GR38B 3′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack Black

From: $154.99

  • Installation TypeCeiling
  • Size3’X8′
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Weight Capacity600 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1/GRH1B

  • SizeFlat Hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4pcs Rail Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH2/GRH2B

  • Sizerail hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

2pcs Utility Hooks For Overhead Garage Storage Racks GRH3/GRH3B

  • SizeUtility Hook
  • Weight Capacity35 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

Why Overhead Garage Racks

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Instead, there is lots of stuff taking up the garage area that was meant for your vehicles. The Fleximount overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to tuck away something you don’t need to use regularly, thus leaving more space to park your cars.

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Our durable and heavy-duty overhead storage system provides a safe place to organize your stuff.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The integrated wire grid design and frame are welded together, making the unit more sturdy and stable.


Suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling.

Wall studs
Concrete wall


Provides safety loading up to 550 lbs.


Provides safety loading up to 550 lbs.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

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Packaged Solutions

We offer you more installation solutions to perfectly fit your space.


41 reviews for GR38B 3′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack Black

Can’t say enough about this rack! I made it easy on myself and hung a 2×4 stringer to the ceiling joists, which made it super easy to not worry about spacing where the rack would need to go and just secured the rack to the joists. This also gave me anotehr 1.5″ of clearance for my large bins.

This thing swallowed up a TON of our gear and freed up so much space its not even funny! Awesome product

Very happy with this rack. Fantastic design and not a single missing part or stripped thread — quality seems really excellent. I looked at many options for garage storage before choosing this and there is no doubt this was the best choice I could have made in terms of cost and function.

While the directions tell you what has to happen, they do not entirely help you make it happen since the key piece of information you will need to know is the center-to-center distance between the holes in the ceiling. Although this was not hard to figure out, I suggest the manufacturer add this to the directions since telling us the required finished outside dimensions may not be helpful to some people. The worst part for me was trying to locate and drill the holes on a 12 foot high ceiling while keeping my balance — be careful! I do not think the ceiling template is helpful since the only thing that matters is where the joists are and the template cannot help you properly locate the holes. I did not use it at all.

The boxes are pretty heavy for one person to handle and your UPS driver may not be too happy. However the parts are pretty well protected in the box and mine arrived with no damage or scratches to the paint. I was able to install these by myself on a 12 foot high ceiling by deviating slightly from the directions and assembling two shelves at a time after all the supports were in place and then letting them hang from the end tabs, rotating them up to catch the center support, and then repeating for the other two shelves.

These are awesome shelves! Very strong, look great, nice material, and excellent customer service! But BEFORE BUYING go out and actually check whether you have wood or metal studs in your ceiling. I assumed metal studs were for warehouses and factories, not normal houses. Wrong! I went to install them and discovered my ordinary house has metal studs in the ceiling. These CANNOT be used with metal studs. The seller was so helpful and generous with helping me resolve the issue created by my ignorance, but it is so much easier if you just CHECK FIRST. Again, great product and best customer service EVER!

Pretty simple to install, which I mounted perpendicular to the ceiling joists (16″ on center). I was originally concerned with stability and weight and had considered modifying installation or pre-mounting a hanging rail against the drywall. I decided to stick to the instructions and by the time I was finished I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s loaded up with everything I wanted to get up there and feels very sturdy. I park my new car below it, so I’m trusting the product and my work. I check the mounting bolts whenever I’m up there to get anything.
It took me a little over 4 hours from the unboxing to tool clean up. I did the job solo just using 2 adjustable ladders as my helpers. I also have a very large attic space above my garage which made it easy to double-check my measurements and ensure that each bolt grabbed the center of the joist.
I have room for 3 more storage racks, which will invariably go in as necessary.

This rack is awesome! It’s well designed and very strong. I have to say, though, that if you’re not already an experienced carpenter/contractor, it might be a good idea to hire someone for installation. My garage ceiling has concrete board instead of drywall, and that makes it hard, almost impossible, for the stud finder to locate the studs. Plus, the instructions indicate the rack should go in the same direction as the joists, and in my garage that didn’t work. I had to figure it out. I had to make accommodations to make it fits where I wanted, how I wanted. It took me the better part of 3 days to install, and I’ve been doing these things for 30 years. Just saying, a $100 install fee might be a good idea.

