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Transform Your Garage into a Teen Turf

Aug 13, 2021
Build a space where your child can spend time doing what he likes. As children turn into adolescents, spending time alone has been more evident and frequent. They spend most of their time in their bedrooms, and they sometimes lock the doors and put up a sign saying “Do not disturb.” Gone are the days that we see the children cling onto their parents’ legs. They stopped being their parents’ shadows. And for the overly worried parent, this could mean a red flag. However, being alone does not always equate to harmful practice, but the solitude that teens enjoy can contribute to their learning curve and is beneficial to their developmental stage. Why not use this momentary solitude and turn it into a creative outlet for your teens? Help them recognize and utilize this connection to one’s self into something productive--focusing on positive energy and outlook. Is your garage the room in your house that sees little movement? Then turn the place into your teens’ sanctuary. Make use of the garage to help build a hobby for your child, hone the talents they possess, or support their much needed space to clear their heads.

Transform: Artist’s Studio

Is your child into arts and crafts? Build an artist’s studio in your garage. Let your child assist you in personalizing the space. Let your child pick the color of the walls. The colors affect their moods. And that should be a priority to channel their mood into a great work of art. If your child is not into arts and crafts just yet, pick a corner in your garage where he can start it out. Let your child be curious. He may not like it now, but in the future, who knows, he would be a great artist. Station a workbench. Hang mood boards. Place comfy bean bags. Install spotlights. Create a gallery for your kid. Let your child know that you like and appreciate all his works.

Transform: Film Dungeon

Does your child like to spend time watching television? Do you find your child always glued on Netflix and Disney+? Maybe you are raising a cineaste! Since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, film goers see less (if there is at all) movies in the theaters. There have been drive-in theaters from time to time, but there is no safer place than home. Obviously, you need a big screen flat television or a projector. Consider buying sets that have built-in connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Get a good quality speaker. It can never be stressed enough that the audio experience that comes in watching films contributes to the overall enjoyment. Paint your walls as dark as you want. Lighter colored walls tend to reflect on the television screen or projector. And opt for the matte finish ones rather than the glossy types to avoid reflecting the light on the walls. Likewise, block natural light sources that can distract in the viewing experience. Have less windows if possible. Or place blackout curtains to prevent ambient light from seeping in the room. And maybe you can also watch the films your child is interested in. This could be a great conversation starter. How did he find the movie? Were there plot holes that you think the movie might have missed in discussing? Show interest in the things that he liked about it and maybe you can suggest another film to watch together.

Transform: Gaming Lounge

Channel your child’s high energy by letting him play. There is no better way to destress by doing sports. Let him sweat it out. Play with your child if he wants to. Or let him bring over some friends to hangout. You can put dartboards, billiards tables, ping pong tables, foosball, or mini bowling sets. It is good to keep them off their gadgets once in a while and make them move their bodies. Or maybe set up a Playstation corner. You bet they can play there for hours. If you want them to be mobile while playing, you can buy a XBOX 360 Kinect or Playstation Move. Just by staying at home, they can play sports like it’s the real deal. That way, they can interact more with their playmates. And that could also be you. Ignite the competitive spirit of your child. It is nice for their growth to be competitive in the right places and situations. Or maybe set up an online gaming corner. We get your apprehensions with this. We are always told that computer games are bad for you. But times are changing. So does technology. Many multiplayer online role playing games have evolved to teach your child different social skills. For one, it helps build the child’s confidence whenever they clear a round or level. And by accomplishing small tasks or minigames within the game, they are taught that these side tasks can contribute in achieving a bigger goal, which is to finish the game with high scores. Online gaming also helps your child understand different cultures. As most games can be played simultaneously by different players around the world, there is a big chance of them interacting and talking with the other kids as they need to strategize their next moves and clear the levels.

Transform: Library Nook

Let your child wander in the world of books. There is no better way to travel the world amid the pandemic than to immerse in the world of the characters. Let them soak in the emotions that each book evokes. Let them understand the perspectives of different folks from different walks of life. They learn by reading. They learn from exposing themselves to different literatures. Build a space that is cozy. Put large windows in your garage. Let the natural light flow freely inside the space. Pick a comfy couch for them to lounge. Or place a chair-bed by the window. Install bookshelves around the space because once you get your child hooked on books, you would see the shelves be filled instantly, and you might be needing more shelves in the room!