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Use Fleximounts Garage Wall Shelf to Store Your Outdoor Sports Equipment

May 31, 2018
Whether its bicycles, ski equipment, kayaks, or camping and backpacking equipment, people with an adventurous spirit have a situation on their hands when attempting to store their outdoor gear between uses. Often, the solution is to toss the gear in the garage in a haphazard fashion, but storing your outdoor sports equipment on the garage floor takes up A LOT of SPACE, creates CLUTTER and DANGEROUS OBSTACLES, and puts your gear in RISK of BEING DAMAGED.

The Perfect Solution for Storing and Organizing Your Outdoor Sports Equipment

You can easily solve this problem with Fleximounts floating shelves, a new product that is perfect for organizing your outdoor gear and sports equipment. The floating shelf system comes in a two-pack, so that you can install the two shelves beside each other to create a single eight-foot long shelf, or you can install the racks separately to make two four-foot long shelves. The shelves are also two-feet wide, which provides plenty of room to place your outdoor sports equipment on top of the shelves, and by adding the Fleximounts flat hook set, you can hang bikes and other sports gear from the bottom of the shelves. The integrated grid design creates stability, while also being light enough for one person to install the shelves without help. Each of the two shelves is made of heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel wire, and the two storage racks combined allow you to store up to 440 pounds of outdoor gear, or whatever you need to store and organize. Do you want to see the floor of your garage again? Do you want to find your fishing gear and paddle board without tripping over your tennis rackets and basketball? Would you like to use your garage to park your car because all of your gear is highly organized? By using Fleximounts floating shelf system in your garage, you free a lot of up space to use for other things, and it keeps all of your outdoor sports equipment organized, which makes it easy to find and easy to access whenever you feel the itch to get outside and find adventure.