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Building a Kid's Playroom in the Garage

Sep 29, 2022
What about our early years do we actually recall the most? Who among us didn't dream of being an astronaut as a child? Perhaps the most treasured memories nearly always involve playing: dashing around the house with our dogs, making our own mythical realm out of blankets, etc. We always smile heartily when we think back on these priceless moments, and we want our children to create their own experiences that they will also remember as adults with the same level of affection, if not more. Child play is crucial to a child's growth. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that via play, kids "use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical cognitive, and emotional strength." Children can "create a world they can master, conquering their fears while practicing adult roles, sometimes in conjunction with other children or adult caregivers... And as they master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and resiliency (sic) they will need to face future challenges." In addition, play helps in increasing the level of physical activity in children, which is a good tool to combat obesity. Although the importance of play in a child's healthy brain development is well known, the shortage of areas designated for it has become an issue since the pandemic's early stages. We have spent the longest period of time at home with the kids. Staying at home has helped prevent the spread of COVID-19, but it has also hampered the kids' ability to grow and socialize with their classmates. We continue to focus on providing our children with the conditions they need for growth even while we wait for the pandemic to cease (yes, we are still optimistic that it will happen quicker). Thus, turning the garage into a kid's playroom is a great solution.
Maintaining order and safety in the playroom.
We have utilized our garages for automobile parking (as they were intended to be used for) as well as storage for items that aren't used frequently or those that are needed for home upkeep. The filth that has been accumulating in the garage is, thus, something we can only fathom. For our kids, who love to roll around, lay on the floor, and stick their hands in their mouths, the current state of the garage is not an ideal and safe environment. The garage should be completely cleaned. If you don't have enough room for your belongings, use secured cabinets or Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks to keep them out of the reach of your kids. Use your walls wisely when there really isn't much space in the playroom. To store your kids' supplies and toys, you can also use overhead garage storage racks and Fleximounts wall shelving. However, this time, be sure to adjust the height so your kids can readily access them. This may encourage children to feel accountable for tidying up after themselves. Get on your knees and extend your arms to determine what height is appropriate for children. Make sure you are able to reach these shelves. Another option is to mount seats to the wall and outfit them with plush pillows. Make storage areas out of the gaps under the bench. In this way, the bench may function as multi-purpose furniture even if it may appear to take up a lot of room. The flooring is the item that comes next when remodeling the garage as a kid’s play den. Cement floors are more common in garages since they are simpler to maintain. However, it can be too slippery for your children. Keep in mind that since children enjoy running, they may be in danger from this kind of flooring. Why not use jigsaw floor mats or washable carpet to cover the floor if money is tight, and you cannot afford to remodel the floor. To make the area more vibrant, pick ones that are bright and colorful.
Allow the inner kid in you to take control.
Start your play session with your walls. Choose the color your child prefers. Moreover, let them embellish the walls. Give them stickers, perhaps with their favorite fictional characters, flowers, or dinosaurs on them. You might also add interactive elements to your walls. Select a wall so they may use it as a blackboard. At that age, children greatly like writing, therefore any wall may serve as their canvas. And whether we like to acknowledge them or not, there have been many times when we have struggled with how to remove them from our living rooms. They are free to write or draw anything they like in this place. Tiling the wall with Lego foundation plates is another useful application for the space. Lego pieces may be built vertically by the youngsters, which may be a good way to keep them off the floor. You may also get a mini trampoline for your kid to bounce on repeatedly. The youngsters must unwind and let out their energy. If you have bed foam that you've been meaning to replace, why not reuse it and put it in the garage play area where your child can easily roll over it? Alternatively, put it at the bottom of the indoor slide if you prefer to put one in the garage.
Create a personal area for yourself.
In our new work-life setting, we are simultaneously juggling three jobs: office or company work, kid raising, and housekeeping duties. Due to the fact that the majority of parents work from home, you may want to set up a little area where you can continue to work while watching over your child. Use a Fleximounts workbench if you want to. So, even when you're working, you can immediately care for your children's needs. Alternatively, you may concentrate on crafts and hobbies in your small area while your child is occupied with their play even when you are not conducting official business. Even if your obligations might often overwhelm you, nothing compares to spending quality time with your children and, of course, on your personal growth.