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Garage Useful Coner Wall Shelf By Fleximounts

Jul 01, 2021


For less than $200, FlexiMounts offers you the WRC24B Corner Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves. The 4 feet by 2 feet shelves that come in two can carry up to 220 pounds each shelf. With that in mind, you can guarantee that every square inch of your garage is utilized to perfection. If you are not a fan of corner wall storage, don’t worry because you can transform the WRC24B into 2-pack wall shelves. The grid design also makes assembly easier. In addition to sweat-free installation, compared to other garage racks, this corner shelf is sturdier and more stable compared to other brands who offer the same but with less quality and a higher price tag. But that is not all, you can easily expand the WRC24B with the compatible GRH1/GRH1B and GRH2/GRH2B hooks to accommodate an array of bikes, tools, and other garage equipment. These little but mighty additions not only keep your garage organized, you also maintain safety.


“All right, I have to say that I adore this product. It includes two shelf units, of which I ordered three pairs. I chose this one because I desired little shelf support encroachment into the pedestrian space surrounding my car. If you look closely at the units, you'll notice that they feature many bolt grooves for connecting the shelves. Two bolts are included expressly for this purpose. They can be joined horizontally or in a corner configuration. I accomplished both. They have a combined capacity of 400 pounds ONLY if they are connected. Coherent, high-quality instructions are included, as is an adequate supply of high-quality mounting hardware. To connect them, careful measurement and leveling are required, so be prepared with the appropriate instruments. I used a stud finder on the wall, a pencil, a 4-foot level, a measuring tape, a cordless drill, and a hammer drill. (I adore Milwaukee – you choose!) Additionally, it includes concrete insert anchors for use with the lag bolts provided—I'm not sure. On this one, I felt much more secure with wood studs. As you can see in the photo, I installed each wall lag bolt into a stud. God bless stud finders – it's critical to be as centrally located as possible on these. Finally, I put it to the test. I am 6'3" tall and weigh in at around 300 lbs. As you can see, I completely hanged myself off the corner, and the shelves did not blink. I definitely suggest this product, and yes, I am a real person—just look at the pictures! That Minnie Mouse game poster dates all the way back to my daughter's second birthday. She is now four years old!” – Philip H. “In general, these are excellent shelves for additional garage storage. While I'm still waiting for the hooks to maximize the shelf system's full potential, it's obviously handy for getting goods off the garage floor, and it's evident that it will support a good deal of weight. Installation of the bracket was quite straightforward, however I wish Fleximounts had given more attention to the distance between the bolt center and the bracket arm. Trying to fit your tools into that space without stretching the bracket is a bit difficult. My only other criticism is the placement of the slotted holes used to attach the shelves to the brackets. I had to use cable ties in place of bolts for the rear securements on the corner shelf because the slotted holes on the shelf did not line up with the bracket. You'd think they'd make it impossible for a shelving system branded "corner wall shelf" to do so. Otherwise, I would have given five stars..” – Mark A. Peterson “I installed the shelves in their corner layout and found the operation to be quite simple. It includes simple-to-follow directions and a handy cardboard template for drilling. Simply locate and mark the studs, position the template, and level using the accompanying adorable tiny level. Then you mark and drill four pilot holes and proceed as usual. It can be installed in either wood studs or concrete. The only criticism is that when using the corner arrangement, you must ensure that the template is level across two distinct walls. This was not specifically mentioned in the instructions, but bear in mind as you place the template. I used a laser level to ensure that the template was aligned from wall to wall. The black coating looks fantastic, and the material is quite solid with little flex. When combined, they hold 440 lbs, although each weighs 220 lbs. I had no difficulty hanging it off. Although not particularly heavy, I would recommend having a second person assist in lifting the shelves onto brackets. Overall, a terrific product, simple to install, and I have a feeling they will last a very long time.” – Darlene Alindongan “I've done so much research on storage systems for my garage that my eyes are hurting. I chose this one and am not experiencing buyer's remorse. It's a really solid shelf system that you can assemble on your own, it's of great quality, and it's simple to install if you're handy. The only thing I wish they included is something flat to cover the mesh to prevent tiny stuff from falling through. However, I was aware of this when I purchased it, and hence the 5* rating remains. It took longer to determine the layout than it did to implement. I got two sets of corner units but only utilized one for the "L" shape. And now I intend to acquire another pair to add additional storage along the top.

Final Thoughts

See how everyone adores the WRC24B Corner Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves? This rack might seem like a simple addition to any garage but it sure does add a lot of benefits. Now go get yours because this rack sure does sell fast like hotcakes!