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5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day While Staying at Home

Mar 08, 2022
On March 8th each year, we celebrate women–all their great contributions and achievements socially, economically, politically, and many more. The commemoration did not come easily. It took 15,000 strong and brave women in 1908, who marched through the streets of New York City, to assert their voting rights and equal pay for women. Two years later, more than 100 women from 17 countries conferred to discuss their rights and proposed an international holiday to celebrate women and demand for equality. Hence, the birth of International Women’s Day. In 1911, the first official International Women’s Day was celebrated in four countries, namely, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Austria. Sixty-four years later, 134 countries that are part of the United Nations adopted the holiday. Years, even decades of fighting for equal rights have haunted women all over the world. While it is relatively better nowadays, the fight is still very much alive until equality is achieved in all aspects. And to commemorate this holiday, you can start small by celebrating this day meaningfully through the following ways.
Support Women-Owned Businesses
One of the best things to show appreciation and support to women is by empowering them in their business endeavors through patronizing. A quick search will tell you which small to medium enterprises in your community are owned by women. And there aren’t many, to be honest. Opportunities are still hard to come by and financial support is still hard to get these days, especially during the global health crisis. By purchasing their products and services, you are giving hope and financial independence to women and their staff. This also could lead to many more empowered women. And this is also a meaningful way to support the economy during these hard times. For this one, this should lead to be an all-year-round activity and not just on International Women’s Day.
Donate to a Women’s Organization
Another way to make an impact is through giving help to charities and organizations that support women and their causes. Monetary donations are very much welcome as operations and activities to forward their causes need money. Other ways to support it are also by donating materially. Many of you have done spring cleaning by now and are ready to dispose of old stuff but still usable ones. Take a mental note that these things should still be in pristine conditions, otherwise, the recipient organizations will most likely refuse them, if not throw them away. Remember that by giving, you are supposed to empower them and not to be a pity party and just another venue to discard your old stuff.
Conduct Online Mentorship
You’ve got a special skill that you want to share among women? Go ahead and arrange that virtual classroom. These could be small business skills that they can turn into money-making biz such as candle making, soap making, and other crafts. Other helpful skills that can give them work or additional sources of money are virtual assistance, social media managing, among others. Or the skills do not need to be a money-making source, it could be something that they can form a hobby of such as painting, scrapbooking, sewing, and others to keep off their minds from the daily stresses brought about by work environment and home responsibilities.
Teach Kids About Gender Equality
Start them young. As kids tend to absorb things faster, it is the parents’ job to raise their children to be open-minded. Promote gender equality and gender balance through your choice of toys, shows, books, and activities. Raise them to think, question, and persevere. Increase their visibility and call out gender inequality in the entertainment that you consume, and even in everyday circumstances. And also, it helps if you yourself will let your children explore and push their imagination, curiosity, and critical thinking by allowing them to explore all kinds of activities that are usually gender-biased. Also awaken their senses by introducing women who have broken barriers in sports, technology and innovation, arts and culture, politics, and many more.
Give a Practical Gift
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