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Celebrating Your Birthday in the Garage

Dec 03, 2021
If there is one thing the world agrees on, it’s probably that birthdays hold a special place in our lives. We celebrate it every year with family, friends, and colleagues for the rest of our lives. Whether you’re personally big on celebrating it or not, there’s no doubt that people make a fuss about birthdays, and there are huge industries that revolve around it. Horoscopes involve zodiac signs that evaluate a person’s personality based on the birth month. In a teenager’s life, sweet sixteen and 18th birthdays are important coming-of-age parties. It’s a milestone when someone reaches their 30s, 40s, or 50s. Every month, event planners usually have more than one birthday to plan. Catering for birthdays is a stable business. You receive yearly greetings when it’s your birthday. The most special ones give you gifts or throw surprise birthday parties for you. You plan trips to tourist destinations or host intimate dinners with the people dear to you. You post how grateful you are on your socials. Even though it’s impossible to not share a birthday with anyone else, you still feel the day is your own to seize and feel extra special. You might be planning your own birthday party this year and don’t know what to do. You don’t know where to hold it that your parents would agree to spend on. If you want a low-budget birthday that’s unique and still intimate, we suggest that you try holding it in your garage. With your garage door open, it could lead to the backyard or the garden where the rest of your party could sit and eat. Because it’s a big, relatively vacant space, the garage as a venue won’t cause your parents to be that strict in letting people in and have a good time. Anyways, there’s nothing much to clean up after the party since the house will be off-limits. Before hosting the party, make sure there is enough floor space for everyone to move around. Since you will be setting up tables and chairs, have the car parked on the driveway in the meantime. Install storage solutions such as wall shelves and ceiling-mounted storage solutions to take items off the floor. FlexiMounts has many options for your belongings to be organized and out of the way. They also have bike racks and different kinds of hooks for bikes and other athletic equipment. With items out of the way, the garage is cleared and ready for a birthday party transformation. There are many ways on how you could have a fun birthday celebration in the garage. Here are some suggestions:
1. The garage is a fitness space.
You can hold an exercise party for your friends. Maybe ask a spinning studio to hold a party for you in your garage or ask your friend who’s a gym instructor, yoga teacher, or Zumba leader to hold the group session. Then you can have snacks set up in the venue right after the sweat session. You could also have games after so that everyone’s competitive spirit will come out.
2. The garage is a painting, wood, or ceramic-making workshop.
For those who love art, you may host a birthday party that will involve painting, wood, or ceramic making. With ample space to work on, you could hold the event in your garage while people create their masterpieces. It could be informal with just you and your friends enjoying and trying things you found online. It could also be more formal by tapping a teacher to host it for you and your friends. Holding it in your garage will save you lots of money rather than booking an arts space.
3. Hold a fun birthday fundraiser.
You may organize a birthday fundraiser in your garage by first, cleaning your items and determining which ones you want to sell and donate, keep, or throw. Your sell pile may be sold in your garage along with the items you would ask family and friends to bring. Basically, instead of asking for gifts, ask them to bring an item they no longer use and want to donate to charity. All these items combined would be sold in a garage sale; all proceeds of which go to your charity of choice. This would make your guests happy that they are also able to help through your initiative. This also helps eliminate waste in many homes.
4. The garage is an intimate birthday venue.
You may host a simple birthday party with your family and friends in the garage. Set up tables and chairs and use your workbenches as the buffet station. You may cover with curtains the tools in your garage or you could use them as decor, just make sure you host a car-themed or grunge party. You may have the garage door open and put extra chairs in the garden for guests who won’t be able to fit inside the garage space.
5. The garage is a romantic dinner spot.
If you just want to celebrate your birthday quietly with your partner, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, then you can host an intimate dinner in the garage. Surprise them and for sure, they would not expect at all that the garage would be dressed to the nines once the door is up. Set the mood. Put out some flowers and candles. Have some of your family members serve you food. If someone knows how to play an instrument, ask them to play live music during the dinner.
Final Thoughts
While not everyone wants to celebrate their birthdays, it’s still very important in human society. Most of us want to feel extra special and loved on our birthdays. It doesn’t even have to be grand and fancy, a simple reminder that we are remembered is usually more than enough. If hosting a low-budget party, one venue that could be considered is the garage. It’s a vacant spacious part of your house so you don’t have to spend extra bucks to use it. Plus, there won’t be any limit as to what hour you have to end the party. Spend it in your garage using one of our ideas above!