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Stop Making Excuses! Now is the Time to Clean

Jan 23, 2023

Have nothing planned for this week, whatever the case may be.

You've heard us say it before: tidy the space in your garage! It's either you do it now or forever forget about it. And what's the reason for delaying if you’re free at the moment? You won't feel any more inspired to clean it next week, next month, or the day after that. Likely, you might never be able to do it if you've been putting it off for a very long period. Before you realize it, your house has become a dump. And yet, you continue to ignore the need to organize, clean, and clear your items there. 

We understand you. There’s an invisible force pushing you down to not continue cleaning or even start with the practice. You might just feel very drained that you don’t even want to move. If it’s anxiety that’s hindering your success, know that it’s okay to rest and ask for help. 

So this week you should finally tidy your garage rather than binge-watching a new Netflix series. You can gather everyone in your household who is also available to start tackling the "dumpsite" in the garage. The garage needs to be cleaned because you all share the same home. Do not wait till the following weekend, once more. By doing this, you are establishing discipline both for yourself and the occupants of the home.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the amount of rubbish you have to cope with, you can even begin one at a time, area by area. Therefore, stop asking yourself if you are prepared to begin your decluttering work in the garage. Know the realistic number of how many people who can do this job as quickly as possible. This is how you'll finally get your garage cleaned: stand up, and, in the words of our favorite Nike brand, "Just do it." It's the ideal weekend cleaning task. You'll be off to a great start the following week.

Here are some things you can add to your garage once you've cleared out the clutter and have room for additional storage options and utilitarian additions.

Manual Height Adjustable Work Bench WB102 

This multifunctional workbench is available from FlexiMounts and is height adjustable. The workbench's maximum load capacity is 500 pounds, so it can hold anything you need for a project to construct something for the house or your favorite activity. This multipurpose desk uses a crank handle to manually adjust the height, the crank being extra-large to offer a smooth operation in comparison to standard cranks. It uses a wide range, allowing anyone to sit or stand comfortably yet efficiently to finish a task or a project. Its spacious dimensions of 47.2" x 23.6" x 1" are just about right to make a table. The height can be adjusted from 29.5" to 44.1”. 

This versatile desk's wide range enables anyone to sit or stand comfortably while working on a task or project. It uses a crank handle to manually adjust the height, and because the crank is extremely large, it operates more smoothly than a regular crank would. Due to this, lifting desks is made easy even when the weight is big and full. Simply being able to change the height of the table won't require any additional equipment or an electrical outlet.

The material has a solid rubberwood surface and a one-inch-thick steel frame. Even at its highest point, it is stable thanks to the steel frame. Additionally, the product's feet are adjustable.


This wall shelf device from FlexiMounts utilizes corner space and may promise to maximize all empty spaces in your garage, especially if there isn't much room. It can function as a 2-pack shelf or a corner shelf. This product has an integrated grid design just like the FlexiMounts' other wall shelves and overhead storage racks. One person may easily install it because the package includes all the required hardware. Additionally, a blueprint for installation will show you where to mount the holes. It can be installed in a concrete wall or wood studs. This is compatible with hooks GRH1/GRH1B and FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B for further storage.


If you need numerous storage spaces for your small garage, FlexiMounts offers a wall storage option with up to three tiers of shelves. The company promises a patent-pending structure design that makes it unnecessary to use equipment to alter the product. This wall shelf can support a combined weight of 300 to 450 pounds. Each level's height can be changed to suit your specific requirements. It is available in two sizes, 1'x3' and 1'x4', and is made of powder-coated steel that is assured to be of the highest quality. Even though it is on three shelves, this product, like the others, is simple to install by one person. It works with and complements concrete walls or wood studs. 


Utilize this FlexiMounts product, an Amazon Best Seller, to increase stability and safety. It measures 4' x 8' and has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. It is made of cold-rolled steel and has an adjustable height range of 22 to 40 inches. Don't stress too much about the installation process because a Step-By-Step guide and installation template is included. Like the other products, it is waterproof, which makes it a wonderful alternative for storing seasonal items that are typically hidden away during the year. This will come in a single box with any extras you might want to attach to it. Four flat hooks, the GRH1, two utility hooks (included), the GRH3, or four flat hooks could all be attached. These hooks will give you a lot of extra storage space. 

Final Word 

You're always going to be making excuses if you don’t change anything in your behavior. Deeply reflect on what your shortcomings are so that you can act on them one by one. Don’t get pressured by a date; just do your best and the rest will follow.