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7 Garage Sale Items that are Easiest to Sell

Aug 12, 2022
Have you finished decluttering but do not know how to dispose of your items that are still in good condition? Undoubtedly, your stuff will make its way into the hands of those in need. One noble form is to donate to charities. All you have to do is find a charitable institution that would accept donations for that particular kind of item. Another way is by hosting a garage sale. It is an excellent avenue to earn extra cash for your old stuff. This coming August 13, we celebrate the National Garage Sale Day. The holiday is commemorated every second Saturday of August. It was institutionalized in 2021 by C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama after seeing his neighbors conduct garage sales on different weekends. So, he thought it would be convenient to have it on the same weekend instead. In this article, we will help you decide what kind of items are selling like hotcakes. You can find all kinds of stuff in a garage sale, but it would not necessarily mean a sale. So, if you aim to earn as much as possible, do not forget to include the following items.
Fast fashion is out. More and more people buy their clothes at yard sales or second-hand stores. After all, savvy shoppers would know that they do not have to pay much money to look good. And yard sales are often the key places to score luxury items that are sold for a much cheaper price. You can also find unique pieces that are still of good quality. Hang the clothes up on a rack so that it would be easier for people to see the items on sale. Keeping them folded on a table or in a box would most likely deter them from checking the clothes. The kids' clothing can be an exception, but it would be better to have them sorted into sizes.
Shoes and handbags
Aside from the clothes, buyers are also on the lookout for shoes and handbags, especially if they carry a famous brand name. Others are also willing to purchase kids' shoes at garage sales for practical reasons because they will grow out of the sizes eventually. It is necessary to keep the shoes and handbags you are selling clean and odor-free. Nobody wants to use one that looks like the items are totally worn off. It would also be better if you still have their original boxes. You might have the chance of selling them for a relatively higher amount. Showcase the designer shoes and bags in front and center, and banner them in your garage sale ads and tarps. Some people would just visit a garage sale for designer items, so it is a good marketing strategy to highlight them.
Whether you admit it or not, you have a surplus of tools in your garage. For the reason being that you tend to purchase a new one in instances that you could not find the tool when you need it. That is especially true in most garages that are left unorganized. So, a good way to dispose of them is to sell them at a garage sale. Many would be interested in buying them because they are a need for every garage owner. Prepare to have a powerstrip nearby so that buyers can test them. Or if the tools are battery-operated, make sure to charge them.
Garden tools
Just like the garage tools, garden tools are also items that sell. Especially now that the summer season is perfect for trimming the lawn, or continuing tilling, planting, and digging that started last season. If the garden tools are not working, you have to be honest about it and price them at a much lower price because if the buyers are willing to pay for it, they would have to spend cash for the repairs. Other tools like shovel blade or rake may still be fine, but their wooden handles may be rotting or showing signs of usage at best, you may purchase new handles so you can sell them at a higher price.
Exercise equipment
Let's be honest, at every start of the year, we would always include getting fit and healthy as our number one New Year's resolution. And since holiday sales are around during that time, we take advantage by buying exercise equipment. If you have used it, good for you. But the reality is, most of us haven't and they are just accumulating dust in the corner. If you are sure that you will not cross off that resolution this year, might as well put them up for sale. Not only do you make space and earn money, the fitness equipment will be put into good use by someone who is determined to check that resolution in their list.
Books are one of the items that are easiest to sell. After all, reading is a hobby that transcends age and gender. Readers would love to purchase hoards of books that are waiting to be read. Aren't we all the same? So, if you have already finished the book, give it a new home by selling it. And it would sell faster if you bundle books at a cheap price. Or, you can sell them individually for $1-$3 dollars each, and see that in no time, they will be sold out.
Kids and young-at-heart own just too many toys that end up as clutter. Or maybe collectible toys that you are no longer fond of. Or maybe game nights are already a thing of the past that board games like Monopoly or Life are collecting dust in the cabinet. Whatever you decide to sell, make sure that the pieces are still complete and look presentable and playable.
In Summary
While the list of items is the most common in-demand at garage sales, your selling price and the condition will make or break your sale. Yes, garage sales are known to sell secondhand items, but the possible new owners are not willing to shell out money if they think the price is not worth it. So, if you want to sell out your items fast, make them presentable and affordable.