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7 Things to do in 7 Days to Change Your Life

Feb 04, 2022
While seven days is not enough to change your life, you can definitely start good habits in the hopes that they kill the bad ones. There are so many things that can happen on any day. Yes, one single event won’t change your life overnight. But it can definitely turn it around or steer it to a different direction, maybe a path you’ve always wanted it to be on. There is always going to be that day you will receive a yes from a job you have been applying for. Or that day you first meet the love of your life and who you’re going to spend your old days with. One day, a video of yours will go viral. One day, you would make amends with your sister. Our point being, something happens in your life every day that has the power to start new beginnings for you. What you do in a week can plant the seeds of the life you’ve always dreamed about. We list down some activities you could do in seven days to turn your life around for the better.
1. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
Do you hate public speaking? Why not join a group that will push you to speak your mind? Have you been single since birth? Why not go on a date and see how it goes for you? Have you not been on an airplane ride before? Go on and book a trip to somewhere near. Step out of your comfort zone and that’s where you’ll see real growth. As Will Smith says, “Bliss is on the other side of fear.
2. Declutter your room.
You might think you work best when it’s messy all around. But over time, you’ll realize it just adds stress to your mind and it gets harder to look for what you need especially when you need it. Stop putting it off and Marie Kondo your way to happiness. Get rid of things you own that don’t spark joy in you anymore. Sell, donate, repurpose or throw them away. You’ll be surprised with how a clean room would feel and help you get your tasks done every day.
3. Talk to a long lost friend.
If you’ve been feeling a need for connection, why not reach out to a friend you haven’t talked with for the longest time? Ask them how they’ve been doing and let them know that you are just only one call away if they need a friend to talk to. It may not win back the friendship you used to have but it could be off to a good start of rekindling the relationship that you lost.
4. Brush up your portfolio.
Take this time to collect everything you’ve done in your career and activities you do outside of it that will help you land a dream job. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come before you do something. You don’t know when someone is going to knock on your door so it’s best to always be prepared. Prepare your resume and your portfolio so that you could just pull it out and tweak it when the right opportunity arises.
5. Make a small investment today.
You don’t need to have big bucks to start investing. You can start really small and 20 years from now, that money would have grown into a considerable sum just because of compounding interest. You may open a unit investment trust fund account or get a third-party life insurance so that they could manage their money for you and decide where to put your eggs so that you’ll get the best out of it in the future.
6. Read a book.
Want to enrich your mind in a week? Drop all your electronics, sit down, and read a book. A powerful read can make you change your mindset about simple things and could help you make life-changing decisions. It can offer you a different perspective and change your behavior in different aspects of your life. It could be about your current relationship, your attitude towards work, how you deal with stress and anxiety, how you exercise your creativity, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of a good book. Take what resonates with you, bookmark the pages you love, and even journal about it.
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