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Why do you need an overhead garage storage rack

Aug 01, 2021

An overhead garage storage rack might seem like a luxury that you do not really need. However, having one for your garage helps you out in more ways than one. If you are still on the fence about buying your own overhead garage storage rack, here are the five reasons why it is time to invest in one.

1.It keeps every clutter off the ground

- Let us start with the obvious reason. An overhead garage storage rack helps keep your walkways tidy and spacious. It lessens the chances of accidents happening as well since there is no chance of tripping over the mess that could be on the ground. You also have more space to move around since everything you need is up over your heads than taking up valuable floor space.

2.It keeps your children safe from things that they should not reach

- Children would always be curious creatures so it is best to keep things out of their reach. This is a means of keeping them safe from getting all the big equipment as well as harmful chemicals.

3.It helps keep the stuff that you put into out of sight

- A great garage is one that is kept tidy. With a neat garage, you will have more fun working inside because rather than giving you a headache, you get more work done in many other ways.

4.It keeps the stuff dry in case of flooding

- As everything is put into an overhead garage rack, flooding would not be a problem at all.

5.It keeps your stuff organized and ready to use whenever you need it

- With FlexiMounts overhead garage rack, you know exactly where you have put your gears, materials, and garage equipment.


This overhead garage storage rack does more than what you may have expected. The need for a ladder for accessing your stuff is gone with just the help of your drill! You get the storage that you need with the safety of not having to climb up a ladder. “The overhead storage solution setup was quite uncomplicated, then I was able to execute it all on my own. Once all the studs are determined, the remainder of the mounting is straightforward. Because I have a rather high ceiling, this is an excellent solution to elevate rarely used items off the ground or just out of the way. With a payload of 300 lb, I was able to pack it up. - Warren H. “This is absolutely what I wanted to restore the much-needed floor space in my garage! The step-by-step instructions, in addition to the clip, were quite helpful. I love that I can raise and lower the rack with my drills! It's far more ergonomically friendly items heaped up on the ground or on difficult-to-reach racks. For me, this is a champion.” - Marrion S. “The garage overhead storage rack lift is incredible! It's simple to install and run. The design is superb, and the framework is sturdy. This alleviated the strain of an overflowing garage floor and provided us with additional leg space. The elevator is an excellent system since it provides a simple method of accessing storage without using a staircase. The total capacity is quite substantial. I can't say enough positive things about the OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE LIFT!” - Christopher R.


Simplicity would always be better. With this OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK age storage rack, you get the simpleness whilst having an amazing storage solution for your garage. Made out of strong steel, you will encounter no problem with the safety and durability of our FlexiMounts garage storage rack! “I am quite satisfied with the craftsmanship and ease of use. I've rarely made a purchase in which all openings align, enough gear is provided than is necessary, and components are secured so effectively in the shipping container that neither scrapes nor defects occurred. I acquired a white unit with an amazing polish. I can now only presume that a considerable amount of time was invested in manufacturing and installation/deconstruction to iron out any faults prior to selling the product. After nearly two decades in manufacturing, I would have just been thrilled to produce this particular product After I've posted this rating and contacted the firm, they've been quite accommodating in addressing my situation. As it did turn out, the unit I got is out of order; I ought to have received one with lengthier ceiling mount connectors that provide significantly more versatility for varying joist width. They not only issued a cash refund but also delivered me a new one!” Ray W. “I believe the directions may be improved. Apart from the issue, this item is extremely well constructed, robust, and simple to construct. I am quite pleased with my rack. Fantastic design with no missing parts or torn threads — the quality appears to be quite good. I considered a variety of garage storage choices before opting for this one because there is no denying that this was the best value for money and functionality.” - Mark T. “Although the instructions will outline what must take place, they don't really totally assist you in accomplishing it, as the critical bit of information you will need is the middle spacing between both the ceiling and holes. Even though this was not complicated to find out, I propose the maker include this in the instructions, as simply informing us the necessary completed exterior measurements may be insufficient for certain individuals. The most challenging thing for me was locating and drilling the perforations on a 12-foot high roof whilst maintaining my footing — keep hold! I believe the ceiling plan is ineffective because the only thing that really matters is the location of the joists, and the pattern cannot assist you in accurately locating the holes. I made no use of it. The pakage arrived in excellent packing, and each component appeared to be completely new. While this is merely a garage, isn't it lovely to have that "show showroom pristine" appearance? Furthermore, it is relatively simple to install. It took 3.5 hours to complete the very first one; the other one should take no more than 2 or 2.5 hours. I regard that hour well spent because it enabled me to remove quite a deal of heavy bulky objects from my garage floor. There are no flaws, and it performs as advertised. This is my type of purchase.” - Angelo B. “There are some really incredible racks! Very sturdy, appealing, high-quality metal, and exceptional customer service! However, Prior to actually BUYING, go out and physically check if your ceiling has metal or wood studs. I figured metal studs were reserved for factories and warehouses, not for residential construction. Wrong! When I went to attach them, I noticed that the roof of my average house has metal studs. These ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR USE WITH METAL STUDS. The vendor was quite professional and gracious in assisting me in resolving the issue caused by my inexperience, but it would be so considerably easier if you simply CHECK FIRST. Again, excellent product and the greatest customer care I've ever encountered!” - Brett O.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have five reasons to get an overhead garage storage rack, head on over to our site to get the best deals for your garage storage!