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7 Sustainable Wood Types for Your Woodworks

Aug 23, 2022
Code Red has already been activated for years. Mother Nature is crying out for aid, but we can't ignore her forever because she has limited resources and can't feed us indefinitely. Animals are being extinct, areas are becoming barren, the climate is warming, and the waters are becoming more polluted than ever. Humans have obviously mistreated their accommodations and completely used up the owner's generosity. Numerous industries promise to treat the planet better in light of the depletion of its resources. The economy is steadily shifting gears and putting nature before profit, from creating eco-friendly fabric to producing green cars, eliminating toxic chemicals to creating sustainable furniture. Consider the updates to the space's pleasant interior design. Innovative thinkers are upending the status quo and elevating thoughtful design to the fore. The objective is to provide durable furniture that doesn't harm the environment while still offering the discerning consumer comfort, functionality, and elegance. But what does "sustainable furniture" actually pertain to? The goal is always in mind when designing sustainable furniture. In essence, it considers ways to reuse and recycle a piece of furniture, for example, to its fullest extent before being thrown away. Furniture that is environmentally friendly is also created with that in mind. Sustainable materials are sourced to create furniture that doesn't harm the environment. In this post, we highlight a few sustainable wood kinds that manufacturers have been using to create items that are eco-friendly. We’d like to encourage woodworkers to work with these types of wood and help the world become more sustainable, even with just one piece of furniture that has been sourced and made in environmentally-friendly means. Generally, making your own furniture rather than buying in big stores also helps.
Pine grows as quickly as oak or mahogany, which makes it commonly available. In the US, there are about 60 species. It quickly regenerates and sequesters carbon. White pine with a tight grain is utilized for building materials and furniture. Due to the fact that its waste is frequently recycled into byproducts or biomass pellets, it is claimed to have a minimal carbon impact.
Black Ash
Eastern and central United States as well as southeastern Canada's FSC-certified forests are used to harvest white ash or fraxinus americana. This wood is frequently used for sporting goods like baseball bats and hockey sticks. It has a grain pattern that is distinct and as strong as oak. Additionally, it can be used to create boat hulls, canoe paddles, railroad ties, and tool handles.
Bamboo, a robust, resilient, and adaptable species of wood, is an environmentally beneficial wood. It is simple to clean and maintain. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than other types of wood, which is fantastic. You can harvest bamboo in one to five years, which is a relatively short period of time. As a new shoot develops from an existing root, it does not necessitate the creation of additional land to plant more. It can flourish practically everywhere. It is antimicrobial, which increases its durability.
Maple, a hardwood with a tight texture, lacks the nuances of oak or ash. Because maple wood is so strong, no ding can penetrate it. Since it is non-porous, black stains cannot penetrate it. Be aware that it becomes yellower with age. Before purchasing anything made of maple, check for the FSC certification. It is widely grown in North America. It's interesting to note that maple, which is regarded as "tonewood," may carry sound waves and resonate favorably with the generated sound waves.
Because of its rich, reddish hue and exquisite texture, mahogany is a well-liked choice of wood. It is tough and resilient, and it won't scratch or dent. Additionally, because it is waterproof, it is the ideal material for outdoor furniture. In addition to being relatively pricey, most mahogany is not produced or supplied sustainably. Choose Jatoba and Aridoba from government-certified farms and forestry sources.
Oak is a sturdy, resilient, and water-resistant wood by nature. Because of the coarse texture and big, open pores, the grain pattern is unusual. Additionally, it readily absorbs stains. Oak is frequently used to make furniture, cabinets, and flooring.
Cherry Black
Searching for wood with more character? A great option is black cherry. Although the black cherry's natural color is pink or reddish, it will quickly turn darker in direct sunshine due to its sensitivity to light. Compared to ash and oak, this kind of wood is softer. It has a straight grain and a delicate swirling texture. It mostly grows in North America. It is frequently referred to as "the poor man's mahogany." It is frequently employed to create musical instruments and other wooden home goods. As someone who works with wood a lot in the garage, you’d find it interesting to work with different wood types. It will give your pieces variety, personality, and purpose. You’d be able to pour more of your creativity into the wood and produce furniture pieces that are unlike any other. It’s not easy to play around with wood, sharpening, and hammering tools. You still need to make sure that you have a great functional work table in the garage and that there is space for you to move around safely, conveniently, and quickly. Here is a piece that can help you make wood dreams happen:
Manual Height Adjustable Work Bench WB102
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