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9 Sports Popular Among Women

Mar 04, 2022
Men and women are built differently. This is why in the world of athletics, they do not start on the same playing field. There are separate categories for men and women, considering that men’s athletic abilities are stronger than women's. This might be caused by many factors, the first one being physical. According to Science Daily, the upper bodies of men have 75% more muscle mass than women and they also have 90% more strength. Given this consideration, to compete or compare them with each other is unfair. Another factor why men could be considered superior in sports is societal. Most people raise their kids based on societal gender norms. They would enroll young boys in sports while young girls would take an interest in crafts. There is also a bigger sports industry, with wider audiences, for male sports than that of women. There are many other factors that are into play but this is not to say that women should be taken aback in playing a sport just because society says that it’s for a man or that it’s male-dominated. Time and again in history, women have proven their athletic abilities and have excelled in sports often linked to male dominance. Plus, the stereotypes don’t matter when women could benefit a lot from playing a sport. These benefits include living a fit and healthy lifestyle, widening one’s network, acquiring skills, and forming life values. Most sports are played by a team and girls would learn a lot from playing with others. They are taught motor skills as well as the values of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Other than that, being engaged in sports makes one more self-confident and understands the value of both victory and defeat. There are sports that are popular among women and we’ve listed some of them here:
1. Volleyball
There are two teams that play against each other in a volleyball match. Each team will have six players and there will be a net in between the two teams. The team scores when it successfully sends a ball to the opponent’s side of the net and lands on the floor without any of their team members picking the ball up. This is more of an indoor game than played outside the sun but there are also variations such as a fun game of beach volleyball. Of course, you need a ball to play this game and a net. To secure your knees, wear knee pads.
2. Tennis
If you want a sport played by yourself, then tennis is a great one to get into. You could also have a partner. According to, tennis is a fast-paced sport which requires less running as compared to other traditional sports. You only need a racquet, a tennis ball, and a net to play this game. Famous female tennis players are Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.
3. Swimming
There are lots of competitions or legs that you could join when you get into swimming as a sport. It’s very versatile that you could play it with a team or by yourself. With a specific kind of stroke, you can join individual or relay races. You can join a triathlon with swimming as one of the events. You can do synchronized swimming or join diving events. You need a swim cap, goggles, swimsuit, sometimes fins, for this sport.
4. Soccer
Soccer is a famous world sport. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar may be three of the names you’ve heard and personalities you’ve been watching for. This is not to say that the sport is only for men. Mia Hamm of the USA and Marta of Brazil are some of the girls who have proven their greatness in the sport. This sport is great for those who want to build up lower body strength and work with a team. You need a soccer ball, of course, shin guards, and cleats for this sport.
5. Basketball
Another sport that is famous among men is basketball. A lot of great basketball players are tall and height somehow plays a factor in shooting a ball and getting past other tall players. On average, adult men are 13cm taller than women. But then again, even though the fanbase is concentrated on men’s basketball, women have also thrived in this team sport. Basketball is a game of coordination, endurance, and upper body strength. You need a ball, a hoop and rubber shoes for this game.
6. Softball
If you do not want to be moving constantly, then softball might be the perfect sport for you. It is less strenuous than other sports but at the same time, it still needs a hand and eye coordination. Your upper and lower body must also be strong to excel at this sport. What you need for a fun softball game is a softball, a bat, and gloves.
7. Field Hockey
The only difference between this sport and ice hockey is the court. You use a puck in an ice rink while you use a ball in a grass field with this sport. Using a hockey stick, you aim to get the ball towards the goal. And since this is a team sport, you must be well-coordinated with your team including your hand-eye coordination and communication.
8. Lacrosse
This sport, unlike the others on the list, requires more equipment. It’s a given that you need a ball then a lacrosse stick. Players also use helmets and a specialized eye protector. You need to have good endurance when running and good eye-hand coordination so that you could put the ball at the centerfield whereas the goalkeeper would not be able to catch it.
9. Golf
Looking for a relaxing sport? You may always give golf a try wherein you only need to swing the club and walk across the field. You will walk from one hole to the other but even then, most golfers make use of motorized carts to move around a golf course. You need a club set to play this game. Of course, if you are into a sport, you also need storage space for the equipment you’ll be using. You could store your athletic gear in a garage that has ample space for it. Install smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks, wall shelves, and hooks. You may shop through the FlexiMounts site for options.