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10 Activities to Do Once Spring Season Starts

Mar 21, 2022
Do you know what the end of winter means? Snow will be gone, and plants and flowers will be in full bloom again. It’s like starting afresh and welcoming back the many activities you couldn’t do because of the extreme cold and chunks of snow and ice that filled the streets. Welcome to the spring season once! It’s the perfect opportunity to step outside and return to your active lifestyle. The weather is perfect, the sights beautiful, and will lure you to experience the world. We listed down activities below that could help your spring season to kick off to a good start.
1. Dedicate time to go outdoors.
Because everything is at our fingertips, we hardly go out anymore. We can order food and clothes online. We can hire services to walk our dogs or buy our groceries. We could invite friends over for dinner at our place and spend our free days scrolling on Instagram or binge-watching a Netflix series. We don’t even have to report to the office anymore. But what people miss is the value and health benefits of being outdoors. You’ve missed it after the cold days and dark nights of winter. Now that the weather is much more bearable outside, it’s time for you to maximize it and enjoy it. You can take your bike out for a ride, explore a national museum, hike a nearby mountain, or drive to the nearest beach. There are many activities to experience life that you can only do outdoors and not at your home. Make the most out of spring because when summer enters, you might not like the heat which would force you to stay inside again.
2. Visit a farmer's market.
This is one of the most exciting comebacks after a long winter season. There will surely be a lot of farmers’ markets reopening and even food festivals being launched. So when you see one, grab the opportunity to go. You’ll find the freshest produce that is in season and even gets to try rare dishes. This is your chance to support local and small businesses. And if you’re planning to participate sometime in the future, going to one will be the greatest you could do for your research.
3. Go out for a vacation.
Spring breaks are not only for college students. You can always take a breather from work and have a spring break. Book a trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. It will help recharge your spirit and refresh your mind from everything stressful that work or being at home brings.
4. Do spring cleaning.
They say that springtime is the season of rejuvenation. So it’s right about the time that you clean your home including the garage. Following what Marie Kondo said, keep the things that spark joy in you. Anything else that does not should be discarded or donated. You should ask yourself what’s still in use, what you’re still going to use, and what you won’t be using anymore. Clean the house thoroughly and prepare the garage for any belongings that you would be stored there. Host a garage sale of the items you could still sell. All items that will be kept should be stored in overhead storage racks and wall shelves installed in your garage. You may check out FlexiMounts for smart storage solutions.
5. Do some shopping
After you’ve cleared out your house, you might want to do some shopping to prepare for the spring season. They say that it is during spring when new fashion trends arrive in different stores. If you want to get a crazy discount, buy winter clothes as early as now and you’ll already be prepared for next year’s winter season.
6. Go to a bar, preferably one located on a rooftop.
There are many rooftop bars in the world. People love going to them because of the scenic views of the city or the place that you will get. The city or town is not covered in snow so you’re guaranteed to see a lot of elements down there while you finish sipping your Pina colada.
7. Organize a picnic at the park.
It’s fun to gather with friends, surround yourselves with nature, and enjoy the fresh breeze of air at the park. If you’re feeling extra, you could bring a gingham mat to spread to the ground. Use wicker baskets for the food, ask people to play their guitars, and take photos. The most important part is the company of friends you’ll have the picnic with.
8. Baseball season opens around this month so make sure not to miss the opening game.
If you’re a fan, you should have a team that you are rooting for. Because of this, be up to date with your team’s schedule and make it a point to watch at least a game of their playing season. It is a major bonus if they are winning when you watch. You would love the food and drinks you could get at the baseball stadiums. Spring will be the best season to cheer for your team. Now if you’re not up to watching the opening day, then you can always catch one of the season games.
9. Go to a music festival
Visit music festivals and sing to the beat of your drum. Because the weather is great, you can wear anything you want and enjoy the live show! You can even sing and dance along with a huge crowd. It will surely be fun after many months of being locked in at home. Just make sure that you are having fun but still doing things responsibly.
10. Take your hobby outdoors.
You might have acquired a lot of new skills since COVID-19 started. Why not switch it up and paint in your garden? Read a book at the beach. Play the guitar on the streets. Dance at the mountains to your heart’s content. It’s easy to bring indoor hobbies to the outside world. Trust us; you’ll have a different experience if you do it outdoors.