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4 Home Activities You Can do On Mother's Day

May 02, 2022
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’d want to treat our moms in the most special way we can on May 8 of this year. Well, naysayers say that the holiday is just a capitalist ploy but we beg to differ. Even though we must show our moms the love they deserve every day of the year, we can get lost in the busyness of our day-to-day lives, our moms included. Plus, if we do something extraordinary every day, it takes out the special aspect and just becomes ordinary. Moms feel a million times more special when they are shown more love on a special dedicated to them every year. It’s a day they look forward to and a day that their children and husbands value as well. We can’t stress enough how thankful we are for our moms. They carried us for nine months in their wombs, going through the many highs and lows of pregnancy. And there’s no more break that comes after! Their lives immediately change 360 degrees once we enter Earth and need their bosoms for nutrition. In the first 24 to 72 hours, we already look for our moms to breastfeed and survive as babies. We cry endlessly in the coming days, leaving them no room to sleep and rest. As toddlers, we always want to play and drag our moms everywhere we want to go. It’s particularly difficult to feed us as we identify our solids and liquids. We become curious about everything that our moms make sure we’re always safe. When we first enter school, it’s hard for them to let go of us and vice versa. When we enter primary to middle school, we go through a lot of problems ourselves, dealing with different kinds of people in the quote, unquote big world. In college, we discover ourselves and our identities. After college, we struggle to look for work and go through the many difficulties of being an adult. Our moms are always just there beside us, watching over us, present and available to caress us when we need it, to cheer for our accomplishments, and to guide us whenever we’re feeling lost. I love my mom more than any person in the world, and I’m forever thankful to have been raised by a strong, loving, and caring woman like her. Moms often do not know the impact they have on society. Still considered as caretakers of the family, our moms were our first teachers. Our characters, although molded by other external factors, were built on how our moms raised us to be. When humans grow in a loving and supportive household, we create a community that is loving and supportive as well. We should never forget to pay it forward and make our moms feel the most special every year. Have you thought of how you’ll be spending Mother’s Day this year? If your mom can’t go out of the house for some reason, there are many ways to celebrate this special day even if you are at home. It always doesn’t have to be grand with any mother; a simple gesture of love always does the trick. Whether it be words of affirmation, quality time, material gifts, physical touch, an act of service, or all of the love languages combined, moms are not hard to please when it comes from people they love and care about. So if you have a busy schedule this Mother’s Day, just please make it a point to leave your Mother’s Day vacant and make your mom the most special. We listed down some activity suggestions on Mother’s Day.
1. Bake cookies.
Most moms love anything they can do in the kitchen. They would surely love it if the kids they used to cook for are the ones cooking for them or with them. Maybe you have a generations-old family recipe that you can follow or simply pull out a recipe from the Internet. Prepare the ingredients and make a day out of it with your mom. You probably haven’t seen each other for a while so use the time to catch up. For more fun, prepare frosties, whipped cream, and other cookie decorations you can find. Fake a competition to make sure your mom wins in the end.
2. Have a pottery session in the garage.
Why not try something that your mom has always wanted to do? Again, you may follow an online tutorial or you may have someone come over to teach you pottery. All the materials you can rent and the ingredients for the pots you should buy beforehand. Be patient with your mom and have fun getting your hands dirty. You can make your final output as your special gift for your mom. There should be ample space in the garage so make sure everything is nice and organized come to Mother’s Day. Install smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves to make sure there is enough floor space for your pottery session.
3. Make a crochet top or accessory.
Maybe it’s already your mom’s hobby or something you’ve always wanted to do together. Don’t hesitate to start the hobby on Mother’s Day. Make sure you have all the materials needed so it won’t be a hassle for anyone come May 8. You should also search for a pattern your mom can choose from as to which she wants to crochet. Make yours special by dedicating your piece to your mom, especially since it’s Mother’s Day and there’s nothing quite like a handmade gift to make her smile even more.
4. Organize a garden party for the whole family.
Perhaps the whole family hasn’t been together for the longest time. This is your perfect opportunity to reunite and make your mom feel the most special woman on Mother’s Day. Surprise her with a breakfast in bed when she wakes up in the morning and gets ready for the day. Stall her and when it’s time for her to go down, make sure the garden party starting from your garage is already in full operation. She’ll most likely be delightfully surprised to see everybody reunite just for her! Again, make sure the garage is neat and tidy when hosting a garden party. Having smart storage solutions from FlexiMounts will help ensure that nothing is cluttered come to Mother’s Day.