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7 Places to Go this Father’s Day

Jun 09, 2022
Hey you! You are already living your dream in New York. You came from a humble small town in Texas and now you’re working at a top law firm in the Big Apple. Who knows you’d reach this used-to-be far-fetched dream of yours? No one really believed you’ll be able to make something out of yourself when your Mom died back when you were still seven years old. Your dad raised you singlehandedly while working as a potato farmer. You did not have much growing up but you were able to finish your studies as a scholar and library assistant at your university. Still, you wouldn’t have reached this feat without the hard work of your dad. Yet you haven’t visited him in two years because you were always just too busy. Take this coming Father’s Day, June 19, as the day you finally visit Dad again. Even if your schedule is full, drop everything and take just a day out to make your dad feel special. He misses his little baby for sure. You can send him all the money and gifts but your presence is what he really wants and longs for. You only have one Dad in this world and he has been an exceptional parent figure in your life. You at least owe him a visit. This is why Father’s Day was first celebrated back in 1910. They wanted a day to celebrate the male parent as well after Mother’s Day is always being dedicated to moms every year. It might just be a calendar event for you but it will mean the world for your dad to see you again. We listed down places you can go with your Dad this Father’s Day.
1. Home Sweet Home
Since we’ve established you haven’t been home for quite a while, going home is the first thing that should be on your list. Even if you stay at home for the whole day, your dad will already appreciate that you came to visit. He probably knows how busy you are so to be blessed with a visit from you would already take him to Cloud Nine. You can do the usual things you used to do together. Maybe your dad loves to cook so you can prepare lunch or dinner together. Maybe you bonded over woodwork so you can head to the garage and do a nice little project. Maybe you can go around the farm beside the house and reminisce childhood memories.
2. Your Current Residence
Why not bring your dad on a trip to where you currently live? He must want to see the city that has become your current world. Tour him around and show him what your typical day looks like. Do tourist activities together and take him to the famous museums and restaurants. As a resident, bring him also to the less-known spots. Give a glimpse of your current life and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts that made your dream a reality.
3. Amusement Park
It must have been a long time already since you and your dad went to an amusement park together. Everyone haves fun there so why wouldn’t they both of you as well? You can ride on the craziest rides and even the laidback ones. Make sure you buy ice cream and lots of candies. Fill your dad’s pocket with little souvenirs to not forget the day. Take photos so that both of you will remember how fun it was to be kids again.
4. Up the Mountains
It’s always so refreshing to be around nature! Why not invite your dad to a hike and go up the mountains where you’ll both breathe in the fresh air, view the beautiful sunrise (or sunset), and enjoy the hike up. This is the perfect opportunity to be present and one with nature. You can enjoy a light and deep conversations while going up and just enjoying the here and now with your dad who’s still fit enough to go with you on a hike.
5. Beach
We all love the beach! And Dad must love the waves too. Take him snorkeling or diving where he can enjoy life underwater. Bring a surfboard and rent one for a fun surfing session. Why not go diving with sharks for a new thrilling experience? Why not try foil or kite surfing? If he’s not up for adventures, you can enjoy sunbathing by the shore and sipping a glass of pina colada.
6. Adventure Park
If your dad is quite the thrill seeker, he would surely enjoy some ziplining, rappelling, or bungee jumping. He’ll enjoy screaming during the big swing and doing a superman pose while on the zipline. He can conquer his fear of heights when he goes up or down a rock wall or when he’s about to jump off a very high point. You can also of course challenge yourself too if you can conquer your fears and have a day of fun and thrill in the adventure park.
7. Down Memory Lane
Why not plan a whole day of reminiscing with your dad? Take him to the spots you all used to go back to when you were still a kid. Maybe the coffee shop downtown is still open and you can order your dad’s favorite cappuccino and your favorite latte? Maybe you can go to the old museum where your dad showed you all the different bone structures of dinosaurs? Maybe you can go to the old theater house where you used to watch films. You can to your Dad’s old school and the church where he and your mom got married. Even if your dad might look tough on the outside, we know he’ll be crying internally at the end of this very special day. Recommended Gift: We thought you’d want to give something practical for Dad so why not give him a gift for his garage? Install smart storage solutions such as overhead garage racks or wall shelves so that he can organize his belongings and maximize the storage capacity of his garage while being able to use all the free floor space for other functions. Check out FlexiMounts for their storage offers.