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A Romantic Date Idea: Watching a Movie in Your Backyard

Feb 07, 2023

Still have no idea what you will do this upcoming Valentine’s Day?

One of the probable reasons you are finding it hard to think of a gift, a surprise, or a date is because you don’t have the budget.

What if we tell you that watching a movie at your backyard won’t cost you that much? It’s even incredibly romantic, especially with how you can be gifted with a sky full of stars. You can have the deepest conversations after the movie and even fall asleep under the night sky. It’s a scene fresh out of a romantic comedy film.

The process of setting up an outdoor cinema is much easier than you may imagine. Even the most affordable models of outdoor projectors, with prices starting at a fair level, have the ability to create enormous images. Dedicated speakers and a real outdoor projector screen will produce far better AV quality and help create one wonderful movie night in the comfort of your own house. If you want to spend less, built-in speakers and improvised projection surfaces can keep prices down.

But you should also be mindful that there will be environmental factors outside of your control because this is an outside activity. Light pollution might be impossible to control, and in an open area, big speakers can sound quite little. Thus, striving for flawless projection would only lead to frustration. You should instead take a seat and enjoy your surroundings. When you stop whining and yearning for indoor comfort, you will learn to appreciate the beauty of its rawness.

Your projector need to be your main priority. You'll need a portable screen if you want to enjoy a movie in your backyard, and we can definitely inform you that the projector will account for a significant portion of your costs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there isn't a single projector type that is best for every movie night; in fact, your present outdoor projector might be your best bet.

Neither the use of a portable projector nor the purchase of goods specifically for gardens are necessary. You can always improvise. We haven't identified any that are weatherproof or otherwise protected from the elements for good reason. When it's raining, nobody wants to see a movie outside. So have a back-up plan ready in case of bad weather.

Think about the scenarios in which you'll use your projector instead. If you plan to utilize the projector, you might wish to decide immediately. You go camping or on a trip. There are portable projectors with built-in batteries, but if you have a yard extension cable that is of the right length, you might not need one.

The source content is your second consideration. When watching movies and sporting events on Netflix or ESPN+, built-in WiFi can be necessary. Make sure your home's wireless network has a sufficient coverage area. You should also be aware of whether purchasing a wireless access point is necessary for your garden. Think about using your projector's internal memory, a USB stick, or internal storage to play locally saved movie files.

The sound is the next thing you should consider, unless you're watching a silent movie.

Sound needs to be given far more thought in your lawn theater setup than it currently is. Fortunately, there are lots of options available, regardless of the size you require.

But ensure that you keep your expectations reasonable by paying attention again. Your indoor speakers won't perform as well outside as they do within a more enclosed space, so you can't rely on them to. They will struggle to produce large-scale dynamics and a true sense of bass, though. But don't worry; the dialogue and specifics ought to be obvious.
As reported by What Hi-Fi? , users choose to use headphones, a soundbar, a wireless speaker, a powered speaker, or a built-in speaker.

Next to the projector, the outdoor projector screen is perhaps the most important thing you'll buy. It's important to find something that complements your environment and other gear.

Although using a sheet or a blank wall may initially appear appealing, a professional projector screen will deliver a higher-quality image. Projector screens will produce a significantly crisper image since they reflect light. If you want to have a terrific movie experience, we definitely advise investing a little more.

Put your screen in a position that is shielded from the wind. Your screen should be placed as close as possible to a fence or a wall.

Instead of adding any fixtures, you can simply put a tabletop against the wall and a pull-up display will still look excellent. We suggest fastening anything to your fence or wall to protect them in case of gusts.

The more important considerations in this situation are size and gain. Think about how far you will be putting your seat away from the TV. If you are in the know of what the throw ratio of your projector is, you can calculate how big you can go with a little straightforward math.

Gain, a measure of your screen's reflection, varies greatly depending on both the luminance of the projector and how bright your surrounds are. It is essential to choose a screen with a higher gain because it will probably be pretty bright and portable projectors normally don't provide as many ANSI lumens.

Higher values show that the screen image is clearer when looking directly at it but becomes less bright when looking at it from wider viewing angles. The screen can bounce all of the light that is aimed at it if the gain is set to 1.0.

For a hassle-free movie night, you also need extra components in addition to the screen and the audio. For the main power coming from your home, you might want to have an extension cable on hand that you can attach to the garage. You can also put up a camera tripod so that portable projectors can be set to the height and angle ideal for your cinematic viewing. It will also be helpful if you have the movie stored on an external hard drive if there is no internet connection. This is even superior because if your connection ever fails, it won't lag or stop.

If rain begins to pour, you can offer food and beverages from the garage or provide a place for everyone to go inside. Naturally, you'll need a sizable garage that you can rely on in the event of any potential emergencies. To ensure that there is enough floor space in the garage for movement, smart storage solutions must be installed.