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Do the Brew: Jumpstart Your Business in Your Garage

Oct 01, 2021
Hey, it’s the first day of October! Gather, coffee lovers! Today is the day made especially for us–as we are celebrating International Coffee Day! Remember the time you were so adamant about trying your first cup of coffee? It’s only for adults, you say. And you refuse to be seen as an adult. But, all the all-nighters and cramming you did for school and work wouldn’t be pulled off successfully without the cups of coffee that run in your veins. Having started with a cup of 3-in-1 sachet packs to frappuccino from coffee shops to slowly brewing your own coffee at home, then eventually owning an espresso machine and learning how to make a coffee latte art–you have come a long way in your journey as a coffee enthusiast. Why not step it a notch and start your own little coffee business. I know what you are thinking, not all hobbies and interests should be made into a business. But hear me out first. One, you already invested in the machines that could rival hole-in-the-wall coffee shops. And two, earning from something that interests you and is definitely passionate about is not a bad idea at all. Don’t you agree? Starting your own coffee business need not be big all at once! Take it step-by-step, and take only what you can as of the moment. And who knows, where this will lead you. You might be needing to open another branch in another state, fingers crossed. But for now, at the comfort of your own home–garage even, you can jumpstart the coffee shop you’ve been meaning to put up. And hopefully, through this article, you will be given the light bulb moment to finally start brewing the business.
Put premium on your small brand
The greatest enemy of a small business is the reluctance of potential customers. Why would they trust you and buy from you when there are more well-established cafes that cater to their needs? Well, convert that problem into an opportunity. While it is true that bigger brands already have a stronghold of the market, they usually tend to expand and offer a wide variety of options. So for you to thrive in the coffee business, curtail your brand’s niche and target market. You can also create exclusivity. Create packages that aren’t offered by other brands. Maybe instead of putting out a menu that offers cold and hot brews to frappuccinos to additional teas, why not focus on cold brews packed in sustainable bottles? Concentrate on unique flavors that you can do right now like mint coffee latte, spiced espresso, and the like. Be as creative as you can be. This is also an opportunity to tap specific markets like cyclists who love to ride on a free day but need to grab their coffee first and foremost. Why not create your yard that lures them design-wise? Install tables that can hold bicycles. So instead of investing in chairs, they can use their bikes instead. Not only are you serving them well-brewed coffee, but you are also creating an experience exclusive for them. Aside from that, this will make your garage-cafe easy access to them as they already have parking space dedicated to them. It also wouldn’t hurt to just install bicycle racks from Fleximounts like the BR1 Wall Mount Bike Rack so they can securely hang their bikes while sipping their cup of coffee.
Maximize the platform
In person, visits are not the only opportunity for you to sell. You can also maximize online selling. Create a website, or social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. Here, content is king. The internet space is already full of content put out every day, every minute, so how do you channel engagement into your account? Through creative content, of course. This sounds easy, but hard to do in reality. Never fret if you aren’t that creative type as there are already applications and websites that are easy to use and navigate that can help you with that such as Canva, PicsArt, and many more. You can publish content such as Coffee Beans 101, How to Brew, Benefits of Coffee, etc. You can also ride on trending memes and Tiktok challenges. The key here is to engage your followers and potential customers. Take time to write catchy and short descriptions of your posts. A well-written product post will help your customers in their decision-making. And do not forget to take high-quality photos and videos or any visuals that go perfectly with the posts. These visuals are the first thing that they will notice. If you have an eye-catching visual, they will tend to stop for a while and read the post. One way to also maximize online platforms is by devising a way that you can deliver your coffee goods to your customers with just a few clicks. The more convenient your process is, the more willing your customer is to order a repeat. And if you give them a satisfying experience, your network will expand as well as they will be suggesting to their family and friends to also patronize your products. Try to answer questions as quickly as possible. Not all have the patience to wait for their queries to be addressed. If the platform is able for you to set up auto-replies and list Frequently Asked Questions, take your time to build that up. Also, do not limit yourself to just one platform that can reach you. Provide your number, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, and other online communications that are available.
Start brewing
When all these are already set, all you need to do is get started and roast the coffee beans. Don’t you love the smell of coffee that circulates in your garage space? Surely, it wouldn’t feel like a business at all as smelling the coffee while fixing the orders would bring you a different kind of boost. And not only will you be able to earn money, but you are also helping your customers start their day with a bright look on their faces.