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8 Reasons to Use Your Garage as a Home Office

Jan 25, 2022
For the longest time, the garage has been merely a car storage space for your household. But you already know that the trend these days is that garages have graduated from being merely a storage space into an area that serves other roles for homeowners. One of these is having the garage as an office space. Yes, that dark and damp room can actually be your home office this year. Because COVID-19 has changed the work set-up permanently, a working adult now needs a home office of some sort. You might not have an additional room in your house and are thinking of settling in whatever set-up you have now. Well, we’ve been two years into the pandemic so it’s right about time to transform the way you work at home. The garage can be that contemporary dream office of yours. Here are reasons why you’d want to consider this radical idea for most:
1. There will be fewer distractions if you choose to work in your garage.
We all know that most garages are separate from the main house. So even before starting any major work, it’s pretty obvious that there will be fewer distractions in a space often neglected by the household. For one, you are far away from the television, the kitchen, your cozy bed, and the comfortable sofa. In short, temptations are farther and easier to resist. Plus, you’ll have that feeling of isolation from your jumping dogs, crazy cats, and playful kids. They won’t immediately run to you because you are in the garage and far away from what’s happening in the main house. When you have this private of an office, it will be much easier to finish your work tasks.
2. You will have a dedicated workspace.
When you have a home office right in the middle of home chaos, you would not get that feeling of having your own separate space. The distance is simply not enough so thus, you long for a space dedicated to work. The garage can do this for you, attached or detached. We guarantee you that you’ll feel fulfilled once you enter your “garage office” where you’ll get that sense that work time should already start. It will feel like an office but at the same time, comfortable as you would be at home.
3. You would not have to sacrifice living space.
If you use another room in the house to be your home office, then that would mean you’re taking it away from another person to who it might be of good use to. Save that extra room for a different purpose and let the garage be your dedicated home office. Consumers are often lost with needs and wants. If anything, the survey proved that many consumers have resorted to ordering furniture online. Some desire to have more functionality in the home; some simply like the product as it is. It’s our response to the desire of adding more functionality to the home. Once you’ve identified that the garage is ready for some major revamp, you have to be grateful. Now you would have extra space in your main home because you don’t have to fit in a home office anymore. You may also still be able to use your garage for other functions such as setting up a shop door while the garage door is rolled out.
4. You’ll be increasing your home value.
Close your eyes and picture this. The garage is dark and damp; would you want to stay in such a place? Now think of another scenario. Your garage can have floating tiles of heirloom pine and a plush carpet, newly-coated walls, and big windows to let in the natural light. Considering these two, which garage appeals to your more? You will be able to finally have your dream home office and additional space in your home because you don’t have to set up a computer there anymore—a true win-win situation. A basic garage renovation can already drive the sales of your house up. Whether the property is livable or not, the garage will be your highest selling point. So what more if you add that the garage can serve as an office? It will surely attract potential buyers who love space-saving tactics.
5. You will have a multi-functional area in your garage.
Once you’ve upgraded a part of your garage to be a home office, it can already serve another purpose apart from being an office. You can make it a playroom for the kids, a guest bedroom, a movie room, or a storage space—anything goes. You can install smart storage solutions such as overhead garage racks or wall shelves from FlexiMounts to maximize your garage space. Having a multifunctional garage will certainly be attractive to interested home buyers in the future. Functionality and malleability are great selling points.
6. You may experiment with the design of your home office.
There is no limit as to what your finished home office in the garage would look like. You could have motivational posters plastered on the walls or a more sleek, contemporary design for your home office. The space is more private and you don’t have to align it with any motif of the house.
7. It’s easy to achieve your home office in the garage.
All you really need is paint and a drywall to convert your garage into a home office. You can pretty much do the upgrade or conversion of your garage on your own. But if you want to hire a contractor, then feel free to do so especially if you need more advanced skills in the dream garage office that you are envisioning.
8. Having your home office in the garage will help you stay productive.
Again, it's a much more private space and is far from temptation which will help you be more productive and efficient.
Final Thoughts
Because you don’t have that much space in your home, it might get frustrating that you can’t do everything you want. But knowing that a simple renovation of the garage can lead to a lot of benefits, specifically for your home office, then the decision becomes a lot easier.