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You're at Risk in the Garage: What to Do to Avoid Getting Hurt

Feb 03, 2023

Accidents may occur to even the most careful individuals. But even so, let's not discount the possibility that accidents might happen in garages as a result of negligence and bad planning. Maintaining a spotless and tidy garage is crucial for preventing accidents and injuries inside your space.

Now, let us look at some incidents and injuries that occur most frequently in the garage. By paying attention to these, you will be able to correctly plan and construct your garage and avert disasters in the future.

Accidental Falls and Slips

There are several risks when navigating a parking garage, including the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents.

Even while every situation is unique, a few similar factors, such as the following, might result in a horrible fall and severe injuries:

Ruptured concrete. 

With time, the parking structure's floor begins to break down from the strain of all the vehicle entries. There is a risk of injury for people who trip over and fall to a hard surface because of crack formation and bumps in the concrete surface.

Uncovered rebar. 

Rebar, a steel rod with a circular shape, is used to reinforce concrete structures and hold objects in position. Walls that are fractured and concrete turtles that are missing frequently cause people to trip and fall over exposed rebar.

Accumulated liquids. 

These accumulated liquids can soon become a dangerous surface in a parking garage due to rainfall, fluids dripping from parked cars or broken pipes. Numerous accidents occur when people step over these puddles.

Inadequate illumination. 

An inadequately lit garage increases the risk of severe slips and falls. Low lighting in the parking garage may also cause people to miss junk or pools of water.

Utilize the overhead garage storage

Utilizing garage storage that is raised off the ground is one way to avoid accidents while using the garage. Your chances of unintentionally tripping over your belongings or bumping into a cabinet taking up floor space will be reduced.

The Fleximounts GR38 Classic 3′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is a good garage overhead garage storage. It is a ceiling-type installation. The grid design and frame are welded together, and heavy-cold rolled steel is the material utilized, resulting in a robust and long-lasting design. Because of the high quality of its construction, it has a safe and substantial loading capacity. It can support weights of up to 600 lbs. Additionally, compared to other brands that provide overhead garage storage, Fleximounts comes with thicker screws. Strict tests are performed on the Fleximounts screws to ensure their high quality.

The ceiling drop-down on this garage storage is adjustable from 22" to 40". It is ideal for adjusting the height to fit you and your garage space perfectly, and it can be used to secure either solid concrete ceilings or ceiling studs.

Optimizing overhead garage storage is advantageous in avoiding flood damage by storing your things off the garage floor and protecting your items. It will also make your garage look neat and get away from insects and rodents. The integrated grid design is made for easier assembly.

Trust us when we say that you do not need to be a pro in construction when installing our overhead garage storage racks. Even newbies can assemble the frames in no time. Anything you need to know when it comes to installation, you can find in the package.

Accidents brought on by garage doors

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that garage door-related mishaps cause somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 injuries annually and at least five deaths or cases of brain damage.

Garage doors weigh about 100 pounds by virtue of their construction. It is not just that; they also feature complex electrical and mechanical components that, if they malfunction, could present threats like a garage door collapsing, fingers getting crushed, or becoming stuck in the garage due to broken springs.

It is easy to imagine mishaps due to the weight of garage doors. Since they cannot frequently avoid passing through a garage door that is shutting quickly, young children are the most common victims. Automated sensors installed in garage doors can avoid this by alerting the operator when something or someone enters the door's path or field of vision. To prevent similar mishaps brought on by sensor issues, it's crucial to examine the doors routinely.

Another figure indicates that garage doors are said to crush the fingers of more than 7,500 persons each year. Once again, children make up the majority of the victims. Learning about the dangers of moving garage doors and teaching the kids about them is the best way to stop this. Continue warning children to avoid the garage while it is moving and to give the garage door space to open and shut.

Being locked in the garage is a terrible experience, should it ever happen to you. Allow garage door specialists to handle it if it falls outside your expertise. Since the door's movement is controlled by the springs, it is best to inspect them to make sure they are in excellent condition. If you see any rust, breakage, or loose ends, replace them immediately.

Accidents involving the eyes

Many different things can cause eye damage. The primary sources of eye injuries, according to Prevent Blindness, are workshop grinders, buffers or polishers, welding equipment, power tools, bleach, and manual tools. In retrospect, most hospital crises in the US refer to the potential eye harm resulting from household products.

The most common causes of eye injuries are flying grass clippings from lawnmowers, paint or solvent spills, or household cleaners. Although we can't control how we use these devices or stop ourselves from using them, we can take precautions to keep ourselves safe. Put on goggles or other eye protection before beginning any garage work. When selecting protective eyewear, ensure the "Z-87" symbol is engraved on the frames.

To protect against flying debris, it's also recommended to use safety glasses with side protection or dust goggles. If you work with chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, it's best to put on chemical goggles to shield your eyes from exposure.

If you use prescription glasses, it's also a good idea to cover them with safety goggles. Refrain from taking any chances because your regular prescription glasses may not offer sufficient protection and may even be the cause of your impairment.

Any time welding or brazing is being done, safety goggles and a helmet should be used. Further, if you are performing lawn care, search for and clear any debris before mowing, as flying debris may unintentionally hurt you or any bystanders.

Wait to touch your face or eyes until you thoroughly wash your hands after working on something.