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Follow these Useful Advice to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

Nov 07, 2022

Planning beforehand is the key to maximizing Black Friday deals. To help you quickly snag those amazing deals on Black Friday, we'll be presenting the finest discounts and coolest activities that you can take advantage of on the Fleximounts website.

Here are the long-awaited deals and surprises for this year's Black Friday sales along with suggestions for how to spend your money sensibly.

Make a list of your Black Friday shopping goals.

Because you simply cannot afford to spend any additional money, you are delaying purchasing items (and wishes) throughout the year. Consequently, by obtaining these items at steep discounts during the Black Friday Sale, you may better manage your budget.

However, be careful not to overspend after seeing how much each item is discounted. Make a list of everything you need to buy while your head is clear. Making a list can help you identify which items are actually necessary. There, the list will drastically shorten. Stick to your plan and practice appropriate moderation.

Prepare a spending plan.

Large, big sales are too alluring. It is so easy to become excited and check out everything you have placed in your cart. Avoid going over budget and racking up huge credit card fees by resisting excessive spending.

Decide how much you can afford to spend in total. Since the majority of sellers posted the pricing of their discounted goods before Black Friday, you may already plan your costs in advance. Adhere to your budget and spend responsibly.

Shop online.

E-commerce is flourishing. Everything you need and want are readily available at your fingertips. You can buy goods from your lists with only a few clicks. Additionally, higher discounts are frequently offered while purchasing online. Convenient and hassle-free shopping has improved. Furthermore, many online retailers provide free delivery, which saves you money on transportation if you like to buy in physical places. Utilize it. So why endure the lines when you can buy in the cozy confines of your own home?


Aside from the discounted price of your favorite garage necessities (this merits another article, watch out for it), there are three exciting activities everyone can enjoy for Black Friday! 

1. Get a chance to win prizes through Scratch Cards.

It is so easy to qualify for this activity. Purchase from our site, then you will automatically receive a scratch card, which may contain big, big prizes.

Scratch the card, then generate a poster download. Share the poster on your social media accounts. Do not forget to add in the caption the link of our website (, or tag our official social media accounts. Make sure to grab a screenshot of your post and send the photo via Instagram DM (@fleximounts_global). And there you have it, you can finally claim your prize.

Curious as to what kind of prizes are in store for you? Here is a list:

100% cashback = free order
50% cashback
$10 cash back
$5 no threshold coupon
$10 coupon (can be used over $100)
$30 coupon (can be used over $300)

2. Win best selling items via Email Subscription.

Calling all new email subscribers! You qualify for this promo when you subscribe to our site this month of November. Make sure to click that subscribe button, and wait for our message before we announce through our official social media accounts if you are one of the lucky subscribers to win amazing products.

3. Your Idea Worth $100: Suggest and you will be rewarded.

It is so easy to join this Black Friday activity. All you have to do is snap and share your garage setup, showcasing your Fleximounts garage racks. 

Include in your post/s suggestions and recommendations on how the Fleximounts products can be maximized and the aesthetics of each product. Once your suggestions are adopted, you will get a chance to win a cash award amounting to $100.

As Fleximounts value your feedback, the engineering team will optimize the products according to your suggestions. And we will keep you updated on the latest progress on social media.

Final Thoughts

Following and participating in the Black Friday tips and activities will bring in more fun. So, do not second guess yourself in taking this guideline to heart. After all, big savings await you!