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All About Vlogging and How to Get into It Without Breaking the Bank

Oct 28, 2022

You can quickly and easily access anything and anything online. Perhaps you wish to read about world events or play games. You might wish to use streaming services to view foreign viral videos, listen to podcasts, or hear brand-new music. Whether you need anything to improve your mood or want to watch movies to excite your mind visually, you may discover anything under the sun. Most people enjoy watching vlogs since they find them to be quite entertaining.

What is vlogging then? It is a type of blogging that involves the usage of videos or the publishing of content in video format to the World Wide Web. A person, a couple, or a group investigates a topic and discusses it in a vlog. Vlogs have the potential to reach a global audience, fostering cultural exchange and the development of an international community. The subjects covered on each vlog channel differ. Creators share vacation videos, life stories, and tutorials on their areas of expertise, create characters, go to deserted locations, and reveal their creative processes. In addition, to live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, some gamers and creatives also submit their streams to video-sharing websites such as YouTube. 

The Beginning of Vlogging

Video blogging first appeared in the 1980s. The first ever vlog started in New York City, also known as the Big Apple. Artist Nelson Sullivan created a vlog-style recording of something that he filmed in New York and South Carolina. This type of content creation persisted and gained speed since the 2000s despite the fact that it did not acquire traction at the time. People know that creator Adam Kontras produced a number of videos for his blog, documenting the highs and lows of trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

The vlog was his way of keeping his family and friends informed when he relocated to Los Angeles, California. The video is iconic because it is, up to this date, considered in history as the longest vlog. 

In the same year, another developer, Adrian Miles made a video in a similar format but overlaid the same words on a still image. He is the one who came up with the name "vlog" to describe his video blogs. Following him, Luuk Bowman attracted notice with the visually appealing recordings of his post-graduation trips. He was a musician and filmmaker rolled into one. 

The Rise of YouTube 

In February 2005, YouTube was established, marking the start of the true vlogging era. Three PayPal employees who lacked the funds and equipment for a fancy office developed the platform. They established their offices in California above a tiny eatery. The first ever YouTube vlog was that of YouTube co-founder Jawid Karim who uploaded the first video featuring his adventure-filled day with the elephants of the San Diego Zoo.

This opened the door for vloggers in the future. Only a few months later, YouTube ranked number five among the most popular websites on the internet. It touted 65,000 fresh uploads each day and 100 million daily views. 

The momentum was there, and Google would in that same year purchase the business for an astounding 1.65 billion dollars. YouTube is currently valued at $180 billion. 

Trying your hand at vlogging could help you establish a name for yourself if you desire to be famous. Numerous social media stars have achieved fame by doing just that. A vlogger can earn up to 26 million dollars per year, according to reports, and video blogs were quickly made profitable. Many individuals desired to be part of the fun because vlogging may earn them a fortune.

Like anything else in life, it takes time to establish a following and amass the millions of views necessary for a vlogger's channel to become profitable.

It has advantages and advantages to start a channel and post vlogs. On the internet, which functions as your journal, you can preserve your recollections. You can keep your loved ones informed with amusing video information. 

Your children would be adults five or 10 years from now. They might visit your channel to observe what life was like when they were young and didn't fully understand why a camera was a common sight in homes. The entire family may binge-watch and relive all of your experiences together. 

Making a vlog will provide you with the opportunity to practice and improve your creative thinking. Choose the narrative you wish to tell first. Create a script, film it, and then return to your editing den. You can try to make it as cinematic as you can by compiling all the movies, adding sound effects, and so on.

Through your vlog, you will be capable of communicating with people all around the world. When your audience trusts you enough to rely on your recommendations for restaurants or tourist attractions, you will be overjoyed. You can also write instructions or demonstrate a process, like how to prepare cookies. Your field of expertise will be highlighted by including all of these in your vlog. It will help you gain recognition, and others, friends, and notably potential employers will be able to recognize your personal brand.

Starting your Own Vlog 

If you wish to launch a vlog, there are things that you have to know from the very start. 

Choose your niche before anything else. What subject do you enjoy researching and vlogging about? Or are you planning on using your vlog channel as a type of diary? To get a sense of their approach and what works for them, you can observe other YouTubers in this field. You may use these as motivation for your own concepts to add something special and original to your vlogs.  

Next, identify what tools you'll be employing. You don't need to use pricey equipment while you're just getting started. Just upgrade and make investments in higher-quality equipment as your channel expands and the earnings roll in.

If you don’t have a setup just yet at home, why not consider starting off your vlog in your garage? It will give that grunge feel and make your vlogs look urban and modern. Just make sure that you’ve decluttered your garage. You would want to use overhead storage racks and wall shelves so that your background is organized, neat, and tidy.