I have a lot of stuff and not enough room and having it hang from my ceiling was perfect. I don’t have a lot of space in my garage. I got black because for some reason the white one would not ship to Hawaii. IDK why. In any case, black is fine. My carpenter friend helped me assemble and install. It is not easy to do. The racks are heavy and they need to be to store all that stuff. I climbed on it while it was partially installed and it held fine. I’m about 115 lbs. I have my holiday decorations and camping equip. stored on it out of the way. It’s awesome! My garage is looking pretty good. Now I need to assemble my bike rack and install some recycling shelves…

We bought 2 of these overhead racks and installed them in our garage. They were relatively easy to put up. Very durable and well made—good price too. We may purchase a third rack if needed. This is a great way to store items in your garage and get them off the floor. They look great in the garage too. Neighbors have complimented us on these racks.

I purchased this to replace several shelves in our garage. Some key points:
1. Took about 2 hours to assemble and install.
2. Put as much of the unit together BEFORE hanging.
3. Measure your storage bins and adjust the height accordingly.
4. Get a 1/2 inch socket and allen wrench attachment for a drill and assembly will be much easier and faster.
5. Be sure to measure the stud distance with a stud finder.
6. I had a large “T” ruler for cutting plywood and this worked really well to measure out the distances and to ensure they were perpendicular. Would recommend if you want to save some additional time.
7. The unit has some limitations to the amount of weight you can store, so be careful with what is stored and be sure to balance the weight.
8. The unit was power-coated/painted and there were no areas that were not painted – looks really good.

These are easy to install and pretty solid. They hold plenty of weight too. We have ours lowered 29″. Doesn’t seem like it makes our space seem small or anything. That was a concern for me prior to install. They seem secure. We followed directions and basic guidelines for using studs and even distribution and such. Can’t go wrong. Make sure you account for any lights in the path of where you plan to place it when choosing your sizes. Make sure to measure distance between garage door track and the wall. We did not place ours above garage door. That would be a waste of space. These can be lowered pretty low. Utilize as much if it as possible.

I received this product to try from FlexiSpot, and we LOVE it. The instructions (first page) were a little difficult to understand but putting it together is pretty self explanatory.

It comes with all hardware to hang it, but my husband added a few lag bolts from Home Depot too because he didn’t have to pre-drill holes. I am so happy to have a spot for all of my seasonal decor and beach items! It holds a TON of storage bins which I’m super happy about! We were able to get so much off of our garage floor which is great because we have chickens that like to sneak in and lay eggs wherever they can find a spot!

The black looks great on our ceiling and we love that the height is adjustable, I haven’t seen that option on all the others we looked at. I’d definitely recommend this rack!!

We moved and our house doesn’t have a lot of storage so we purchase this unit to store Xmas decor. It was fairly simple to install and there are several videos on how to install online. The instructions that came in the box were very easy to read and follow but I do recommend watching a video before starting this project. The hardest part was finding the joists to screw into because I am not one with the “force” or a stud finder. The material this rack was made from was of good quality – the rack is very sturdy and holds more than I expected and looks good.

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the 3’x8’ unit that I bought. It is solid, well constructed, and much sturdier than I expected from hanging metal shelving. The adjustable height is well thought out, and will accommodate many different ceiling heights and clearance requirements. The parts are all precision cut with no sharp edges or burrs and the welds look nice. The finish on this product is outstanding. It is a nice smooth surface that feels like it is coated.

As for installation, take your time locating and marking the studs. Proper installation with the included lag bolts into the center of studs is what will give your shelving rigidity, as well as maximum weight capacity.

I would definitely recommend this product if you are in need of overhead garage shelving. I will be buying another to add additional overhead storage.

These are awesome storage shelves. Very well packaged. I bought 2 sets. That is 3’ x 16’ of storage space. You will need 2 people when it comes to hanging the platform if follow the directions. You can manage by yourself if you do them in half but be prepared to struggle with the fasteners a little. Access to your attic space will help with insulation also. If you don’t want crawl up in your attic to add wood make sure that where you are putting them all of your joists are running the same way (I didn’t and I had to). My neighbor has a different brand and his sway. These are sturdy! I am 205lbs and I hung from the bottom and there was no give. I would recommend these and would buy again.

