you can grow food year-round. Your judgments will be fully based on the situation as you get more knowledge of urban gardening. For instance, soilless farming and hydroponic gardening employ particular strategies that enable you to regulate each stage of the process of growth. 

You are invited to join a group of urban gardeners, or as they like to say, "plant moms and parents."

You will meet people who appreciate urban gardening as much as you do. Living alone in a city can breed anxiety and hopelessness. Along with being around others who share your interests, the natural environment will help you overcome depression. You could talk about some of your methods, trends, and practices for producing your own fruits and vegetables. Undoubtedly a nice, welcoming community to be a member of. If there isn't already a group in your area, you can create one by informing others and enlisting the help of your pals or anyone else who might be interested.

If you don't have time to water your plants daily or don't trust yourself to remember, installing a smart watering system will enable you to water them only a few times per week. You can also buy a water level meter if you're unclear of the amount of water your plants need.

Additionally, make sure your garden tools are prepared for usage and securely stored in the garage. You don't want to spend time searching all over for your shovel. Most people give up on urban gardening since they believe it requires too much work, yet all they really need to do is add some organization to their lives. 

Ensure that the garage is clean and tidy, and that the tools you keep there are also. 

Smart storage options, in particular wall shelves and ceiling storage racks, can help to ensure this.