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Setting Up My Own Art Studio At Home--You Can, Too

Aug 24, 2021
It has always been a dream of mine to have an art studio at home. Maybe the other artists reading this would nod in unison. You know, a dedicated space where all my art materials are stored (or neatly scattered--is that even possible? But you get what I’m saying, right?). A place where I can leave them whenever I will call it a day and just resume working on the art pieces when I feel so. While it is true that you get inspiration and renewed interest from the different environments where you work, I just want a space I can call my own without having to pack and set up every time. And especially if you share the space with the rest of the family members living at home, this can be a hassle not only to you but also to others. So after deep thoughts and contemplation (and winning the argument against my dad who practically owns the garage space), I have finally converted the space into my art studio. You can say it was a sigh of relief to finally find my own space to unleash the creative juices that I have. But this is mixed with excitement and nervousness because I did not know how to start! Good thing my other artist friends walked me through the whole process so it can be easier and faster for me to achieve my dream art studio. First, I want to lay it down that I did not need to secure a building permit to renovate since I was not making a major renovation. The garage only needed a few tweaks to convert it into my art studio.

Clean and check the condition of the garage space

Before anything else, I made sure to clean and weed out the dirt, dust, or any materials stored in the garage. All the things I did not need were discarded, and all the stuff that my dad needs in the garage, I placed in one corner with proper labels and containers. I also inspected the walls, floor, ceiling, outlets, and overall configuration of the space. And since I will be working mostly with paints, which are flammable and hazardous, I checked with my dad and professionals to make sure that the garage is fireproof. They also suggested adding a layer of epoxy on top of the concrete floor for added safety. I asked them as well to make sure that the room will be moisture-free so as not to mess up with the condition of my paintings. Since the space will be subjected to different weather conditions, I made sure that the air conditioning and heating of the space are well-functioning.

Make the space bright and have adequate lighting

Lucky for me, my dad already installed big windows into the space so I need not worry about the natural light to illuminate the space during the day. Some also have skylights on the ceiling. This isn’t applicable to me since we have a room located upstairs. But for you, dear reader, take note of this because I know how important light plays in creating artworks. Next would be installing artificial lighting. Buy LEDs, overhead light fixtures, and lamps for adequate lighting in the studio. That is why it is very important to locate the electric outlets as mentioned earlier.

Invest in a spacious desk

This is a no-brainer but finding the best workbench for you is something that is actually hard to do. So after trials and inputs from friends, what actually worked for my space is the Fleximounts WB201 garage workbench with a built-in drawer. The design is quite simple yet sturdy which makes it a suitable workbench for me. Plus, it can hold up to 3,000lbs of weight capacity, so I won’t be too concerned about how much my desk can carry. Its surface is made from 100% rubberwood, so it can withstand the test of time. It also has a built-in drawer, which I find very convenient to locate and store the tools that I will be using the most. Additionally, what I like about it is that it has adjustable leveling feet, which can protect the floor from scratches and it makes it easy to adjust the height of the workbench legs to prevent tilting or rocking when placed on uneven ground.

Invest in proper storage of art materials

Admittedly, I’m the kind of person that likes working in a messy environment. I can’t be bothered with the constant fixing and returning of the things that I use. But when I finally got my own art studio, I made sure to have my things properly organized and labeled. One of the storage solutions that I find easy to handle is by installing Fleximounts garage hooks where I can hang pretty rattan baskets to hold my brushes, papers, canvases, and other art materials. Aside from that, the garage hooks were helpful when I set up an inspiration or mood board on the wall. Every now and then I change the clippings on the board and I am amazed at how sturdy the hooks were. Oh, and I also hang on the walls some of the artworks I have already finished and what I can tell you is that it has inspired me a lot to get going with the rest of the art pieces I was creating. Fleximounts wall shelving and overhead space were also helpful in freeing up floor space and storing the art materials that I do not usually use like clay and chisels when I would be working on my miniature sculptures. The overhead storage allowed me to maximize the usable space in the garage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, setting up my own art studio at home was a far-fetched idea at first. But with the help of my artist friends, the process was made easier and more fun. Now, I have seen myself spending more time in the studio and have boosted my will to create more artwork! If this has been possible for me, there’s no doubt that you could make your own art studio, too! So get going and make more art!