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Tips and tricks of the trade for a Successful Garage or Yard Sale

Jun 15, 2021
All of the products you intend to sell should be in good condition. I don't think it's necessary to wash every piece of clothing (unless it stinks), but everything else should be free of oil, filth, and years of dust. It's also crucial that your garage, yard, and house be tidy.


Set a clear pricing for anything you intend to sell. Most people, I've discovered, dislike being asked how much anything costs. You'll need stickers/labels, as well as possibly some tie-on tags. When deciding on a sticker price for an item, I believe a reasonable rule of thumb is that it should be less than 25% of what you paid for it originally. Garage sale shoppers are seeking a good deal. They will simply leave if products are overpriced. Don't undervalue a valuable thing by underpricing it. Always remember that the "seasoned garage sale shopper" will try to haggle with you and obtain the item for less than the sticker price. Prepare to haggle, and keep in mind that the items you're selling are things you don't want or need any longer. Make careful to put your initials on everything. If more than one person/family is contributing products to the sale, everyone should put an initial to their pricing stickers, such as "E" for Emma. It's a lot easier to keep track of overall sales for each participant now.

Material for bags and wrapping

Make preparations ahead of time. Begin collecting bags and paper/packing material for your sale weeks or even months ahead of time.

Picking the Right Moment

If the timing is correct, more people will attend your sale. If you're having a yard sale, you'll want to do it when the weather is favorable. I've discovered that spring is preferable to mid-summer. Summertime brings more activities such as children's softball games, picnics, parties, and vacations. However, I've discovered that a wonderful time for a garage sale is at the end of summer, just a few weeks before the kids return to school, especially if you have a lot of children's clothing and school supplies.

Restrictions and Permits

If applicable, check with your local city hall and homeowners association. Some localities have no restrictions, while others may demand permission, impose a limit on the number of sales you can have per year, the time you may start the sale, where you can put signs, whether you can have a sale on a Sunday, and so on.

Your Sale Should Be Promoted

My own opinion is that effectively publicizing your sale is essential to its success. It's a terrific idea to advertise in your local paper if you can afford it. Many folks who spend their entire day traveling to garage sales use the classified advertisements in the newspaper to plan their route. Consider using the internet to promote your business. I've posted my sales for free on, which is available in the United States and other countries.


Even if you don't advertise in the newspaper or on the internet, creating excellent signs and positioning them in strategic locations is essential. Signs should be as big as possible, printed on a bright, durable poster board, and easily readable. Make all of the signs the same color to make them easier to read. Make use of arrows on your signs to direct potential buyers to you. Place your signs where most people will notice them. Add balloons to make them stand out. I've even driven past my signage to make sure they're in the right spot.

Duties of a Cashier

To make a change, have plenty of coins and small banknotes on hand. This change can be carried in an apron with pockets. You could also use a cigar box or anything similar, but keep a close check on it. Keep an eye on your cash. It is usually ideal to have multiple people working the sale. Have a notebook or piece of paper handy to record each sale. If you have multiple people selling products at your sale, make sure to add their initials from the price tag to ensure correct credit is provided. For larger sales, have a calculator on hand. Also, no checks will be accepted. Why take the chance of it bouncing? Only cash is accepted!

Organizing and Presenting Your Items

The majority of your things should be displayed on tables with attractive covering. Put objects that are comparable together. For example, group all glass goods together, all books together, holiday stuff together, and so forth. It is acceptable to display huge goods on clean, dry ground. Make use of the space beneath the tables as well. People are far more inclined to search through clothes that are hung on a rack. If you don't have a hanger, sort your clothes into boxes by baby/kids/adults, male/female, spring/summer, size, and so on. Placing children's or infant clothes in a playpen or something similar is a terrific way to exhibit them. If your sale is so enormous that you have no choice but to use the ground or grass, lay down a tarp first. A tarp can be used to store items such as toys, shoes, and tools. Make sure you're ready to go early. Even if you promote that your sale starts at 8 a.m., you will undoubtedly attract early birds. You can allow these potential purchasers to browse early if you're ready.

When Your Garage Sale Is Completed

So, you've made a good profit. Garage sales are a lot of labor, and you're fatigued. However, please remove your signs. It's just the right thing to do. Of course, you still have products that did not sell. Consider donating any items that are no longer needed. These items will be eagerly accepted by GoodWill, Purple Hearts, and the Salvation Army. If you want to use it as a tax deduction, ask for a receipt. I've driven my donation to a local women's shelter numerous times, packing things like women's/clothing, children's blankets, and toys. I've also donated goods like old record albums, walkers, and wheelchairs to a nearby senior home. These contributions are much appreciated.

In conclusion

Holding a garage sale is a excellent strategy to get rid of unneeded clutter while also earning money. Your hard work may be a lot of fun and extremely rewarding if you prepare ahead and organize it properly. You will have money in your pocket instead of clutter in your home!