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8 Reasons to Join a Triathlon

Feb 07, 2022
You’re only thinking about it and it already sounds like a whole lot of work. You have a 9 to 5 job and children to take care of so you second guess if you could even sign up for it in the first place. Your mental, emotional, and physical health should be in its best form, and that sounds daunting in itself. Should you even consider joining a triathlon? Why not start with a marathon first and see how it goes? Or maybe you can take over the challenge of doing a duathlon? If you’re going to do a triathlon, you would have to participate in all three events: swimming, cycling and running. Do you really have the stamina for such a strenuous activity and is it worth it to even join one in this climate? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, live shows and events were canceled. People could not go to clubs to dance at a party. Concerts and music festivals became virtual. Countless seminars and webinars were held via different video messaging platforms. While we didn’t think it was possible, marathons or athletic events also took an online form.
How It Works
Since people can’t physically crowd in one location, organizers were able to devise a way by lengthening the distances offered and allowing participants to complete a run, duathlon, or triathlon in a specific period of time (say, a month). This means that the participants will individually accomplish the distances they signed up for. Using an app, they will track the distances they ran, biked, and swam. They would have to upload these records that will be checked by the organizing team and would declare them as a race finisher in case they accomplish the needed distance within the specified date range.
So why participate in a triathlon?
Yes, your body might get sore. You might feel overworked with the number of tasks you have to accomplish for your job. You might run out of energy. You might get sick from too much exercise. You might get sick or encounter an accident. Excuse these excuses because we’d like you to stay and pursue your triathlon dream. It’s difficult but as they say in sports and in other aspects of life, “No pain, no gain.” Sit down and read below why you should participate in a triathlon.
1. One reason is to simply be able to brag about it.
You would have bragging rights all your life that you joined a duathlon or a triathlon once upon a time. If it has been in your bucket list ever since then finishing a race this year finally tick that off your list. Trust us and you will enjoy telling yourself that “I finished a triathlon despite my busy schedule.”
2. Triathletes are people who seek for adventures and meet new people.
You probably haven’t met new people lately. We’re not sure if that is a habit or primarily because COVID-19 hit. When you become involved in tri clubs, you would be surrounded by people who love seeing an unfamiliar face. You would meet like-minded people and know more about the community of triathletes. Learn some tips and tricks of the trade, especially from those who have been joining triathlons for quite a while. Plus you will always have a group of friends who will be game for a run, a swim, or a biking session when you ask.
3. You will step out of your comfort zone.
When you step out of your comfort zone, you will grow as a person. You will be able to push the limits you thought you have and discover a lot about yourself. You will be comfortable being uncomfortable—and probably even get addicted to it.
4. You will love the variety of training.
Some people get bored easily when they do one thing again and again. When you train for a triathlon, you won’t just run or swim or bike. You will do all three. When you get bored of one activity, you could jump to another so that you get reenergized and pick up from where you left.
5. You will push your boundaries.
Similar to stepping out of your comfort zone, you will see how far your could push yourself. You would identify what your limits are, and from time to time, try to go beyond these limits. You would also know when your body tells you to stop and start resting for a reset mode.
6. You will surprise yourself.
You might have an idea of how far you can go and have always been limiting yourself to this certain marker. When you join a triathlon, you will surely be surprised with how your body can surpass the limits you told yourself. You will be delighted to discover that you are much stronger and more capable than what you thought.
7. You will be rewarded with a satisfying finish.
Trust us, all the pain and sacrifice will be worth it once you are about to reach the finish line. You may get flashbacks of everything you had to go through to get to the point where you are now. Just keep on running and the finish marker will be on sight. You will only know how rewarding it will feel once you reach the finish line.
8. You may serve as a role model.
If you want to influence others to get into sports, then there’s no better way than to show them. You may teach your children or people your age that you could finish a triathlon, that you could push past your physical boundaries and achieve what your heart set out to do. Best of luck in your journey to becoming a triathlete! You should have the best support system to get you going and help you finish your goal. The most important thing is that you trust yourself and have confidence in your abilities to finish the race.
Extra tip:
Make sure to take care of your gear and equipment for swimming and biking. In terms of storage, install smart storage solutions such as wall shelves and overhead storage racks in your garage so that it’s organized and your sports gear is easy to locate. You could also install bike racks to prolong the life of your bike.