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Black Friday Deals We Can't Simply Resist

Nov 26, 2021
We're celebrating Black Friday a day in advance! Starting November 25, Fleximounts offer up to 50% discount on their bestsellers. As they say, the early bird catches the worm! But, if, for some reason, you won't be able to catch the sale on the first day, you can still enjoy discounted purchases until November 29. Black Friday is known to be the biggest sale throughout the year. So, there are many who line up at stores starting at midnight. But due to the still ongoing health pandemic, exposing yourselves outside with too many people may deem impractical. Why not shop online instead? It is less hassle physically and less draining emotionally. Just at the tips of your fingers, you can purchase items on your wishlists. Moreover, the items will be delivered to your doorstep. How convenient is that?
Aside from the tempting price slash, a lucky buyer can even have his purchases for FREE! Yes, you read that right! The first one to checkout and pay orders on November 26 at exactly 9 am and 2 pm PST, and November 29 at exactly 9 am and 2 pm PST will get the purchases free of charge, for as long as the total amount does not exceed $500. How will you know if you are the lucky winner? 1. Fleximounts will send you an email informing you that you won the promo. Expect the email on November 30. 2. Upon notification, the winner should share on social media platforms and tag or mention Fleximounts to avail of the items for free. 3. The refund will directly go to your account in 1-2 business days.
Pay only $103.99; Original Price is $207.99 Use the code BFCM50 to enjoy a 50% discount Out-of-town trips are more fun when you can also bring your bicycles with you—the change of scenery from your usual metro, high-rise buildings, and car traffic. However, the main concern is how to transport the bike to the destination. Unless you own a pickup truck or a foldable bike, it will not create a problem at all. But, subjecting your bicycle units by laying them out flat on the floor poses a danger to your bikes, especially if the road you will be traveling is rough. And if there are a number of companions traveling with you, say your family or group of friends, then the space in the car wouldn't be enough. Investing in a sturdy and convenient bike hitch rack is the most plausible remedy that you can bank on. Now, transporting the bicycles would not be much of a hassle. The Fleximounts Bike Hitch Rack Foldable BHR4 is as durable as you want it to be. It is made of a cold-roll steel structure with a protective powder paint finish. It has anti-wobble knobs to strengthen the connection between the mainmast and folding arms. It assures you that the build will securely fix the bike rack in place, which would be our biggest worry when on the road. Frequent glances at the back of our car would be lessened with this rack as you will be at ease with its performance. The foldable bike hitch rack features a tiltable mainmast. The rack's body can swing up, down, forward, and backward, allowing more accessible bikes' lifting. The rack pops back to its original position with the anti-wobble knob. Moreover, its foldable arms are easy to move. So, when the rack is not in use, you can easily fold it back to safekeeping. The foldable arms won't also get in the way, even if installed in your vehicle. The Fleximounts Bike Hitch Rack Foldable BHR4 is compatible with different sizes of bikes, which is perfect for group outings and if you own multiple types of bicycles. The rack has adjustable straps that can hold up to four bikes, and it can carry a weight of up to 165 lbs.
Pay only $195.49; Original Price is $229.99 Use the code BFCM15 to enjoy a 15% discount The Fleximounts overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to tuck away items that you do not need to use regularly or unused at all, which leaves more space to park your vehicles. The GR48 ensures safe loading of up to 600 lbs, and its heavy-gauge steel construction provides a durable and heavy-duty storage system that assures a safe place to organize your stuff. Moreover, the rack is waterproof to avoid water damage. The height can be adjusted from 22" to 40". The rack has ample vertical support and more extended ceiling brackets that prevent the shelf from falling, and the whole set is more secure. Welded together are the wire grid design and frame, making the unit sturdier and more stable. Furthermore, all hardware has gone through strict tests, ensuring that the screws provided are only high-quality material. The ceiling racks fit all ceiling joist spacing of fewer than 24 inches. However, if the joist is greater than 24 inches, the recommended spacing is 48 inches. The GR48 is available in three colors: white, black, and hammertone.
Pay only $161.49; Original Price is $189.99 Use the code BFCM15 to enjoy a 15% discount Additional storage for your everyday items that you should utilize is a suitable wall shelf. The Wall Shelving WR26 wall-mounted shelf carries a total weight capacity of 400 lbs. Thus, it ensures safe and high-loading capacity due to its high-quality construction. The material of the racks' brackets is designed using powder-coated steel. And to make it more stable and sturdier, the buckle design with velcros prevents the brackets from bending or falling. Furthermore, the high-quality screws provided are thicker than most products that you can find on the market. The two-pack 2' x 8' shelf has four sizes: 12" x 36", 12" x 48", 12" x 72", or 24" x 72"; and two color options: black or white. It provides excellent compatibility as it is suitable for securing either wall studs or solid concrete walls.