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8 Steps to Do When You're Having a Backyard Wedding

Jun 13, 2022
Are you currently planning your wedding? Do you really want to get married already but don’t have the budget just yet? If you want an intimate way to celebrate your nuptials with your closest family and friends, why not consider holding your wedding in your very own backyard? It seemed unthinkable before but now, it’s such a breath of fresh air to have a small, beautifully styled wedding with the people you hold dear the most. They say that having your wedding in your own backyard will give that “familial feel” to your special, once-in-a-lifetime celebration. So you’d be able to spend much less and also have an atmosphere that is more relaxed and true to you as a couple. But even if you will hold your wedding right at home, it doesn’t mean that it won’t require as much preparation on your end. You will still have to take care of the event styling, wedding gown, outfits of the entourage, photo and video coverage, invitations, food, music, ambiance, souvenirs, etc. When it comes to weddings, even if it’s big or small, there is really a lot that you have to prepare for. So how would you prepare your home for your big day? We listed down expert tips we got from the World Wide Web to hopefully help a struggling couple out.
1. Declutter.
Once you’ve decided that you will hold your wedding in your backyard, you have to do a thorough general cleaning of your home. Everything must be cleaned from the ceiling to the floor. Get rid of the dirt and grime, the dust accumulated from years of living at your house, spider webs, etc. Make sure you get rid of items that you no longer use either by selling them (you can make extra money for your wedding!), donating, or throwing them out. You will appreciate the additional space that decluttering can most certainly give.
2. Do the necessary repairs.
Before you return anything to its right place or rearrange the furniture in a more organized fashion, spot any cracks in corners or in the walls. You have to determine whether you need to do a roofing project or if your faucet is leaky. You need to check if there are any holes that you need to close or cracks that you have to be wary of. All those household repairs that you have been putting off year by year must be addressed before the big day comes.
3. You must have printed blueprint copies of your venue which is your house.
We don’t want anything catastrophic to happen at your wedding. Anything close to ruining your wedding must be prevented as much as possible. So have a blueprint of your house on hand. You need to see at a glance where your renovations will be done, the scope of the backyard landscaping, and where structures for the wedding will be made and placed. You should know where the water and power lines are—these are very helpful for tenting which your guests will need especially on a particularly hot day.
4. Have a generator and additional restrooms.
You don’t want to have a power failure or to run out of electricity during your big day. So since you’ve decided to make your home your venue, you must be aware of the important electrical components, those that you will be needing for your wedding. You might need an additional power source that will be supplementing your primary generator. The lighting setup, the band, and the caterer will all need power so wedding experts always suggest having an additional generator for your event. Your house may also not have enough restrooms for all your guests. Since they will be with you for quite a while during the day, you’d have to provide them with enough restrooms so that the line for the toilet won’t pile up. Rent additional restrooms. The rule of thumb is that you’ll need one bathroom rental unit for every 50 guests for every hour.
5. Make sure the ground is leveled.
Since you will be holding your wedding in your backyard, you can already expect that the ground won’t be equally stable in all corners and across your designated dance floor. So prepare. Commission the help of professionals to level the ground. The tables and chairs must be set evenly. This can be a more serious problem when it rains and the water may concentrate in one area and make a pool of water for the guests staying there. Avoid this by leveling the ground beforehand.
6. Have a cohesive plan for your wedding blooms.
For us, a wedding is not complete without flowers. You might think you want to fill your garden with flowers of varying kinds and types but the trend today is to have a more tied, solid look. In other words, you’d want your blooms to be in line with your chosen color palette for the event. Discuss with your landscaper about what sparks joy in you and what would go best with the rest of your event’s decorations.
7. Make sure the pests are not around.
You don’t want your guests to be crying for help because an insect bit them during your wedding. That’s probably one of the last things you’d want to happen on your big day. Make sure your venue is pest-free before the big date. Making sure your garage is clean is one thing to keep the pests away. Organize your belongings stored in the garage with smart storage solutions from FlexiMounts so not only do they did not look like an eye sore in your wedding, but they also would also allow you to be clean as much as possible that will avoid the pests from coming.
8. Consider having insurance coverage.
It helps to be prepared for anything that could happen that night. Check first your homeowner’s insurance to know what is covered under it. If there is something you need such as liquor liability, you might want to consider having a separate insurance policy. How will liquor liability help? It will protect you from any accidents that will happen to your guests that may be related to liquor or alcohol. In short, this saves you the hassle after the wedding.