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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Garages (and the Answers You've Been Waiting For)

Aug 07, 2023

Garages, those mysterious portals to a land of tools, tangled holiday lights, and that one box you swore you'd unpack when you moved in—yet somehow, you've conveniently forgotten. While we use them as hideouts from household chores and weather, garages have been harboring some quite mysterious secrets. Let's dive into the top 5 frequently asked questions about these treasure troves of forgotten belongings:

1. Why do garages have a door in the middle?

Ah, the age-old riddle of the middle garage door—rumor has it, that's where the garage gnomes live, emerging only to rearrange your tools and hide your other sock. But seriously, folks, it turns out the middle door has history deeper than your stack of dusty magazines.

Imagine a time when cars didn't exist—no rush hour, no road rage—just majestic horses and their fancy carriages. The middle door was like a VIP entrance for these equine companions, allowing them to strut their stuff without disturbing the grand entrance. Plus, back when cars were barely larger than a suitcase, that middle gap doubled as the perfect hideaway for your lawnmower and other garage orphans.

2. Why do garages smell… Well, like garages?

Oh, the sweet aroma of garage...aromas? We've all experienced the unique fragrance that wafts from garages. It's like your nostrils take a thrilling roller coaster ride through "Eau de Motor Oil" and "Pet Hair Haven."

But the cause is not yet lost! There's a solution. Open those doors and windows wide, like you're auditioning for a leading role in "Wind: The Musical." If your garage needs an extra kick of freshness, toss in a fan. Just imagine a garage disco, complete with lights, dancing dust bunnies, and a faint scent of lavender.

3. Why do garages always seem to be full of junk?

The eternal mystery of the garage abyss—where old furniture, mismatched socks, and that mysterious half-empty can of paint go to retire. It's like Narnia, but with more clutter and fewer talking lions.

But let's get real: garages are like the Bermuda Triangle of clutter, a black hole for odds and ends that dare not venture into the living room. How to declutter? Easy. Marie Kondo your way through—does that old bicycle spark joy? No? Off it goes! And remember, you can always rent your garage to aspiring artists looking for a post-modern masterpiece.

Here's the ultimate organization hack: overhead garage storage racks. Introducing the ultimate magician of space-saving wonders, the Fleximounts GR48F Basic 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack. This bad boy is tougher than your age-old barn door—crafted from 14 gauge steel so hearty it could wrestle a bear and come out unscathed. Load it up with up to 600 lbs of your prized possessions (that's right, even your collection of vintage rubber duckies).

Now, let's talk screws. These aren't your run-of-the-mill screws; they're thicker and tested more rigorously than your patience during rush hour traffic.

This rack is the contortionist of storage solutions. It's height adjustable, going from skyscraper to limbo champ—22 inches to 40 inches dropdown, to be precise. And it generously offers you a whopping 105 cubic feet of storage. That's like fitting your entire childhood treehouse into your garage. Forget those puny racks with their measly 33 inches of ceiling drop and 88 cubic feet of storage. We're playing in the big leagues now.

And look at the majestic dimensions of the GR48F: 96 inches of length, 48 inches of width, and a height range that goes from "I can touch the sky!" to "Hey, grab that thing for me!"

Installation, you ask? It's as easy—whether you're into parallel or perpendicular action, just make sure those vertical posts are 48 inches apart. And if you're wondering how to navigate that stylish drywall ceiling, we've got your back with a stud finder.

This rack is a true chameleon—equipped with corner triangles and frame reinforcement bars, it's like the team-up of the century. You'll witness the magic of vertical post embedding and multiple mounting points that'll make your garage feel like Fort Knox for your forgotten treasures

Now, brace yourselves for a burst of creativity: you can even customize the color of the wooden decks. It's like giving your garage a fashionable makeover, only without the endless drama of reality TV. And hey, if you're feeling eco-friendly, throw in those old wooden boards from your garage or lawn, just make sure they're at least ⅜" thick and 4'x8'. Or, you can go full modern with Fleximounts wire grids—your call, boss.

Installation? We've included instructions and a template that are so user-friendly, even a confused teen could figure it out. You don't need a toolbox the size of Texas or a PhD in construction to tackle this project.

4. Why do garage doors always break down?

These garage doors? They're the unsung heroes of suburban living. They work tirelessly, opening and closing like the rhythmic beats of a garage door drum solo. But sometimes, even rock stars need a break.

Imagine doing hundreds of squats a day, exposed to rain, shine, and curious squirrels—sounds like a job for a super saiyan, right? Garage doors are no different. Proper maintenance is the secret ingredient here, so don't skimp on that door yoga. And don't let extreme weather throw your door into a tantrum; even garage doors deserve a snow day!

5. Why do garage door openers always make that annoying noise?

The dulcet tones of the garage door opener is the perfect music for waking the neighborhood, or auditioning for a heavy metal band. We get it, it's not the sweet serenade you had in mind.

Lucky for you, there's a symphony of solutions. Treat your opener to a spa day—some hinge lubrication and part checks—because nothing says "I appreciate you" like a well-oiled mechanism. But if you're really craving peace and quiet, consider trading in that roaring opener for a more discreet model. Think of it as an upgrade from garage door headbanging to elegant ballet.

So there you have it! The garage, a realm of mystery, where horse-drawn carriages and sock-stealing gnomes once roamed. Now, newly minted with the sought-after answers, you'll navigate your garage with the swagger of a garage-door whisperer. Remember, the middle door is your nod to history, and that smell? Well, it's just your garage's way of saying, "Welcome home!"