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Score Big: Pre-Black Friday Deals Await

Nov 16, 2023

The pre-Black Friday sale is your golden ticket to snagging top-tier storage solutions at unbeatable prices. With discounts up to 40% off, this limited-time extravaganza from November 2 to 23, between 8 am and 10 am PST, beats Black Friday deals! Imagine revamping your garage with Fleximounts' durable racks and shelves. From the hassle-free installation to customizable features and robust materials, this sale presents a golden opportunity to declutter your space affordably. Don't miss out—seize this chance to transform chaos into organized bliss and upgrade your storage game before the frenzy of Black Friday!

Why Pre-Black Friday Sales are the Real Deal

The pre-Black Friday sale isn't just any shopping spree; it's a jackpot of savings waiting to be scooped up! Picture this: you, comfortably seated with a hot cocoa in hand, scrolling through deals that could make your wallet do a happy dance. Why is it the best time to hit that "add to cart" button? Let's break it down like a marshmallow in your cocoa.

First off, discounts, discounts, discounts! Retailers are flexing their best offers pre-Black Friday, slashing prices like a ninja slicing through melons. Whether it's gadgets, clothes, or household goodies, you'll likely spot deals that make you go, "Wow, that's a steal!"

Then there's the secret weapon: selection. You know how sometimes your favorite items vanish quicker than snow in summer? Pre-Black Friday means you're ahead of the pack, bagging the stuff you fancy before the frenzy hits. It's like having VIP access to the coolest party in town!

And hey, let's not forget the stress-free factor. No elbowing through crowds or wrestling for the last gadget. Click, pay, and voilà! Your goodies are on their way without a single battle scar.

So, when the pre-Black Friday sale rolls around, it's not just shopping—it's a savvy shopper's paradise. Discounts, variety, and a hassle-free experience—it's like winning the lottery without buying a ticket!

Now, let's unravel the treasure chest of fantastic products up for grabs from November 17 to 23:

Fleximounts GR48 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Pre-Black Friday Sale Price: $183.99 | Original Price: $229.99 | Discount: 20%

Wave goodbye to the mess in your garage because the Fleximounts GR48 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is here to save the day. This isn't your ordinary rack; it's a workspace revolution. Here's why it's a must-have:

Easy-Breezy Installation: No decoding cryptic instructions or hunting down elusive hardware. The GR48's integrated grid design simplifies setup. It's all there, from essential hardware to crystal-clear instructions. And for visual thinkers, an installation template ensures a strategic storage plan.

Tailored Height Options: Storage should adapt, right? The GR48 gets it. With an adjustable height range from 22" to 40", it's a customized storage dream, whether it's tiny office knick-knacks or larger-than-life items.

Rock-Solid Stability: Durability is the game. Featuring an integrated wire grid design and welded frame, it's the Fort Knox of racks. This robust construction guarantees your items stay secure, even under Herculean loads.

Steel That Means Business: Crafted from heavy-duty 13-gauge cold-rolled steel, this rack scoffs at weight, handling up to 600 lbs. And those top-notch M8 screws? They're the fortification that ensures your peace of mind.

Safety Checked and Approved: Safety first! The GR48 goes through tough tests to guarantee it's up for the daily grind, keeping your stuff in top-notch condition.

Ceiling Fortification: It's not just what you store, but how you store it. The GR48's ceiling brackets latch onto two sturdy joists, ensuring your items are securely parked overhead, far from harm's way.

Style with Substance: You have a choice between two stylish colors: classic white for a timeless look or striking black for a bolder statement, allowing you to enhance the elegance of your space according to your preference.

Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving

Pre-Black Friday Sale Price: $149.99 | Original Price: $189.99 | Discount: 21%

Adaptability reigns supreme with the Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving, offering unparalleled versatility:

Space Savior: Make the most out of your corner spaces by employing this shelf effectively, designed to work seamlessly with solid concrete ceilings or wooden walls. It provides you with the flexibility to position it wherever it suits your needs.

Built Tough: Crafted from powder-coated steel, the WR26 guarantees stability with its buckle design, preventing your brackets from collapsing or warping. With an impressive 800 lb capacity, consider it your reliable protector for both sizable and smaller items.

Easy-Breezy Setup: Setting up is a breeze, thanks to the inclusive package of essential hardware, along with handy extras like a bubble level and installation template, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

Color Your Style: Whether you prefer timeless black or pristine white, these shelves cater to your style preferences with options that suit your taste.

Fleximounts GR48H Hooks 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Pre-Black Friday Sale Price: $179.99 | Original Price: $259.99 | Discount: 30%

Utilizing overhead garage storage isn't merely fashionable; it's a brilliant answer to space constraints. Picture having additional floor space for your vehicle or creating a home gym—all made possible by safely storing items above ground level. Amid Fleximounts' diverse array of overhead garage storage racks, the GR48H Hooks 4′ X 8′ stands out as a top-tier option.

Guardian of Your Goods: Protect your belongings from potential water harm and ward off unwanted pests by upgrading your storage methods to keep your items safe and secure.

Muscles in Steel: This sturdy rack is packed with heavy-duty thick gauge cold-rolled steel, enabling it to withstand an impressive 600 lbs of weight. Extensive testing has validated its durability, solidifying its position as a robust and reliable storage powerhouse.

Height Tailored to You: Discover the perfect height for safe and convenient storage, ranging from 22 inches to 40 inches. Adjust it to your ideal level for keeping your items secure and easily accessible.

Locked and Loaded: This rack is versatile, providing a secure attachment whether you're dealing with ceiling studs or solid concrete. It firmly attaches to two joists, ensuring added security and peace of mind.

Everything Included: Everything you need for a smooth setup is right there in the package, from screws to step-by-step installation guides. And as a sweet bonus, you'll also find additional treats—Flat Hooks (GRH1) and Utility Hooks (GHR3) thrown in with the deal.

In Conclusion

This incredible Fleximounts event isn't just your run-of-the-mill discount spree; it's your ticket to transforming clutter into pure organizational heaven. Don't let these fantastic offers slip through your fingers; they're like hidden treasures waiting for your clever snag before Black Friday arrives!