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11 Must-Try Winter Activities

Jan 17, 2022
Not everyone loves the winter season. It’s freezing cold for hours on end. Days are longer and seem to go on forever. Nights are darker and feel more harrowing. We might be exaggerating here a bit but there’s something about winter that for some people they dread it and would rather have summer all year round. Unfortunately, we can’t choose what season we’ll be in the year unless we move out to a tropical destination. This isn’t a possibility for all and winter isn’t and shouldn’t necessarily be a sad season! There are so many things you could do during that winter that will have you love to wake up to snow outside. Keeping yourself busy for one will help you get rid of those winter blues. There is less room in your brain to think about nightmares that don’t exist anyway. Here are some activities you could do during the winter season whether by yourself, with your friends, your partner, or your family.
1. Go ice skating.
Maybe you have never taken your children to ice skating. Winter is the perfect time to finally get them wearing skates and going through some ice. It will break some sweat this winter and also make your whole family learn a fun and exciting skill. Take it slow and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.
2. Set up camp in the snow.
Another fun activity to do with your family if you haven’t yet is to camp out while it’s winter. This may seem a no-no but maybe the gloomy days inside your home are what is causing the blues. What you need is some outdoor fun and camping is one of those activities you could do right away. Well, you need more gear than usual to warm you up but trust us, the feeling outdoors will help you let go of some stress. Set up a bonfire and sip a warm cup of cocoa or coffee while you watch the smoke disappear in the sky. You could also go on cooking camping meals while burning some marshmallows for good old s’mores.
3. Bake cookies.
Busy yourself by spending your days in the kitchen. Some may be a natural in baking but it could be an acquired skill. Get your hands dirty with your little one while you bake some cookies for the whole family. You could have fun decorating them right after.
4. Go on a sledding trip.
Have you ever tried sledding? Much easier than skiing, this snow sport is extra fun too! You’ll be going down on a downward slope of snow by yourself or with loved ones that you could squeeze in the sled. For the next round, you’ll hike up the mountain which could serve as a great cardio exercise that has the power to release some endorphins.
5. Go skiing.
Of course, the next on our list is everyone’s favorite when they see snow falling down from the sky on their windowsill. Families book skiing trips to the mountains and bring their kids along for some fun snow action. It’s a good exercise and you’ll learn how to speed up, slow down, and stop when you’re wrapped up in complete ski gear.
6. Read a book.
Light up your fireplace and curl up in a chair to read a book you’ve been putting off for months. The long days will help you have more time to read and to focus on the story and words while cozying up to the great cuddle weather. While you’re at it, maybe you could also join a book circle and share your thoughts about the book that you just read.
7. Hike up the mountains.
If you don’t want to spend money but still want to experience winter outdoors, then hiking may just be the activity you are looking for. The fresh air will uplift your mood as well as the snowy view before you. To keep you steady, make sure your shoes can handle time and safety concerns in lieu of bad weather.
8. Catch a movie or two with the family.
When you go to the cinemas, you can’t really watch everything that’s showing that day. But if you choose to watch a film at home on a rest day, then you can maximize your time and watch one movie to another. There are already many streaming apps available that you won’t find it hard to look for a title that you want to watch.
9. Declutter your space and install new storage solutions.
Since you can’t really move around that much because of the winter season, better maximize your time indoors. Don’t wait for that perfect “motivated” moment because you probably won’t ever start if you keep on waiting. You’ve always thought of decluttering your space so why not start with the garage and make room for some items to be stored there. At FlexiMounts, there are many overhead storage racks and wall-shelves that you could use as storage solutions. It will use vacant walls and the ceiling to hold up your items so that the floor will be freed of belongings and could be used for activities such as working out or hosting a brunch.
10. Pay it forward.
They say that the antidote to anxiety is altruism. If you’re filling your head with unnecessary and negative thoughts, then it’s about time you think less of yourself so that you could serve others. You are very privileged to be able to buy your daily necessities but volunteers are almost always on the verge of risking their lives in the name of helping. You could give back through goods and cash. Or you could feel better at life and find purpose in living it again.
11. Break a sweat.
If you’re feeling anxious because it’s the winter season, don’t ever think of dropping exercise. The activity helps release endorphins or happy hormones when you break a sweat. It helps you focus on your form and the number of reps. If you’re feeling tired, remember all you have to do is show up. Once you’ve conquered that, it’ll be easier for you to get down the mat and do some reps.