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4 Top Romantic Places to Cycle this Valentine’s Weekend

Feb 09, 2022
Are you planning to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day? The go-to gifts are chocolates and flowers. However, they are already saturated as gifts–and not to mention overpriced during Valentine's week. While anyone who receives these lovely presents will surely appreciate them, giving a surprise that sticks to your memory for a long time beats any other gift. A romantic getaway is all you need! The giver is also at the receiving end of this present as traveling together is a shared experience made especially sweeter. After being cooped up at home for two years now, cycling to romantic places is a welcome and a much-needed breather from all the chaos at work and at home. You still do not know where to head this Valentine’s? Continue reading as we list down some of the most spectacular landscapes that romantics at heart will truly enjoy.
New York
Heading to the big city does not sound romantic at first as there are crowds upon crowds at every turn. But, New York is New York! The concrete jungle offers a different kind of warmth. As you cycle past skyscrapers upon skyscrapers and Manhattan neighborhoods, the modern city is surprisingly romantic after all. You can also hop off your bike for an hour or so and enjoy strolling through Central Park. There are also numerous museums, shopping malls and restaurants that you can visit. Snap photos at One World Observatory, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty.
If strolling on the beach and partying on a cruise is your idea of a romantic getaway, then Miami is the right place for you. You can cycle in the morning, have lunch by the seashore, frolic on the sand in the afternoon till sunset, and enjoy the Miami lights at night while sipping an aged, fine wine.
New Orleans
Nothing spells romance all over other than enjoying the smooth and soothing sound of a saxophone. When you say Jazz music, New Orleans comes to mind. Indulge in food at some of the best restaurants in the country while being serenaded by a Jazz band. People of New Orleans just know how to celebrate love with music and food. If your legs can no longer hold miles of pedaling, you can enjoy a hop-on hop-off bus tour.
San Francisco
Dreaming of the rolling hills of Napa and Sonoma, home of some of the finest wines in the world? Join wine tours and tastings. San Francisco also offers picturesque views of the Alcatraz and Pacific Ocean. Cycle your way to the scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the USS Pampanito Submarine, and other city attractions. You can also look up on the internet some of the locations of your favorite movies like X-Men 3, The Princess Diaries, Dr. Doolittle, Hulk, and more. Stop for a while and enjoy some of the best modern and contemporary artworks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Artists’ works exhibited include Frida Kahlo, Alexander Calder, Julie Mehretu, and the like. Or you can visit the natural history museum and aquarium complex of the California Academy of Sciences when you reach the Golden Gate Park. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon with your loved one at the top of the building while soaking up on the breathtaking view of San Francisco. And if you are in for a hiking activity, go to the Muir Woods National park just outside San Francisco. The densely forested 550-acre park is home to coastal redwoods that have an average age of 600-800 years.
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