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The Presidents’ Day: What is It and What to Do

Feb 21, 2022

For many, a holiday is a holiday, and we feel more than happy to take a day off at work. And for the many of us, holidays have lost their true meanings. What do we celebrate on every third of February, which falls on the 21st this year? It is Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday that commemorates the nations’ 45 commanders-in-chief. The Presidents’ Day was originally established in 1885 on the day of President George Washington’s birthday, February 22. It was to recognize his contribution to the nation. But later on, the holiday evolved into the now popularly known Presidents’ Day as part of the 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act in an attempt to create more three-day weekends for everyone. The other three holidays that were shifted to a Monday are Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans’ Day. Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays fall in the middle of the now-shifted Presidents’ Day, thus, the move to rename it from Washington’s Birthday is a conscious effort to not only recognize Washington but past and present presidents as well. As the winter season ends, the productivity and energy of the workers dwindle down. And Presidents' Day is the perfect way to recharge, re-energize and go back to the groove of working productively.

How to Observe Presidents’ Day

First off, schedule your plans and errands. This means that if you have no work, you will instantly think of running errands on this day. However, take note that some businesses like banks and federal buildings are closed as well. Other offices that are closed are the US Post Office, government agencies, federal and state courts, local city halls, and nonessential city, county, state, and federal offices. Restaurants and retailers, however, will be mostly operating. Major supermarkets like Target, Costco, and Walmart are open. Local stores are either open or closed so make sure to check out their schedules and announcements before heading out. If you opt to stay home to celebrate this holiday, there are a number of activities you can do with the whole family. And these could also teach your kids the importance of remembering the contributions of the leaders that made the country what it is today. 1. Watch a film or documentary. There are a lot of available materials for free or that require a small subscription fee. Must-watch films include Lincoln (2012), Nixon (1995), Hyde Park on Hudson (2012), W. (2008), and more. You can refer to this list. If you are in for binge-watching a series, The Presidents by the History Channel is also a good choice. 2. Arrange a Quiz Bee. Mixing fun and games with educational purposes will surely delight not only your kid but you as well. While preparing the questions list, you will also get a refresher. Some interesting points could vary from historical dates and events to light, personal trivia. Additional activity can also be naming all the presidents in order.

Presidents’ Day Deals

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