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FlexiMounts Pre-Black Friday Deals to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Nov 12, 2021
Every country in the world knows how to celebrate. Since ancient times, humans have been organizing events, gatherings, and parties in celebration of victories, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and other life milestones. Throughout history, we’ve seen humans pay respects to gods through rituals and banquets. They partied for winning the war or for a successful merging of kingdoms. Today, girls organize grand parties for their sweet sixteen, middle school students prepare for prom, and seniors have graduation dinners with their families. Unfortunately, celebrations are not welcomed by everyone. Some people think it’s impractical and a waste of time, money, effort, and other resources. They also try to avoid small talk or the awkward life updates that may come up during these celebrations. For others, celebrations are a part of life. It’s a way to share happiness with the ones they value and love. We’re not here to preach; to each his own. But since you’re here we thought of listing down reasons why we humans love a good party, and why we should consider doing them more often.
1. Celebrations remind us of life milestones or traditions in our culture.
One way that sets a culture apart from another is through the celebrations it holds every year. This builds identity and strengthens the connection to one’s traditional roots and ancestry. In terms of personal celebrations, we remember past milestones in our lives to help us deal with our present. For instance, an anniversary celebration can help a couple who is under the rocks at the moment reminisce about the good times.
2. Celebrations help us foster a gratitude mindset.
When we celebrate after a success, small or big, it helps keep us grounded by reminding us of the personal hard work we put out and all the people and opportunities that paved the way for our success. Pausing to celebrate before going on to the next step of our lives fosters a sense of gratitude in us, that we are happy and thankful for where we stand in life.
3. Celebrations build a sense of community.
We hold events with family and friends, colleagues, and strangers as well as commemorate special historical days with the whole nation. There are even special universal events such as Christmas Day or New Year festivities. These events help us bring people together on a day and night of fun, of human unity, and love. It helps us feel that we are never alone as inhabitants of this planet we call home.
4. Celebrations create memories and traditions.
Even though most celebrations are hinged on the past, there’s something new that happens every year---whether it’s the addition of a loved one or the official wedding of a long-term couple. Every celebration is an opportunity to create new memories with others and even start future traditions.
5. Celebrations allow us to reflect on future possibilities.
Because we celebrate the past and review the present, we are given a perspective of the future. Celebrations help us pause and reflect on what will be the next best course of action. It can remind us of our past strengths and experiences that we may bring with us as we move forward in life.
6. Celebrations are fun!
What would we rather do anyway? Life is meant to be a journey of highs and lows; it’s meant to excite us and feels more alive. Celebrations do just that. Guests become excited about what to wear and who they’ll reunite or meet for the first time during the party. Organizers are probably the most stressed but yet have the most fun because they are at their element. A life devoid of any celebration just seems dull, boring, and repetitive.
Thanksgiving Festivities
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s time for us to hit pause and be thankful for all the blessings and lessons we learned this year. Some will go visit families to celebrate the holidays with them. Some will have a romantic getaway with their partners. Some will celebrate right where they are, with friends they made from school or work. This is a time to relax and reward ourselves for the hard work we did this year. While you’re at it, one way of thanking yourself and your loved ones this year is through giving. Maybe it’s a letter from the heart or a cake that took you hours to bake. Maybe it’s letting your mom rest from household chores for a week or it’s buying a gift that they can use every day for work. Don’t forget that the best deals are coming this Black Friday (November 26) and Cyber Monday (November 29), which are just right after Thanksgiving. If you haven’t done your shopping yet, FlexiMounts has these on sale before the sale madness begins.
Classic 4’X 8’ Overhead Garage Storage Rack GR48
From $275.99, you may get your hands on this overhead storage rack at $234.59. It will be installed on the ceiling following a step-by-step instruction and installation template. Its high-quality construction can carry a load of 600 pounds. It is made of cold-roll steel that is waterproof which can help avoid water damage and store your seasonal items. Its integrated grid design is one of a kind in the market where you could hang bikes, ski and surfing gear, rakes, foldable chairs, and the like.
Classic 2-Pack 2’ X 6’ Wall shelving WR26
This wall shelving can be grabbed at $195.49 instead of its regular price of $229.99. It’s wall-mounted and can be installed by one person with all the hardware included. It’s 2x6 in size and could carry 400 pounds in total. The material is powder-coated steel and is guaranteed to be top of the line after undergoing strict quality tests. This can be installed in wood studs or a concrete wall. Worth mentioning is its buckle design with velcros that prevent falling. These two storage solutions can be bought at 15% off up until November 15 by using the code BFCM15.
Final Thoughts
For us, celebrations are not a waste of time. You don’t even have to spend a lot or throw a party to celebrate. If anything, celebrations help people keep a balanced way of life, not just burying themselves in a pile of work and forgetting to have fun. It allows us to celebrate our small and big wins, which can do wonders for our mental health and overall outlook in life.