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Condensation in Garages: How to Handle and Control It

Feb 09, 2023

A troubling concern is a condensation in garages. The excess moisture in garages—which may come from a variety of sources—may result in homeowners facing more issues down the road if left uncontrolled.

You can reduce condensation in garages by taking a few doable steps. You may avoid the adverse long-term effects of garage condensation on your garage and your valuable goods by simply adhering to the advice on the following list.

Some of the most basic and straightforward methods for decreasing condensation are within your reach. Although, the trickier condensation fixes should be left to a seasoned garage repair and maintenance business. In addition to providing your garage with the desired aesthetic, they will ensure that the job is done correctly.

Condensation in garages: What causes it and why?

In garages, condensation is a result of air moisture. When that moisture comes into touch with a cold surface, water droplets are created, which sets up the conditions for later serious issues.

High humidity and condensation levels in your garage have a detrimental influence on your home. They run the danger of obliterating the structural support of your garage and accelerating the corrosion of your vehicles, equipment, and storage containers. The inhabitants of a home may be at risk for diseases brought on by mold and mildew growth in the garage.

Source of condensation in garages

Condensation problems in the garage are a problem for homes in both hot and cold regions. Because of the low winter temperatures that are followed by higher humidity levels in the spring and early summer, your garage and home are vulnerable to excess moisture.

Condensation in the garage will also occur in homes in areas with high relative humidity and erratic temperature changes.

Condensation can also be caused by rain and water from snow melting off of parked cars in garages, which are two other common causes. Running machinery in a chilly garage without adequate ventilation will also cause the air to become overly damp.

Excessive condensation might also be caused by poor roof drainage, which causes leakage in your garage.

Tips for effectively minimizing condensation in the garage

1. Set the garage's temperature appropriately

Utilizing a heater will help control condensation and keep the temperature steady during the winter. Propane heaters, meanwhile, should not be used as they create a significant amount of water vapor.

2. Place a vapor barrier in action.

Using insulating materials with built-in vapor barriers or appropriately constructing vapor barriers on walls may reduce condensation in garages. Vapor barriers can also be used to cover the garage floor but not the ceiling. This will result in the retention of water vapor in your garage.

3. Ensure that the automobile is dried off if it pours outside.

The moisture content of your garage will be significantly reduced during the snowy and rainy seasons by swiftly towel-drying your wet car.

4. Examine the ventilation system in the garage.

Using suitable garage ventilation on the walls or roof may prevent condensation, and the balance between the air within and outside of your home can be preserved. All garage ventilation systems, including the turbine roof vents, must be cleaned often to guarantee efficient airflow.

5. Inspect the garage's drainage system.

Examine the roof drainage and garage flooring on a regular basis to avoid condensation. Keep downspouts and floor drain covers clean of messes to prevent leaks into the garage.

6. Add a coating on the floor.

An epoxy floor coating made of Polyaspartic will significantly lessen the garage's moisture quantity. It also protects your flooring from normal use-related deterioration and provides a sturdy barrier to protect the floor base from water damage.

7. Add a dehumidifier to the space.

By adding a dehumidifier to your garage, condensation issues may be effectively minimized. Regularly empty the appliance's tank of any water that has been collected there, or add a drainage pipe that empties outside.

8. Keep the garage clear of junk.

When all of the clutter compromise the airflow in your garage, condensation is more prone to form. Make better use of the functional storage space in your garage to eliminate or lessen the mess on the floor. For example, a wall-mounted shelf makes it much easier to keep your garage organized.

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In Summary

Knowing the causes of garage condensation and taking the right actions to reduce it helps protect your home from potential damage.