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Activities to Try for the Most Fun Christmas Ever

Nov 29, 2022

Even though it’s still almost a month away, the planning for Christmas Day or activities to do during the holiday season happens weeks back aka now is the perfect time. 


Because it takes time to book tickets to wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do. Plus there are a million other families not only among Americans but across the whole world who are planning their Christmas activities as well so it’s extra hard to secure tickets during this busy season. 

So take this time to sit down and write your plan for Christmas. What will the kids enjoy? What will your parents be up to do? What do you want to do? Can you afford to travel to an international destination or do you opt to be at home with the whole family? Do you want to go outside for some adventure or do you want to stay indoors and spend quality, quiet time with the people who are dearest to you? 

The questions go on but remember it’s not only your opinion that matters here. You have to take into consideration what everyone else in the family is game to do come Christmas time. Believe us, it’s much more complicated than it seems. 

But even though it’s a hefty task, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy planning and doing the activity when it was carefully planned. 

Here are some suggestions, both for indoors and outdoors: 

Pick a Christmas tree and decorate your home together. 

It’s fun to pick a tree for the first time even though you might think that they all just look alike. You will even feel the Christmas spirit more once you’ve set it up and decorated it with Christmas ornaments, poinsettia, balls, and lights. You’ll imbibe the spirit more when you play Christmas songs in the background while you’re decorating together.

Watch a holiday film.

Watching a Christmas movie will help you get into the holiday spirit even more. Children adore and will always remember a number of classic movies, including The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Polar Express, and Home Alone.

Everyone can concentrate on the movie and discuss it afterward when you are all securely situated. And don’t forget popcorn, pizza, and sweet Christmas treats! 

Go to a holiday market.

Bring the family to a Christmas market while you still have the chance because these seasonal marketplaces won't be there for long. There will undoubtedly be a wide variety of sweet foods and beverages on the streets. There would likely be carolers singing holiday tunes that would cheer you up and make you want to join in. As you stroll through the Christmas market, you could also grab last-minute presents. If none are nearby, traveling to the market with your family could be an adventure in and of itself.

Arrange an activity that has something to do with ice. 

Don't miss the chance to spend some time on the rink as it is freezing outside. Why not plan a family skating session where you can practice anything from basic to advanced skating techniques? It's time to advance your skating abilities so that you feel more at ease and confident the next time you enter a skating rink. You can always have a practice session in your backyard if you live near a lake, for example, so that the kids and everyone will be more comfortable come ice activity day. 

Cook with the whole family. 

It makes no difference if you're not the best at baking or even just cooking. Spend the entire day doing it with your family, and you will undoubtedly have a blast. You might find that baking comes naturally to you or you might just decide that you're just not very good at it. You would still be able to eat something that reminds you of Christmas with your loved ones, regardless of the oven's outcome.

Try skiing.

Bring your ski equipment and head towards the slopes. Your children may be experiencing something for the first time, or perhaps you are. With the entire family, you would undoubtedly make some enjoyable moments while up in the mountains. You can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and engage in any other enjoyable snow sports that come to mind. It is best to buy tickets in advance of Christmas Day because that will result in better deals for you. After engaging in adrenaline-pumping activities in the chilly snow, relax with a warm cup of cocoa.

If you’re a seasoned skier, make sure your gear is properly kept in your garage with smart storage solutions in place. 

Make handwritten letters. 

Because they are so intimate, handwritten letters will undoubtedly strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. Get a paper and pen for each family member and start writing messages to one another. For individuals to whom you want to show your affection but who are not present, you might even write letters. You may choose the theme of thankfulness and ask each of you to share why you are so appreciative of the person in your life.

Final Thoughts 

The day of Christmas is often memorable in and of itself. Spending it with your loved ones makes it even more memorable, so make the most of the season by creating memories you'll treasure always. 

Obviously, not everything would go precisely as you expected it to no matter how well you plan. You might be annoyed by errors or cancellations, but you can also choose to laugh them off. There will also be a lot of fun surprises, which might make this season even better. Think about today instead of tomorrow so you can enjoy yourself the most. 

Even if it might only last for a few weeks, you can make it particularly special if you want to. And as they always say, it doesn’t matter what you’ll do. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re wearing. It doesn’t matter what you’ll eat. Well, of course, not to be a hypocrite these can be minor inconveniences but ultimately, your joy will come within you and how you choose to give love and joy and also receive it from the people around you.