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Guide in Choosing the Perfect Garage Storage Rack

May 28, 2020

Admit it, your garage is probably the least visited spot in your home. You’re most likely to drop by, get something, and leave, but then you realized to give your full attention and decided to purchase a storage rack to organize your garage storage. The first thing of business: What are the things you need to organize your garage? How do I maintain my garage, and how do I store the things I don’t usually use? How big should I purchase? And a lot of questions - but don’t worry because this article has got you covered. Since your garage is considered as a storage depot for your gardening needs, car tools, chemicals and a treasure trove of heavy, including sharp objects, it is best to keep in mind on how you can protect your family from unnecessary accidents especially when there are small kids running around the garage. In this article, we’ll guide you in choosing the perfect garage storage rack and tips before purchasing. Read along.  

Which Storage Rack is Perfect For Your Garage

Getting the perfect storage rack sounds easy, but really needs attention depending on weight and space in your garage.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Getting rid of items on the floor would probably be your first thing in organizing your garage. In this case, overhead garage storage racks would be the perfect choice for you. The heavy-duty rack from FLEXIMOUNTS can hold up to 600lbs and also includes top quality screw selected and all hardware has gone through strict tests. Compare to other brands with separate frames and wire, this FLEXIMOUNTS storage rack has an integrated grid design so it’s more stable and sturdy compared to others with separate frames and wires. Things to consider before purchasing:

  •       Spend some time looking how your joists are spaced in your ceilings.
  •       Measure your wall to know how many shelves you need

 A Three-Shelf Industrial Rack

If you want some of your mostly-used items within reach at all times, then you probably need a three-shelf industrial rack for your garage. Look for something made with a tough and durable steel frame to safely store all those tools and bins full of gear. Things to consider before purchasing:

  •       Is it expandable? Check out if the individual beams can be adjusted without disturbing beams in adjoining units.
  •       Opt for wire shelves. This is for high visibility, to ensure more ventilation and keep the dust away from your tools.
  •       Choose a shelf with a rivet lock design. If you’re adding an item to your shelf, make sure the shelf can be adjusted easy and quickly.

Utility Cabinets

If you have curious little ones around the house, it’s highly suggested you install utility cabinets to keep sharp tool and hazardous household chemicals out of reach. There are lockable doors available, and there are various materials you can choose from; resin, metal and wood/wood composite materials. Convenient and keeps unnecessary items out of sight.

 Pegboards and Hooks

Pegboards and hooks are a versatile way to store your things in the garage. You can easily move the hooks around and adjust them the way you please. They’re perfect use for variety of home organization projects. However, if you want hooks you can add on your overhead storage rack, then the storage hooks from FLEXIMOUNTS is recommended if your goals is  to hang bicycles, sporting goods, lawn chairs, extension cords and tools.

Motorized Wall Shelves

If you feel like using ladder all the time to reach your overhead storage rack and get something, then these motorized wall shelves should be a perfect fit to your garage then. This is a convenient storage rack because it automatically raise and lower your wall shelving with the press of a button. No heavy lifting required. This revolutionary wall shelves called HandyJack’s shelving hangs against the wall at a seven-degree angle, preventing items from jostling off the edge when in motion. It also features an anti-collision rollers to prevent scratches to the wall when loading heavy items on the shelves. Things to consider before buying purchasing:

  •       Go for round edges. Protect yourself from bumps and scratches while stacking in your motorized shelves by making sure it has a smooth rounded corners.
  •       Choose easy installation. No need for technical manuals. Make sure you choose a motorized shelf with a few parts and screws that can be easily put together and install.


Safety Tips When Organizing Your Garage

Separate chemicals near combustible items. It’s safer to put chemicals like gasoline in a separate storage away from tire and rags covered in stains or gas. As much as possible, dispose them properly so you can make space for your current things. Make sure you clean your cabinets from time to time and check if there are leaks to prevent fire. Put a label on them. Save effort and time when you put label in your storage racks. Make sure these labels are readable and they’re also separated well in most to rarely used tools. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Let your family know where the fire extinguisher is and make it visible as much as possible. Test it once a month to know if its’ working, just in case something happens. Do keep a flashlight in sight. For occasional brown outs, flashlights in the garage would be very helpful. All you have to do is attach it to the wall near the door so you can easily locate it. Add smart storage solutions aside from overhead storage rack. Slatwall panels are great example of smart solution to store accessories in a visible sight. You can also add a freestanding industrial shelving racks to handle your heavy-duty storage needs for items at ground level. No need to go back and forth to get something in your overhead storage rack.