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5 Most Loved City Parks in America That Are Worth A Visit

Jul 01, 2022
It’s a summer weekend again! And if you are on a hunt for what activity you might enjoy with your friends and family, or even a solitary engagement with yourself, you could go for a city parks-hopping. Soak up in the sun, navigate through the trails, feast on the lush, spread out mats for picnics, and just relax and enjoy every minute of it. The premium wide spaces that city parks offer are a literal breath of fresh air from the daily grind and ongoing economic and health crisis. They offer a great equalizer to get your life together every once in a while. The National Hop-A-Park Day gives you the extra go signal to spend the first Saturday of July among the greens and fresh views, and away from technology, social media, and canned contents. So, if you are looking for city parks to explore, here are some favorites.
Piedmont Park
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this sprawling city park boasts a 180-acre wide open space that is perfect for picnics and outdoor activities. There is an amazing view of the city from Lake Clara Meer. Within its bounds, you will be mesmerized with the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and enjoy the greenmarket, dog park, and community garden. The location is pretty good as well because it is only a hop away from the heart of Midtown, and nearby BeltLine and Freedom Park. You can also visit one of Atlanta’s coolest neighborhoods that offer healing gem finds, nightlife, good eats and vintage shopping.
Forest Park
Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the 143-year-old Forest Park has countless recreation options, and an outstanding variety of natural and manmade environments to explore. What is even better is that almost all of the attractions are free of charge. Make no assumptions that the vast space makes you feel overwhelmed as it is actually the other way around. Forest Park embraces you as you cycle six miles around the perimeter, or paddle boats toward the Grand Basin. Or if you are feeling a little cultured and artsy, visit the galleries at the Saint Louis Art Museum, then relax and lay on the grass with your wine bottle and pikapika on the expansive lawn of Art Hill.
Rock Creek Park
Located in Washington, DC is a 2,000-acre urban oasis managed by the National Park Service. People love it here for its jogger- and bike-friendly trails, burgeoning tree canopies, off-the-beaten hikes that include a path leading to a graveyard of decades-old stones torn off the U.S. Capitol. And this might take the cake as your most favorite city park as it is the home of the three adorable pandas, namely, Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei. You can visit them for free at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.
The Gathering Place
Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this $465 million park that was unveiled in 2018 is the park of dreams. It is majorly funded by local philanthropist billionaire George Kaiser and his family foundation. The park’s mission is to be “A Park for All”–one that roots its ideals on equality and diversity. It looks like a theme park–which is completely free–in the middle of the city. There are luxurious seating in a ski-cabin-esque lodge with the view of the 100-acre park on the banks of the Arkansas River and a state-of-the-art giant blue heron slide. One can also enjoy crawling through paddlefish or life-size blades of grass, paddling a canoe through the pond, or enjoying a meal in the Picnic Grove.
Balboa Park
Located in San Diego, California, one could not miss the 1,200-acre Balboa Park. There are tons to visit and do in this city park. You will never run out of activities as there are 19 gardens, which includes a Japanese garden and a spectacular cactus garde, 14 restaurants, 17 museums, an off-Broadway theater, the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ, an off-leash dog park, Spanish-style architectural landmarks, golf course, and 65-mile hiking trails through multiple canyons. And did we say anything about the magical sunset over downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean?
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