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Reasons to Finish Your Garage

Feb 03, 2023

The garage wouldn't likely be on your list of priorities if you were still finishing your house. Why would you give priority to a room that hardly anyone uses and that they only pass through when necessary? There are still unfinished kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms. 

Although many other Americans likely share this viewpoint, the garage must nevertheless be taken into consideration and ought to be completed. Half of that living area would be wasted if something were left undone. Even though you might not believe the garage is all that significant, a Chamberlain Group survey revealed that 55% of homeowners actually use the garage as a front entrance. 20% of homeowners, according to another study, struggle to park in their garages due of clutter. According to an Impulse Research survey, 24% of homeowners instantly lock their garage after opening the garage door because they are ashamed to exhibit what it looks like inside.

Here are some justifications for why you should finish that garage and make the most of the advantages it might provide for your family's daily life if you've been dragging it off for some time.

The majority of garages are unable to serve as storage facilities. It's impossible to use the garage because it's still incomplete and cluttered. If you don't take the time to complete, fix, or clean it, it only takes up space in your house. Our unused home storage areas cause us to pile up a lot of waste and even use goods and services for which we could have saved money if we had used our currently available storage space, like the garage. 

Concentrating on wall and ceiling storage options is one method to organize the garage and improve space use. Heavy duty overhead racks and wall shelves from FlexiMounts are available for storing your garage's tools and equipment. Consider the Classic 2-Pack Wall Shelving WR Series from the company. I t can support 200 to 400 pounds of weight. It is composed of steel that has been powder coated, and even one person can hang it on the wall. Velcro straps built into its clasp keep it from sliding down the wall. It can also be fixed to a concrete wall or wood studs. Additionally, this product has a ton of adjustable features that may be enhanced to fulfill individual needs. 

The Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack GR Series is one of the FlexiMounts' ceiling storage options. Its height is adjustable between 22 and 40 inches. It is made of cold-rolled steel and can support 400–600 pounds of weight. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided with the product to install it. Additionally, it is waterproof, allowing the user to protect the stored items from water damage. Garage owners adore its integrated grid design.

Your automobile demands a suitable garage. 

Most likely, you invested thousands of dollars on your car only to park it on the driveway or store it in a filthy spot because the garage wasn't finished yet. Because it is still unfinished and cluttered, the majority of homeowners are indeed unable to put their car or other vehicle there. Initially, why bother with a garage? Utilizing the garage as a secure storage location for your car can help you protect your investment in it. Your car is more susceptible to damage when it is docked in your driveway or left outside than when it is securely locked in a garage. The demand for more frequent car washes would decrease, and seasonal variations, particularly in the winter season because the car would mostly be indoors. 

When you complete the construction and decluttering of the garage, this can serve as a more welcoming doorway as well as a place for your hobbies. 

The residents and visitors won't have to walk through clutter when entering the house if a garage is finished and well-maintained because statistics indicate that more than half of the population uses the garage as an entryway. Altering the garage can also accommodate various lifestyles, naturally with the homeowner's input. A completed garage can be used as a gym, a studio for handy projects, a showroom for expensive cars, a workspace for crafts, or simply a place to unwind and watch videos on your mobile device or computer. When the garage is finally completed, your home will feel as though it has gotten a valuable addition.

Your home will gain value if your garage is finished. 

Take a long view. Your home doubles as a long-term investment in addition to being your primary abode. There will a point when you will likely need to relocate to a new home because of a job transfer or because you want a shift of scenery. You may want a smaller, cozier space now that your children have moved out. Selling the house may be the best course of action for you and your former partner if you are going through a divorce. Simply put, your current residence is not entirely a permanent address, so if you want to move, you'll need to be able to sell your property.

If your garage is finished, it will increase the price of your home to prospective buyers who are looking at several homes at once. Homebuyers also take into consideration a well-organized garage with enough room for storage and vehicle use. Finishing your garage now will ensure that, should you choose to sell it, you can benefit from it in the future.

Final Word

By finally finishing or upgrading your home garage, you can give your home more functionality and "oomph." A home's value is automatically reduced by any unfinished spaces. It won't even hurt you to have a finished garage, and you'll probably enjoy the planning, organizing, and remodeling process. So why are you still waiting to take action? Do something now and you will for sure reap what you sow, at present and in the future. Don’t look at it as an added expense because it isn’t. It’s very much a worthy investment.