I really like this storage shelf. And now that the project is a few months behind me I can say I would buy it again. But the installation could have been so much easier with a better template/guide for the holes. That’s my only gripe but it really cost me a lot of time. Working on a ceiling is difficult because you lose a lot of perception staring, tilted head, at a white ceiling. I spent more time getting the right marks than any other part of the process. Still, I am happy with the end result.

Beautiful. Very happy with the product.

Excellent stuff and size. Small problem identifying screws but otherwise… I’m about to get another one.

Good and sturdy. Easy to install if your joists run the perpendicular. Not so much, if the run parallel. Either way. I like them.

Helps to keep everything off the ground

Excellent for getting things off the floor. Provides significant increases in storage space. One thing to do as a recommendation is foam for the corners and duct tape to hold it on. You hit one of these corners ONCE with your forehead you will thank me.

Great product. No issues. It takes a while to install but it’s goes up exactly as it is advertised.

Will buy another.

The rack is very sturdy and should last as long as the house stands.

Great product. No issues. It takes a while to install but it’s goes up exactly as it is advertised.Will buy another.

Excellent for getting things off the floor. Provides significant increases in storage space.

Works out very nice. Happy with the product.

The item came in one box and was easy to assemble. Installation was not difficult.

Seems sturdy, put up four of these in various sizes. Some of the holes didn’t line up ans the folded edges were slightly inconsistent, nothing that a few whacks of hammer couldn’t realign. Note: For larger size assemble two halves and then mount to hanging straps, then bolt together in the middle.

It’s amazing how much more room you have in your garage when you get things off the floor. I have 3. One of each size and they are great.. extremely easy to hang yourself as well!

My son and I put these up.

Kind of confusing to install if you want to place it in a different location than pictured. Took my husband and I about 3 hours. But very sturdy and a good product.

I finally got around to installing mine this weekend. Although one of the panels came a bit twisted (shipping?) it was very easy to install. Instructions were pretty good. Was weird that it stated that you need a 0.18 inch (4.5 mm) drill bit. Note: 4.5mm falls in-between 11/64″ and 3/16″ standard drill bits. I used 11/64 and it worked just fine.

These have added so much more room to the garage and house. Easy to hang.

Works just as described. Follow instructions, do not think you can do it from the pictures. Best if can be installed with out movable existing floor cabinets below the area you plan to attach to the ceiling. Yep, I had to work around them and got the job done, just took much longer… all in all, good product… all the holes lined up and corners fit….

well built my issue was stud placement for where I wanted it placed. since brackets are placed over two studs and there so close to each other. i ended up with another brand due to only need the end bracket and not the extra bracket in the middle. i sure this self would handle more weight though so I gave it 4 stars.

It does what is spouse to do but it’s very hard to put it on the ceiling. It took my husband a day and he was not happy about that. I think there are on the market products that are easier to instal.


One of the best purchases I have made. This rack holds an insane amount , looks non-obtrusive and I simply love it. On top of th weight, i have straps attached for other items under it, and I hold my strollers on it. I will buy another. Awesome! Very simple install.

I’ve done home improvement tasks for 20+ years now and this isn’t for beginners. Make sure you have a good stud finder, drill with socket converter and chalk line. Expect 2hrs for start to finish assuming no issues. I’ve installed 2, the first took 3hrs and the second 2hrs.

Since posting this review and contacting the company, they have been more than helpful in resolving my issue. It turns out that the unit I received is outdated; I should have received a unit with longer ceiling mount brackets which allow much more flexibility for different joist spacing. For my trouble, they not only gave me a partial refund, but shipped me an additional unit!!

I have to say the support on this product was stellar, even though I still think the instructions need to be revised. Confusion aside, this product is very well made, sturdy, and assembles easily. I’m changing my review to 5 stars.

I don’t understand this product. It is designed to be mounted on ceiling joists that are parallel to the length of the rack. The rack is 36″ wide. THIS PHYSICALLY CAN’T BE INSTALLED AS SHIPPED because no one in the United States has ceiling joists on 36″ centers!!!

Am I missing something????

Cant say relaxing to install, but always worth it after decent times work, study and high capacity, good racks.

This thing swallowed up a TON of our gear and freed up so much space its not even funny! Awesome product

this product is very well made, sturdy, and assembles easily.