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5 Egg-citing Easter Activities That Aren’t Egg Hunting

Apr 12, 2022
Year after year, egg hunting has been a staple activity in every Easter celebration. While we are still keen to continue the tradition this 2022, it would not hurt to spice things a bit. Kids and adults alike will get to enjoy the Easter festivities, which may start at brunch till the early hours of the evening. This day is the perfect time to catch up if the group was not able to meet last New Year's holiday.
Truth or Dare the Easter Way
For the adults, you might want to save this activity towards the end or around dinner so you can play with a little booze on the side. But you can have your guests fill out a paper in the morning once they have settled at your place. In the slip of paper, they can write a “truth” question and a dare that is difficult to do so the person might be pushed to just answer the truth question instead. Then, they can place the papers into the toy plastic egg that is available in toy stores. This game is a sure-fire way to catch things up with everyone with a little sprinkle of spice.
Easter Egg Tap Game
This one requires a bit of physical strength. After your brunch, a good way to insert some physical activity is by playing the Easter egg tap game. Hand over a hard-boiled egg to each participant, while they form around in a circle. All they have to do is to try cracking the egg of the person beside them while protecting their own. The last person whose egg did not crack gets to bring home a prize. Kids can also enjoy this kind of game. But instead of a large chicken egg, you can give them a small-sized chicken egg or quail egg.
Easter Egg Bowling
Kids would love this game. All you need to prepare are one white hard-boiled egg that will serve as the pin and several dyed eggs that are both hard-boiled and raw. Place the white egg at the center of the bowling alley. Have the kids pick their own ball and bowl one after the other. Those who will pick raw eggs that will crack will perform a penalty, while the first one who will get to have the pin tumbled down gets a reward.
Easter Egg Toss
Have your guests–kids and adults alike–pair up. Then, each pair will face each other at a starting line. One person will toss the raw egg to the other without breaking it. If successful, each person will take a large step backward. If they succeed until reaching the end mark with an unbroken egg, they get to claim a prize. On the other hand, if they happen to break the egg, they will be out of the game. To add flair to the activity, have a bowl of punishments ready for them to do. This will pump up their will to play greatly to avoid the punishment.
Easter Egg Charades
This game can be played during downtime when the food is being prepared. And this is a type of activity where everyone in the room can play. Split the group into two. Then each group gets to play around. One person will act out the word or phrase in the easter egg prompts. Make the words or phrases related to the Easter occasion. The fastest group to reach a certain number of points gets to be declared as the winner.
But first, clean up.
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